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Match 16362 Beast (Disney) vs. Mankind

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Al Rossi: Helloooo, fight fans!  Welcome back to the TCC Arena!  Alongside Jedi Master Andel Sanap, I’m Al Rossi, here to bring you more TCC sanctioned action.  Last time, we witnessed a friendly but competitive bout between Ruby Rose and Ladybug, which was almost derailed due to outside interference.  But tonight, I think it’s safe to say, Andel, that this fight is going to be by no means friendly. 

Andel Sanap: You would be correct, Al.  For tonight the fans here at TCC Arena will be witnessing the debut of one of the most demented and deranged minds that the WWE has ever produced.  We will bear witness to the hardcore chaos of Mankind.  And the officials of the Transdimensional Combat Commission have extended Mankind the privilege of naming his own opponent for one of the most brutal of pro wrestling stipulations, a Texas Death Match. 

Al Rossi: For those of you not familiar, a Texas Death Match is variation of ‘last man standing’ matches.  The opponents will be allowed to battle anywhere in the arena, on or off the battle terrain, in an attempt to get a pinfall or a submission.  If a combatant is pinned or made to submit, the referee will then start a ten count.  If the combatant gets to his feet before the ref reaches 10, the match will continue.  But if the combatant doesn’t answer the ten count, then his opponent will be declared the winner. 

Andel Sanap: And there will be no count outs or disqualifications.  Naturally, the protective screen will not be activated to allow our combatants full reign of the arena.  But the most bizarre thing about this contest is who Mankind has chosen for an opponent: Prince Adam, better known to his fans as Beast! 

Al Rossi: And, Andel, no one seems to have a clue what could possibly have driven Mankind to making this challenge.  However, earlier today Philippa Forrester did catch up with Beast and his wife Belle to get his thoughts.  Let’s take a look. 

Philippa Forrester: I’m here backstage at TCC Arena alongside Princess Belle and the Beast.  Now, Beast, you have been in combat before, but never against someone as unpredictable as Mankind.  What is your advantage as you go into a match with a stipulation that he is very familiar with? 

Beast: Philippa, I have learned a little about this Mankind.  I know he thinks of himself as a monster, a force of violence.  But, Mankind, I am capable of being just as monstrous as you.  I don’t need barbed wire to tear your flesh, I can do that with my claws.  I don’t need to strike you with a club, I can beat you senseless with my bare hands!  I will be victorious in this battle, Mankind, and dedicate my victory to Belle.  All I ask of you, Belle, is to go to our private box for the battle.  It will be much too dangerous. 

Belle: But, Adam!  I don’t want to leave you alone.  With that madman!  Please, let me walk you to the battle terrain at least.  I want to be there for you. 

Beast: Hmph.  Very well, Belle.  But you must go to the box and stay there when it begins. 

Belle: I will, my dear.  Just remember, no matter how bad things may get in this fight, you and I will always have our love.  Remember that, and fight for it. 

Philippa Forrester: I’ll leave you two alone.  Thank you for your time.  Back to you in the booth! 

Andel Sanap: Beast is certainly determined, and is not looking to back down from this challenge, Al. 

Al Rossi: Well, determination might only get him so far, Andel.  But either way, it’s time for the match to start.  The battle terrain has already been formatted as a regulation, pro-wrestling ring.  But given the falls count anywhere nature of this match, nobody should expect the action to stay inside the ropes. 

Andel Sanap: Let’s go down to Miss Forrester for the introductions. 

Philippa Forrester: Welcome, everyone, to TCC Arena!  The following fight is a singles match, and will be contested under Texas Death Match Rules.  Combatants must attempt to pin or submit their opponent.  The referee will then start the ten count.  Whoever successfully pins or submits their opponent, and renders them unable to stand up by the count of 10, wins the match.  Introducing first, weighing in at 287 pounds, hailing from the boiler room, Mankind! 

Al Rossi: Cheers from the WWE fans in attendance as Mankind lurches his way to ring, and…Wait a minute!  He’s grabbing the microphone from Philippa! 

Andel Sanap: Perhaps we can finally have an explanation for Mankind’s challenge. 

