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Night Shift Chapter 5 Match 17660 Shroud and Werewolf by Night and Hannibal King vs. Jack O'Lantern (Crime-Master's) and 8-Ball and The Orb (Marvel)


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Chapter 5: One Long Horn, and One Big Eye

“So let me get this straight,” laughed Digger.  “You two tried to catch a guy who lives in his momma’s basement, and he trounces you by slapping a bell on his head?”  Moth and Tatterdemalion glared at him from across the study in the Tower of Shadows.  Hannibal King stood across a desk from Shroud who sat calmly in a leather chair.  “Verde had been giving tech from the Headmen.  From what you said about their hired guns and this Ruby Thursday, they sound like a bunch of nutcases.” 

“Or headcases,” said Digger. Percy Grimes snickered at the pun and Barton looked at him disapproving.  “Don’t make me regret having you for a brother.” 

“What?  It’s funny.” 

“It’s stupid.” 

“Enough.”  Shroud’s voice filled the room as he got up from the desk.  “The point is that we now know our enemy’s name. And that gives us a glimpse into their minds. Willing to give equipment to enable geniuses to continue their work, regardless of their own mental stability.” 

“Translation,” said Moth, sitting on a couch next to Jack.  “A herd of mad scientists.” 

“And they wanted me,” finished Jack.  “If they could figure out a way to control the wolf, no one would be…”  Jack was interrupted by the sound of a ring tone going off.  He instinctively reached for his pockets, but his phone was still on the desk where Hannibal had placed it.  The Night Shift looked in confusion, and Hannibal looked to Shroud.  Shroud nodded his consent, and Hannibal picked up the phone and accepted the call. 

“Hello?  Who is this?” 

“Just a concerned citizen.  Is that you, Detective King?  I wasn’t expecting to hear your voice.”  Hannibal knew the unmistakably voice of Tombstone.  “Well, detective?” said Tatterdemalion impatiently.  “Who is it?”  Hannibal raised his hand to silence the room, then spoke.  “How did you get this number, Lincoln?” 

“I have associates who have made it their business to know things about you, King.  Including your connection with a certain LAPD detective.  Would you like to hear from her?” 

Hannibal blood froze as he heard the sound of the phone being passed over, then the sound of a woman gasping for breath.  “Hello?  Hannibal? Are you there?” 

Hannibal’s grip tightened around the phone.  “Terri?  I’m here.  I need you to stay calm, alright?  I’m going to get you out of this, I swear.”

“Hannibal!  He’s told me that if you don’t get him what he wants, he’ll kill me.  He wants Jake Russell.  He says you know someone who can give him Jake Russell.  You can’t trust him, Hannibal!  Hannibal!” 

Terri’s voice faded out as the phone was handed back to Tombstone.  “You will meet me at auto cemetery outside of the city.  You will bring Russell and the Shroud.  I see any of the rest of those freaks and we kill her.”  The line went dead and Hannibal slowly lowered the phone from his ear.  “What’s going on, King?”  asked Moth.  “What did Tombstone want?  Who’s Terri?”  Hannibal suddenly roared in frustration and smashed the phone on the floor, shattering it.  “Hey!  That’s my phone!”  shouted Jake.  Hannibal spun around and lifted Jake off the couch by his collar.  “You!  Why does Tombstone want you?” 

“Perhaps the Headmen have made a countermove,” said Shroud.  “We attempted to capture Verde, so they have enlisted Mr. Lincoln to take one of our pieces.” 

“I’m not a piece!” shouted Jack.  “I didn’t even want to be here!” 

“I don’t give a damn what you want!” snapped Hannibal.  “I’m not letting these scumbags hurt Terri!” 

“And they won’t, Detective,” said Shroud. 

“Now wait a minute, boss!” said Misfit.  “We’ve already got wolf boy.  Now you want us to give him up to save a cop?!”  Shroud let his sightless gaze fall over the room and the uneasy Night Shift.  “This is not about saving a cop.  This is about removing Tombstone from the game for good.  Detective King, Mr. Russell.  You and I will be meeting with Mr. Lincoln.  Tick Tock, Dansen, and Digger will be accompanying us in reserve in case of a double cross.  Moth and Tatter will stay here until you have fully recovered from the Verde incident.  With Lincoln undoubtably bringing his muscle to the meet, it should leave his funeral home undermanned.  So we shall not less this opportunity go to waste.  Brothers Grimm, Misfit, Hangman.  You will attack Tombstone’s headquarters and secure any more information on his organization and the Headmen.  Needle, you are in command.” 

