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Battlesphere Battle Royal FINAL!! Match 17415 Miss America vs. Cassie Cage


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Battlesphere Battle Royal FINAL!! 

Currently in the Ring:                     Eliminated

Chloe Bourgeois                               Katie Ka-Boom (Toon Monster form)

                                                                Red Claw (Adult sized, fighting skill)

                                                                Tinker Bell (Flight, Pixie dust)

                                                                Wednesday Addams (weapons, fighting skill)

                                                                Chel (cleverness)

Miss America                                     Mercy Graves (Fighting skills)

                                                                Anamaria (Weapons, fighting skills

                                                                Elsa (Ice powers)

                                                                Ruby Rose (Semblance, Crescent Rose, fighting                                                                                   skill)

Phantom Lady                                   Chell (Aperture Science Portal Device)

                                                                Elsa (Ice powers)

                                                                Carmen Sandiego (Tech, fighting skill)

Ladybug                                               Chell  (Aperture Science Portal Device)

                                                                Baby Doll (Tech)

Cassie Cage                                         Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger powers)


Andel Sanap: Ladybug crashes back into the ring!  Miss Cage charges in but Ladybug leaps back to her feet!  She’s swinging her yoyo but Miss Cage knocks it aside! 

Al Rossi: Nails with her pistols and she leaps up!  She’s got the green energy going!  Right on target and Ladybug is sent sailing over and out! 

Andel Sanap: Miss Cage lands by the ropes and Look out!  Miss Bourgeois from behind!  Clotheslining her over the top! 

Al Rossi: But she hung on!  She’s pulling herself back up to the apron!  But Chloe doesn’t see her!  She’s looking the other way playing to the crowd, celebrating her ‘6th’ elimination!  But the lights are flickering around Cassie!  Her outfit is being covered in Ladybug spots!  And she’s got the yoyo! 

Andel Sanap: Miss Bourgeois needs to turn around!  Miss Cage throws the yoyo, and wraps it around Miss Bourgeois upraised hands!  A mighty heave from Miss Cage! 

Al Rossi: Chloe’s flailing!  She’s out of control!  She’s hit the Battlesphere wall!  She’s out! 

Andel Sanap: Exactly at the one hour mark, Miss Bourgeois has been eliminated, having participated in eliminating five combatants, the most of any in this match!  Err, could security please check at the north guardrail?  Someone in a Venom t-shirt has apparently jumped onto the battle terrain in protest. 

Al Rossi: This crowd has been loving this action, Andel!  And it’s heating up, or should I say cooling down, with Miss America and Phantom Lady.  The two Golden Age heroines appear to be mastering Elsa’s powers and are trying to get off a final, freezing attack.  Phantom Lady launches a portal and slips through to avoid the ice blast. 

Andel Sanap: But look!  Miss America has already Petal Burst-ed to the exit portal to catch Phantom Lady coming out!  A right hand from Miss America sends Phantom Lady back through the portal she came from!  Another Petal Burst carries Phantom Lady out of the ring, over the ropes, and before she can recover, right into the Battlesphere wall! 

Al Rossi: And just like that, Andel, we are down to the final two!  30 combatants entered the Battlesphere, now only two remain! 

Andel Sanap: From Earthrealm, Cassie Cage!  With her eliminations, she has the combined fighting skills, strength, and weapons of Trini Kwan, Chloe Bourgeois, and Ladybug!  Her Yellow Ranger armor is covered in black Ladybug spots, and she’s duel wielding the Miraculous yoyo and top! 

Al Rossi: And from WWII, Miss America!  Thanks to her eliminations, she now possesses the fighting prowess and powers of Mercy Graves, Anamaria, Ruby, and Phantom Lady, on top of Elsa’s magic!  She still has her cape over Elsa’s robes, which also conceal Crescent Rose and the black light projector! 

Andel Sanap: Miss Cage activates Lucky Charm!  Miss America flies ahead!  The final fight has begun! 