Mankind: First of all, I would like to thank all of Mankind’s fans, for petitioning to get him licensed as a TCC fighter.  For the longest time, unless your name was Hogan or Undertaker, pro-wrestlers weren’t all that welcome around here.  But now I am, I’m grateful that the TCC officials have allowed Mankind to choose my opponent for my debut match.  Now, a lot of you are probably wondering, “Why Beast?  Why would Mankind want to go one on one with the star of one of the greatest fairy tales ever?”  Well, truth is, Beast, I loved that story!  I had the VHS of your movie and I watched it over and over.  The story of a monster who found redemption and acceptance through the love of a beautiful French girl.  And even though people told me it was just a story, it still got me to thinking.  Thinking that maybe there was hope for me to find my happy ending, just like you did, Beast.  So I went out and I grabbed a cute, French girl off the street, locked her in the boiler room, and told her that in time she would learn to love me. 

But it didn’t quite work out like I thought it would.  She didn’t fall in love with me.  She didn’t start singing.  She didn’t put on the dress I found at the Salvation Army store and dance with me.  She just slapped my face, kicked me in the family jewels, ran out into the night and I haven’t seen her since!  So, Beast, you and I do have some business to settle.  And I hope you are ready for a fight!  Because I don’t want the Beast that puts on a blue monkey suit and dances in a ballroom.  I don’t want the Beast that feeds birds and gets in cutesy snowball fights.  And I damn sure don’t want some Fabio-looking, French goofball in a ponytail!  I want the Beast who’s rage and despair and hate go so well with my own!  Because Mankind knows he has only one chance for a first impression, and Mankind wants to show all of the fans at TCC Arena what’s he’s made of.  To show that no one fights like Mankind.  Douses lights like Mankind!  In a wrestling match nobody SLAMS YOU THROUGH A BURNING TABLE INTO THUMBTACKS LIKE MANKIND!  And the dozens and dozens will be celebrating!  Saying, “My what a guy, that Mankind!”  Have a nice day! 

Al Rossi: Lots of cheers from the Mankind cheering section, but more than a few boos from everywhere else in TCC Arena.  Philippa has finally gotten the mic back and hopefully can now continue the introductions as Mankind waits in the ring. 

Philippa Forrester: And his opponent, from France, being accompanied to the battle terrain by Princess Belle, Beast! 

Andel Sanap: Beast walking onto the battle terrain in his breeches and cape, arm in arm with Princess Belle in her blue dress.  The arena is no place for ball gowns. 

Al Rossi: That’s for sure, Andel.  Beast takes Belle in his arms.  Belle’s looking like she is giving some last words of encouragement.  Maybe a kiss for good luck before he…Look out!  Mankind is rolling out of the ring and charging straight toward Beast! 

Andel Sanap: His back is turned!  He doesn’t see him!  Double axe handle strike to the back of Beast!  He collides into Belle and both go down! 

Al Rossi: The referees are rushing onto the battle terrain!  They’re desperately trying to get Mankind off Beast!  He’s raining down punches as Beast desperately covers Belle!  This fight hasn’t even officially started yet!   

Andel Sanap: Finally the referees have gotten a hold of Mankind.  There’s four officials down there trying to get Mankind to calm down, but he has gone berserk!  He’s shrieking and trying to break free! 

Al Rossi: Oh no.  Beast is getting up, trying to check on Belle.  It’s hard to tell from up here.  I don’t know if she’s unconscious or just had the wind knocked out of her from having Beast fall on top of her like that.  But Beast looks furious.  He spins around and here he comes charging toward Mankind!  Spear!  He speared him out of the grip of the referees and drove him to the battle terrain floor! 

Andel Sanap: Al!  The head referee is signaling the timekeeper!  He is ordering them to start the clock!  The match is on! 

Al Rossi: Both combatants trading blows!  Mankind is already bleeding from a strike of Beast’s claws, but he clotheslines him over the barricade into the crowd!  Somebody get the medics to check on Princess Belle!  Stay tuned!  We’ll be right back! 




Beast: Original Disney Animated version.  With Belle hurt, he is in a rage and will not stop until Mankind is beat or he is. 