Needle nodded as Hangman glared at him.  “Why should Needle be in charge of the op?  He can’t even speak to give orders!”  Shroud stepped toward Hangman until they were face to face.  “Because I can trust Needle to follow my orders.  And I know he won’t distract himself with pointless bloodshed just to amuse himself.”  Hangman looked away and folded his arms.  “I guess that’s it then,” said Hannibal to Shroud.  “But you better be right, and we better get Terri back.  Because if Tombstone kills her, it won’t matter to me how many freaks you have working for you.”  Shroud looked at him stone faced.  “Just remember that you work for me as well, detective.  I will get your friend back.  But I will not tolerate disrespect from anyone in my organization.  Remember that.” 

Hours later, the full moon hung over a vast expanse of burned out and broken cars.  Standing in a clearing was Tombstone and five of his men.  A pick up truck with a cargo bed covered in shadows down the row of vehicles and game to a stop.  Hannibal got out from behind the wheel and followed Shroud.  “So, the famous Shroud,” said Tombstone.  “I’ve been wanting to meet with you,” 

“Cut the crap, Tombstone!” snapped Hannibal.  “Where’s Terri?”  Tombstone motioned with his head, and two more of his men came out of the shadows carrying an unconscious Terri Lee between them, blindfolded, face bruised and wrists zip tied together.  Hannibal tried to move toward her but was blocked by Shroud’s arm.  “Don’t worry, Detective,” Tombstone said smugly.  “She’ll live.  Now, where is this wolfman I’ve been hearing about?”  Shroud pointed toward the truck and the shadows disappeared to reveal the Werewolf in a cage, slamming against the bars and snarling.  “Now,” said Shroud.  “Give us Miss Lee and you can take Mr. Russell.”  Tombstone gave a discerning look at the cage, smiling.  “Not so fast.  Let’s just appreciate all this.  It looks so real, doesn’t it, boys?”  The gangsters nodded.  “But I think we might need someone to give this another look.”  

Another figure walked out from behind the wrecked cars.  It was a man in a red unitard and yellow gloves and boots.  But his head was a large eyeball.  Several feet away from the clearing, Digger looked through a pair of binoculars.  He was standing next to a van with Tick Tock, while Dansen weaved her spell on the roof.  “You better start looking ahead now, Instagram.  We might have a problem.”    

At that same moment, the Brothers Grimm crashed through the roof of the Lincoln Funeral Home.  With a swift gesture they summoned to clouds that floated to the roof and brought down Needle, Misfit, and Hangman.  Misfit roared and leapt off of the cloud, charging into the room.  But stopped short when he saw that no one was there. 

“Aw, man,” he said disappointed.  “I wanted to bust some heads in.”  Needle smacked him with the flat edge of his blade, and Misfit spun around and glared at him.  Needle pointed at the Brothers, then toward the door leading to Tombstone’s office.  Percy reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigar.  Barton shook his head and groaned, but pulled out a lit candle.  Percy set the cigar in the keyhole of the door, then Barton lit it.  The cigar smoked for a few seconds then exploded, taking the door off it’s hinges. 

Then gunfire blasted out of the doorway.  The Night Shift ran for cover as Bushwacker emerged from the office with 6 gangsters.  And behind them was Doctor Bong, with golden sphere raised.  “I told you!” he cried over the chaos.  “The Headmen know all!  Hail glorious science!” 

“Shut up and kill the freaks!” Bushwacker snarled, taking aim with his gun arm. 

In the auto cemetery, Orb set it’s singular gaze on the cage and the growling Werewolf.  “Scans indicate this cage is empty,” he said mechanically.  “Whatever you are seeing is an illusion.”  Tombstone sneered at Shroud.  “You think my partners didn’t tell me about the powers your girl used on their men?  Nice try, but not good enough.  Kill the bitch!” 

“NO!” Hannibal drew his gun and opened fire, hitting one of Terri’s captors in the side.  “Dansen!  Now!” shouted as he encased the clearing in shadows.  Dansen stopped her dance and the Werewolf in the cage disappeared.  “Let him go!” she yelled to Digger, and he flung open the door in the back of the van.  The Werewolf leapt out and charged howling toward the clearing.  “Alright, fright fans!  Let’s wreck these guys!” shouted Digger gleefully as Dansen climbed off the van.  “Digger!  Wait!” cried Tick Tock.  “Somethings not right!  Something’s coming!  It’s…” 

The van exploded in a ball of fire.  The Night Shift were thrown to the ground, with Digger smashing into a windshield.  He looked up into the sky to see two men on hovercraft.  One had the head of a giant pool ball, the other like a jack o’ lantern.  Both fired missiles from their crafts then sped off to the sounds of gunshots. 

Hannibal swung his pistol and smashed it against a gangster’s head, then he grabbed Terri’s arm and tried to get her to the safety.  But Orb stood in his way.  “Let me take a look at you, Detective,” he said fixing it’s eye on Hannibal.  Hannibal tried to look away, but could only stand and stare, as the eye began to glow with a dangerous light.  Suddenly Shroud delivered a kick to Orb’s back, then a strike to his helmet.  “Detective!  Get Miss Lee to the truck!” 