The Final Match to determine the winner of the Battlesphere Battle Royal! 

Cassie Cage (Trini’s skill and Yellow Ranger power, Ladybug’s Miraculous abilities, yoyo, and Lucky Charm, and Chloe’s Miraculous abilities, top, and Venom paralyzing power) (Full strength) vs Miss America (The fighting skills and weapons of Mercy, Anamaria, and Ruby, Elsa’s ice magic, and Phantom Lady’s black light projector) (Full strength)

Whoever wins gets to choose one of the powers they’ve acquired to use in any future TCC matches they take part in. 

It all comes down to this. 

Game On! 

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25 minutes ago, broadwaybeyonder said:

Someone in a Venom t-shirt has apparently jumped onto the battle terrain in protest. 

Hmm... I wonder who that could be? :ph34r:

Anyway, Chloe had a good run in this battle royal. 😉

Also, good work on this arc. 😎

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Huh. With the momentum Chloe had throughout this arc, I was pretty sure she'd be a finalist with Miss America. Aw, well ... 

Anyways, pretty good finish to your Battle Royal, broadway. This is shaping up to be a good final, and ultimately Miss America should have the combined power to come out on top. 

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5 hours ago, DSkillz said:

Huh. With the momentum Chloe had throughout this arc, I was pretty sure she'd be a finalist with Miss America. Aw, well ... 

Chloe may have lost, but she was the real star of this arc. 😉

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Twogunkid
5.00 - Venom 2009
3.70 - DSkillz
3.00 - patrickthekid
4.70 - leroypowell3

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
21.40 Total Combined Score
21.40 / 5 = 4.28 Final Rating on the match

Miss America: 8
Cassie Cage: 3

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Andel Sanap: Miss Cage dodges and rolls out of the way of Miss America swinging Anamaria’s sword!  The Lucky Charm falls from the sky into her hands! 

Al Rossi: A hair dryer?  Cassie doesn’t look impressed.  She tosses it aside, and goes back to the yoyo and top.  That could be a mistake, Andel!  The Lucky Charm power may create random objects, but they can be used to win a fight if Cassie would just think! 

Andel Sanap: But Miss Cage knows she’s in a fight for survival against Miss America!  She flings the yoyo and Miss America soars past it!  She charges in with Venom, but Miss America Petal Bursts past her to the other side!  She’s charging up and ice blast!

Al Rossi: Cassie just avoids getting turned into an icicle!  She goes to Trini’s power daggers!  Leaps up and tries to go for Glow Kick! 

Andel Sanap: But Miss America easily moves out of the way!  Miss Cage lunges with the daggers but Miss America’s got her!  Kick to the midsection!  Strikes to the head!  Takes out the black light projector and nails a shot to the face of Miss Cage!  She is being completely out maneuvered here, Al! 

Al Rossi: But she’s not giving up!  She lands a strike with the dagger across the chest of Miss America!  If it wasn’t for Miss America’s powers that could have been a fatal blow! 

Andel Sanap: Miss America’s staggered!  She’s against the ropes!  Miss Cage with a burst of strength and By The Force!  The force of her charge sends them BOTH over the top rope! 

Al Rossi: Miss America hoists herself into the air and flies to safety, but Cassie is still dangling!  Miss America looks unsure.  It isn’t very heroic to take advantage of this situation.  But it’s all come down to this!  She summons a gust of winter wind and sends it at Cassie!   

Andel Sanap: Miss Cage is holding on for dear life!  Miss America turns up the power!  We can see frostbite on Miss Cage’s hands! 

Al Rossi: She could lose her fingers if she isn’t careful!  Wait!  She’s slipping!  She’s losing her grip aaaaaand SHE DROPS!  SHE DROPS!  MISS AMERICA!  MISS AMERICA HAS WON! 

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen!  The Winner of the Battlesphere Battle Royal: MIIIIIIIIIIISS AAAAAMERICAAAAAA! 