Mankind: WWF Attitude Era. 

They can fight all over TCC Arena (roughly the size of a football stadium).  They can use any traditional, pro-wrestling, street fight weapons (tables, ladders, chairs, bats wrapped in barbed wire etc.)  Whoever pins/submits their opponent and leaves them unable to stand by the count of 10, wins. 

Game On!

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An interesting pairing to say the least. While Mankind is known for absorbing a lot of punishment I think he would fall to the freakishly strong Beast in the end. Unless of course Belle got involved and turned on the Beast in a Paul Bearer like manner securing the victory for Mrs. Foley's baby boy.

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Hah! Great set-up, broadwaybeyonder! :😆 Mankind's promo and ambush of Beast is what really made this match.

As for the match, while I think Mankind might make a respectable showing, he's up against someone with fangs and claws who fought a man that easily pressed a bench with three French ladies sitting on it -- with one arm -- and curb-stomped him.

Beast should comfortably take this.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - DSkillz
4.00 - patrickthekid
4.00 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.00 Total Combined Score
13.00 / 3 = 4.33 Final Rating on the match

Beast (Disney): 4
Mankind: 0

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Al Rossi: And we’re back, folks!  Beast and Mankind have been brawling all over the building!  Mankind was able to get some shots in, and was even able to pin Beast but Beast did not stay down.  Beast is in control as they are near the concession area now.  Mankind’s ratty shirt has been torn to ribbons.  Beast has a hold of him!  Look out for the popcorn machine! 

Andel Sanap: Oh dear.  I think it’s safe to say that popcorn will no longer be available, unless you don’t mind It mingled with Beast’s fur and Mankind’s blood.  Beast pulls him out of the machine and lays him out on the ground.  He’s going for a cover.  The referee counts 1!  2! 3!  Beast has scored a fall! 

Al Rossi: But that’s not the end of the match.   The referee is now beginning the ten count.  Beast is looking on, pacing urgently.  The ref has reached 5.  Wait!  Mankind is stirring, he’s getting back to his feet!  The fight will continue! 

Andel Sanap: Mankind was just able to stand up to break the count.  Now he’s back on his knees.  Beast is charging in to continue the assault and OOOOOH! 

Al Rossi: Right in the royal jewels!  Bet they didn’t teach you that move at the Jedi Temple, Andel. 

Andel Sanap: Assuredly not!  But in this match with no disqualifications, Mankind is free to do whatever he wants to punish Beast.  Beast is still reeling from that low blow, but Mankind isn’t trying to pin him!  He’s heading over to the merchandise tables.  He’s looking under one of them and…oh no. 

Al Rossi: Mankind’s pulling out a bat wrapped up in barbed wire!  He’s heading back to Beast, still trying to recover from Mankind’s assault!  Look out! 

Andel Sanap: By the Force!  Mankind swings the barbed wire bat right into the face of Beast!  Another blow to the torso!  And another!  Beast is bleeding from multiple lacerations as the barbed wire does it’s work! 

Al Rossi: And another strike to the head sends the Beast down!  But Mankind is still not going for a pin!  He’s dragging Beast’s unconscious body back to the merchandise tables! 

Andel Sanap: Clearly this Mankind has become more focused on destroying Beast than he is on just pinning him! 

Al Rossi: He’s setting Beast on the table.  Now where’s Mankind going to?  Wait!  He’s heading for that forklift!  He’s jumping in the cab!  He’s wasting valuable time, but the fans in TCC Arena are buzzing!  I think they have a feeling what Mankind has in mind for Beast! 

Andel Sanap: Mankind has positioned the forklift behind the table where Beast is still laid out.  He raising the mast higher and higher into the air.  It looks close to 15 feet!  Now he’s climbing out and up the mast to forks! 

Al Rossi: If he hits a move off the top onto Beast it could be all over, Andel!  Mankind is at the top!  He raises his fist to the cheers of his fans and OH MY GOD!! 

Andel Sanap: What an elbow drop!  Crashing down from 15 feet, putting himself and Beast through the table to the concrete!  Mankind covers!  1!  2!  3! 