Unfortunately, two missiles destroyed the truck as Jack O’Lantern and 8-Ball flew into sight.  “You can’t leave now!” 8-Ball said as he flipped off his hover craft and landed in front of Shroud, twirling his pool cue.  “We just want a little action!” He jabbed the pool cue into Shroud’s gut and the force sent him flying into the rows of cars.  “Ooh.  Sorry, bad break.” 

“Stop playing around and let’s finish the job!” hissed Jack O’Lantern.  The sound of a howl cut through the chaos, as the Werewolf clambered up a makeshift hill of cars, leapt off it and tackled Jack O’Lantern off his hovercraft.  Tombstone turned to his men.  “Let’s move!  Let the Headmen deal with these freaks!” 


Shroud, Hannibal King (peak human), and Werewolf all at full strength. 

All other Night Shift are either immobilized or fighting with Tombstone’s men at his hideout. 

Jack O’Lantern, 8-Ball, and Orb all at full strength. 

Game On!

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Dansen groaned as she tried to push herself off the ground.  “Dansen!”  Digger ran to her side and offered her his shovel.  She grabbed a hold of it and let Digger lift her to her feet.  “Tick Tock… where’s Tick Tock?” Dansen moaned holding her head.  “He’s still breathing, surprisingly,” said Digger, looking over his shoulder as the short man sat propped up against an old Mustang.  “He’s tougher than he looks.  Well, he would have to, wouldn’t he?”  Dansen wasn’t listening.  She was already running toward the sounds of explosions in the distance.  “Get Tick Tock back to the Tower!  I’ll get Shroud!”  Digger watched Dansen disappear behind the cars with an annoyed look on his face.  “Why am I always the one having to babysit this geek?” 

The Werewolf clung onto the bottom of Jack O’Lantern’s hovercraft.  Jack O’Lantern raised his gauntlet and fired an electric shock that made the Werewolf howl in pain.  It let go of the hovercraft and began to plummet to earth, but cables shot out from the base of the hovercraft and wrapped around the Werewolf’s arms.  It hung limp from it’s restraints as Jack O’Lantern called to 8-Ball.  “I’ve got the beast!  Let’s go!” 

8-Ball swung his pool cue at Hannibal, who just barely dodged it.  He pulled out a pool ball shaped grenade and hurled it at the detective to leapt aside.  But the resulting explosion sent him sprawling to the ground.  “Hannibal!” Terri yelled.  She ran towards him but was blocked by the Orb.  “You stay right there, lady,” he sneered.  The eye of the Orb pulsed as Terri held up her hand in a futile attempt to block it’s gaze.  Shroud dived onto 8-Ball, delivering blows to the body.  8-Ball charged up the pool cue, but Shroud was ready for it.  He caught the cue, jabbed it into 8-Ball’s gut, and used his force to throw him over his head and into the cars.  The Orb turned and saw his fallen comrade.  “Get up, moron!  Beat this guy!”  The distraction was all that Terri Lee needed.  She delivered a running kick to the Orb’s privates, instantly making him double over in pain.  She quickly grabbed his arm and used a judo throw to take him to the ground.  “Don’t mess around with an officer of the LAPD,” she coughed as she stood over the fallen henchmen. 

“Miss Lee!” shouted Shroud.  “Run that way!  My associates will get you and Mr. King out of here!  Go!”  Hannibal was slowly climbing to his feet and grabbed Terri’s arm to guide her out of the clearing.  Shroud was about to follow, when another missile launched by Jack O’Lantern impacted right behind him.  Shroud was sent flying into the air and crashed hard to the ground.  8-Ball readied his pool cue and stood behind a burned out Chevy.  “Hey, goth boy!  Guess what?  Call me Oprah!  Cuz you get a car!”  He slammed the pool cue into the car door, and the vehicle flew through the air and landed with a sickening thud onto Shroud. 

The three henchmen gathered around the wreckage.  “I got ‘im!” cheered 8-Ball.  Dark smoke started to emerge from the car, only to fade away to reveal Shroud trapped under it unconscious.  The Orb directed it’s gaze at him.  “Amazing!  If I’m ready this right, this guy’s still alive!”  Jack O’Lantern circled around the clearing, still carrying the struggling Werewolf.  “Well then bring him along.  I’m sure the Headmen would appreciate seeing what makes this guy tick!” 

Hannibal ran passed wrecked cars and dragged Terri behind him.  She could barely keep up.  “Hannibal!  Wait!  Stop!”  Hannibal slowed his pace but continued forward.  “We don’t have time.  I need to get you to the others.”   Terri dug her heels in and Hannibal jerked to a stop.  “What others?  Hannibal, who was that?  And that thing?  That animal?”  Hannibal shook his head.  “Terri, you know about that phone I gave you?  The one I asked to give a once over?  Well, it was his.”  Terri’s jaw dropped.  “You had me do a phone dump on a werewolf?!” 