Andel Sanap: It took over an hour!  30 truly great competitors!  But in a little of 30 minutes, Miss America is the winner of an incredible battle royal! 

Al Rossi: She lands in the ring and drops to her knees to bask in the USA chants from the crowd.  Philippa has beamed in.  Let’s see if we can get a few words! 

Philippa Forrester: Miss America, let me join all of these fans in congratulating you on an amazing victory!  Six eliminations to your credit!  And one of those power sets will be permanently given to you to use in any future TCC sanctioned matches.  Is there anything you would like to say to everyone here in the arena? 

Miss America: All I can say is thank you to all of you for your support.  Some people might not have considered a WWII vet like me to have been able to keep up with all these ladies.  But I’m glad I took the chance to step into this ring.  Congratulations to everyone who took part, especially Cassie.  You did your mother proud. 

Philippa Forrester: But the question on everyone’s mind, who’s powers are you going to choose? 

Miss America: All of those powers are very impressive.  But I believe it would be only right for me choose the power that gave me the edge and allowed me secure the final elimination I needed to win.  I think I’m going to pick Elsa’s powers.  You never know when a blizzard might come in handy. 


Al Rossi: Oh, not again! 

Andel Sanap: Did Miss Bourgeois learn nothing from July 4th?  She’s using the teleporter and now she’s in the ring too! 

Chloe Bourgeois: This is totally unfair!  After all my hard work, all the people I eliminated, this World War II fossil gets her pick of powers!  This is utterly… 


Chloe Bourgeois: SHUT UP! 

Philippa Forrester: Chloe, you knew the rules of the match when you signed up for it!  Miss America is the winner. 

Chloe Bourgeois: Ugh!  Don’t tell me about the rules!  Where is Pegasus?  This was all his idea!  Why don’t you come out here and do something about this?!

Andel Sanap: Well, there is Maximillion Pegasus at the entranceway.  He’s got a microphone, as well. 

Maximillion Pegasus: There, there, Chloe girl.  Unfortunately, this match is over.  But if you or anyone else has a problem with it, or with any other decision, then allow me to introduce you all to the true masters of the TCC! 


Al Rossi: Oh my God.  That music!  Don’t tell me! 

Andel Sanap: Al, what is it?  What’s happening? 

Al Rossi: It is!  IT’S VINCE MCMAHON!  The head of the WWE is in charge of the TCC?!  But he’s not alone!  That’s Andrew Ryan!  And David Xanatos! 

Andel Sanap: The king of Hell Crowley!  The Goblin King Jareth!  Mongul!  And… BY THE FORCE!  RASSILON! 

Al Rossi: A collection of the most diabolical minds in all the multiverses!  They are running the TCC?! 

Crowley: Congrats on the win, sweetheart.  You want Elsa’s magic?  It’s all yours.  But you should have read the fine print on your contract. 

Andel Sanap: Crowley snaps his fingers, and Miss America drops to the apron screaming in pain!  Get medical in there!  Turn off the Battlesphere! 

Al Rossi: She’s been teleported out!  She’s rising to her feet, holding her head.  Look at her eyes!  She’s standing with the TCC board!  Was this the plan all along?  Get the strongest competitor under their control?! 

Andel Sanap: The crowd looks confused and angry, Al, and I can’t say I blame them.  But one thing is certain: the TCC is under new management, and it will never be the same. 

Al Rossi: Folks, I don’t know what to say.  For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens next.  Until next time, for Justin Roberts, Philippa Forrester, and Andel Sanap, I’m Al Rossi saying so long from TCC Arena. 

Sonya Blade: You did good out there, Cassie. 

Cassie Cage: Way better than you, anyway. 

Sonya Blade: Don’t push it. 


*To everyone who voted and followed along with this insane arc, THANK YOU!* 

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Poor Miss America. 😟 I guess it was a good thing that Chloe didn’t win. 😋

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