Al Rossi: Now the ref starts the count again.  The Beast is bloody and delirious in the wreckage of that table as Mankind looks on, pulling his hair and screaming at him.  The count is at 6.  7!  Wait!  Beast is struggling to stand up!  The count is 8!  9!  He made it!  He beat the count! 

Andel Sanap: Al, what is Mankind doing?  He appears to be reaching down his pants.  What’s that in his hands?  Is that a…sock? 

Al Rossi: Oh no!  It’s Mr. Socko!  He’s setting up for the mandible claw!  Mankind grabs a hold of Beast, jamming his sock covered hand in Beast’s mouth and down his throat!.  This maneuver has been effective at rendering a combatant unconscious in seconds!  Beast is fading fast!  It could be all over soon! 

Andel Sanap: Wait, Al!  Look who’s coming up the stairs!  It’s Princess Belle! 

Al Rossi: Oh no!  I can understand it’s no dq and you’re worried about your husband, but Belle has already had a close call tonight!  Get her out of there and back to the dressing rooms! 

Andel Sanap: It’s too late now.  She’s reached Mankind!  She’s grabbing on to his arm, begging, pleading to release the hold!  NO!   HE’S DROPPED BEAST AND HAS TURNED THE MANDIBLE CLAW ON BELLE! 

Al Rossi: Belle is fighting to free herself but there’s no way for her to escape!  Here come’s Beast!  He’s got Mankind by the throat!  A mighty throw sends him tumbling down the stairs back into the arena! 

Andel Sanap: He’s got Mankind’s bat!  Mankind comes to a stop at the foot of the stairs.  He’s clambering over the barricade, trying to get to the ring.  Beast is walking with a purpose, barbed wire bat in hand. 

Al Rossi: Mankind gets rolled into the ring by Beast.  Mankind’s on his feet but he has no clue where he is!  Beast has the bat!  Swings!  Right to the head of Mankind! 

Andel Sanap: I believe on your planet they would call that a ‘home run’, Al.  Beast with the cover!  Referee counts 1!  2!  3! 

Al Rossi: Beast stands in the corner, holding himself with the ropes!  Mankind is a bloody mess as he tries to stand!  The ref is up to 7!  8!  Mankind collapses to the mat in exhaustion! 

Referee: 9!  10!  Winner: Beast! 

Andel Sanap: An incredible brawl!   Belle rushes into the ring to tend to Beast, who is barely able to stand up himself.  The two embrace to the cheers of the TCC Arena faithful.  But, wait a minute!  Mankind is back up! 

Al Rossi: This isn’t Mankind’s first hardcore brawl.  He’s lost the match, but he’s living to fight another day.  He appears to be pointing at Belle.  Now he’s spreading out his arms, motioning to her!  What is he thinking?  Does he really think Belle is going to watch Mankind beat up her husband, then they’ll just be friends? 

Andel Sanap: Well, Mankind did say he liked the movie.  Maybe he thinks Belle’s princess nature will allow her to be forgiving.  I don’t think that’s possible but…hold on!  Belle is crossing over to Mankind! 

Al Rossi: She’s smiling!  She’s standing in front of the man who battered her husband, and nearly took her out twice, and she’s smiling!  What could she possibly be thi…YOWCH! 

Andel Sanap: I think we know what she was thinking now, Al!  A slap to the face!  And a kick to Mankind’s…er…privates.  Mankind is down again!  He’s rolling out of the ring, and is making best speed for the exit! 

Al Rossi: She may be a princess, but Belle isn’t a pushover when it comes people assaulting her and her true love.  Well, folks, as Belle helps Beast to his feet and out of the ring, raising his arm in a salute of victory to his fans, it’s about time for us to sign off.  We’ll be back for more action from TCC Arena, as the Transdimensional Combat Commission continues to bring you the best action from across the multiverses.  Until then, for Philippa Forrester and Andel Sanap, I’m Al Rossi!  Good night from TCC Arena! 

Gaston: Ha ha!  I could have taken on both of those freaks!  No one wrestles like Gaston! 

The Rock: Who in the blue hell are you?

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