“Detective?”  The two detectives turned to see Dansen run out from behind an SUV.  “Where is Shroud?  And Russell?”  Hannibal started running with Terri again, going passed Dansen.  “They were caught.  The Headmen have them.  Right now we got to get out of here.  By the way, Dansen, this is Terri.  Terri, Dansen.”  Terri looked stunned as Dansen as they continued to run through the maze of cars.  Dansen lifted the watch on her wrist to her lips.  “Needle?  This is Dansen.  Shroud and Russell have been captured.  It was a trap.” 

Her voice came out of the watch on Needle’s wrist.  Misfit was punching a gang member repeatedly in the face.  “You don’t say?” he said sarcastically.  “Like we don’t have that problem!”  Doctor Bong swung his gauntlet and caught Misfit square on the jaw.  The bell wearing madman stood over the fallen brute.  “Feel the wrath of science, abomination!” he shrieked.  Hangman leapt onto Doctor Bong’s back and wrapped his rope around his neck.  “Misfit!  Hold him!” he barked.  Misfit took hold of Doctor Bong’s arms as Hangman tightened the rope.  The doctor failed his arms in an attempt to strike his helmet, but he couldn’t break Misfit’s inhuman grip.  In a matter of moments, he went limp and fell still. 

Percy Grimm caused a pie to magically appear in his hands.  He hurled it at the gang member approaching him, striking him in the face.  The man started screaming in agony, clutching at the remnants of what was his face.  “Mmhmm.  Got to love to acid filled pies,” said Percy.  “Just like Mom used to make.”  Barton pulled out a sword, but he was quickly knocked down by a large thug.  The man grabbed a hold of the sword and stabbed it into Barton’s chest.  Strangely, the blade simply collapsed into the hilt like a stage prop.  “Now you see, that’s not how that works,” Barton said, grabbing the sword out of the confused thug’s hand.  “You do it like this.”  Barton drove the sword into the unfortunate man’s heart, and this time the blade went through his chest and out his back. 

Bushwacker fired his gun arm at Needle who dodged out of the way.  He swung his needle blade but Bushwacker blocked it with his gun barrel.  “Needle!  We need to regroup!” Dansen’s voice called over the radio.  “Get your team out of there!  Now!”  Needle’s eye glared out from the hood, but he nodded.  He shoved Bushwacker off him, then tapped a button on his watch to signal to Dansen.  Then he turned and waved the blade to the other Night Shift-ers, and headed for the door.  “Don’t tell me we’re running again from these punks!” Hangman grumbled.  Percy and Barton summoned their clouds and leapt on, allowing Misfit and Hangman to join them.  “For once I agree with you, man,” Barton said.  “We could taken all of them!”  The clouds rose up and out through the roof of the funeral home. 


When Shroud finally came to, his senses told him he was trapped in a large, plastic tube.  Outside of it were the Headmen, with a man with a gorilla’s body standing in front of them.  “Ah, the famous Shroud,” he said.  “Welcome to the Scientiatum of the Headmen.  I am Doctor Arthur Nagan.  I am very curious to see what we can learn from each other.”  Shroud gazed unimpressed at the gorilla-man.  Nagan nodded to Chondu.  “Perhaps your powers can give us a peek at the innerworkings of this mind.”  Chondu’s spindly, metal legs carried him to the tube.  He gazed at Shroud, who’s sightless eyes stared right through him.  Chondu focused all his mental energy, but after a few minutes took a step back from the tube in frustration.  “This one has received training in the mystic arts.  I cannot pierce his mind.  It is extraordinary!” 

“No matter,” coughed Dr. Morgan.  “We can always learn the secrets of his powers on the examination table.”  Nagan turned to the assembled scientists.  “Which of you will discover this information for the Headmen?”  One hand shot up in the air above the crowd.  A man in a bowl cut and a lab coat stumbled forward.  “Oh!  Me!  Me, sir!  I mean, doctor.  Sir!  Sir Doctor!”  Nagan raised an eyebrow at the nervous man.  “And you are?” 

“Ohn, sir.  Johnathan Ohn.  It would be an honor to work on this project!”  Nagan waved a dismissive hand.  “Very well.  You will proceed with the examination.” 

“Oh, thank you, doctor!” 

“Under the supervision of Dr. Wyndham.” 

“Oh.  Thank you, doctor.” 

Wyndham nodded to Dr. Nagan.  “We will not fail you, doctor.”  Nagan’s eyes narrowed as he turned back to Shroud.  “See that you don’t.  We shall learn how to duplicate the powers of this one and Mr. Russell.  Or the next autopsy you will be sitting in on will be your own!” 

Next Time: I Was Working In The Lab… !

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