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Match 18317 Poison Ivy vs. Pepe Le Pew

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A happy couple walked arm in arm through the streets of downtown Gotham City.  The woman leaned her head on the man’s shoulder as they laughed and whispered together.  They almost didn’t notice the black cat with a white streak down it’s back dart between their legs and race down the sidewalk.  “Le pant!  Le pant! Le pant!” the cat moaned.  The woman looked to the man in confusion as the cat sped around a corner.  “Did that cat just talk?” 

“Honey, don’t be silly.  Cats can’t ta…” The man’s words faded on his lips as a terrible odor reached his nostrils.  The couples’ faces became contorted with disgust as they held their noses and ducked into a doorway to get away from the stench. 

Pepe Le Pew casually hopped down the sidewalk in pursuit of Penelope.  “Never fear, my little bird le mocking!  Your paramour du jour is here to guide you through le city cruelle!”  The skunk continued on his way, leaving the couple passed out in the doorway by the strength of his smell. 

Meanwhile across town, Harvey Bullock stood outside the entrance of Gotham Museum finishing off his donut.  He looked on as two museum security guards were being attended to; one of them was sat on the lawn as two GCPD officers struggled to untangle him from the vines he was trapped in, while the other was being loaded into an ambulance on a gurney laughing maniacally. 

“Guess our two favorite party girls have struck again?” Bullock remarked to Renee Montoya.  Montoya nodded.  “Yeah.  All the earmarks of Quinn and Ivy.  Seems weird for them to do a smash and grab job like this.  Ivy always seems to be pushing Harley to go for bigger scores.” 

“Maybe I can help answer that.” 

Bullock and Montoya turned around at the sound the voice.  Leaning on one of the pillars in front of the museum, was a woman in black stockings, tailcoat, white dress shirt, vest, tie and top hat.  Zatanna doffed her hat to Bullock and Montoya and smiled.  “Evening, officers.”  Bullock rolled his eyes.  “Terrific.  The one night we could use the Bat, and we wind up with little Miss David Copperfield.”  Montoya elbowed Bullock in the gut.  Zatanna walked over to Bullock, her face still friendly but her voice growing serious.  “Listen, detective.  I came here to help.  And if my hunch is right, you’re going to need it.”  Zatanna turned and entered the museum, followed by Montoya.  Bullock grumbled to himself and adjusted his trench coat as he went in after them. 

Zatanna ducked under the police tape that cordoned off the museum’s Greek history display.  Several cases that had held smaller antiques had been smashed and ransacked.  She walked past knocked over counters and broken pottery until she reached a tall, glass display case, shattered and empty.  “They looked to be taking as much as they could carry,” said Montoya, scanning her notepad.  “This stuff could fetch a lot of money on the black market.”  Zatanna pointed at the empty case.  “What did the museum have kept here?”  Montoya consulted her notes as Bullock panted his way into the room.  “A staff, made of some sort of green ceramic material.  Topped with an amethyst stone.”  Zatanna looked grim at the case.  “Only one way to be sure.  Laever eht cigam taht saw ereh!”  Zatanna pointed at the case, and light began to glow inside of it.  The light slowly shifted into the shape of the missing staff. 

Zatanna nodded.  “I was afraid of that.”  Bullock pushed past Montoya to get to Zatanna.  “Afraid of what?  What’s this lightshow supposed to mean?” 

“It means, detective, that this is more than just a simple case of breaking and entering.  There have been rumors on the mystic ether net that one of the artifacts brought to this museum was the staff of Circe.” 

Bullock looked over to Montoya.  “Circe?  Isn’t she the dame on that show you were telling me about?” 

“Not Cersei Lannister, Harv,” Montoya sighed. 

“This Circe happens to be a witch with incredible magic powers,” Zatanna explained.  “She also imbued some of her magic into objects like the staff.” 

“So, you’re sayin’ that Harley and Ivy have got their hands on a magic wand?” Bullock asked incredulously. 

Zatanna nodded.  “Which means I don’t have time to waste.  The staff does give off a slight aura, so hopefully that can help me track it.”  Zatanna turned back to the case and raised her hands.  “Wohs eht liart fo s’Ecric ffats!”  The image of the staff reformed into a beam of light that projected out of the case and over the heads of Zatanna, Bullock, and Montoya.  “We’ll send a couple cars for back-up,” offered Montoya.  Zatanna shook her head.  “No, officer.  You keep your people back.  The staff is too powerful for you.  My magics should be enough to contain Harley and Ivy.” 

“Yeah, right,” Bullock grumbled to himself.  “Some dame dressed like a Rockette is gonna tell us how to do police work.”  Zatanna shot Bullock a look, then grinned and pointed.  “Llup a tibbar tuo fo ruoy tah!”  Bullock’s hat began to shift and rise off his head.  He looked up in alarm.  “Hey!  What gives?”  He lifted his hat up to reveal a small, white rabbit perched on his head.  Montoya stifled her laughter as Zatanna bowed cheekily.  “Just a little trick for older men afraid of losing their hair.  Now if you would excuse me, I’ve got a staff to find.  Etativel!”  Zattana rose up into the air and flew after the beam of light.  When Zatanna had gone and the light had faded, Montoya walked over to Bullock, still holding the rabbit by the scruff of it’s neck.  He glared at his amused partner.  “You even think of sayin’ ‘What’s up, doc?’, I’ll make you eat your badge.” 

In their rundown hotel room, Poison Ivy gazed out the window as Harley Quinn stood on the bed, posing with their newly acquired staff.  “Hey, Red!  How much do you think Maxie Pad will pay us for this junk?”  Poison Ivy shut the window and turned to face Harley.  “It’s Maxie Zeus, and it won’t be nearly enough.  This is the last time we are doing a job for that lunatic!”  Harley held the staff high and spoke in a booming voice.  “How dare you say that about the ruler of Olympus?!”  She laughed and fell back on the bed with the staff as Poison Ivy glared disapprovingly.  “Will you be careful with that!  I’m not gonna have us lose money because you broke that thing goofing around!” 

“Aww, relax, Red!” said Harley.  “We pulled the job off without a hitch.  No Batman, no cops, no problems!” 

Suddenly, a beam of light shot through the window and struck the staff.  Harley gave a yelp of surprise and dropped the staff, Ivy barely catching it before it hit the floor.  She scowled at Harley.  “You just had to say it, didn’t you?”  Harley grinned sheepishly as a cloud of smoke appeared in the room.  Harley and Ivy got to their feet and stood ready as Zatanna walked out of the cloud.  “Hello, ladies,” she said as the smoke faded away.  “Somebody’s been taking things that don’t belong to them again.” 

“Don’t play cute with us, Zatanna,” Poison Ivy snarled.  The staff began to glow in Ivy’s grip.  Zatanna offered her hand.  “Ivy, just put the staff down, slowly.  Then we can get what you stole back where it belongs.”  Harley glanced at the staff then back to Ivy.  “What’s she want with this old thing?” 

“I couldn’t say,” said Ivy, staring at the glowing stone at the top of the staff.  “But I have a feeling there’s more to this ‘thing’ than meets the eye for magic girl to want it so bad.” 

“Ivy, please.  Just hand it over,” said Zatanna.  Harley Quinn smirked at Poison Ivy.  “Well, Miss Fish Nets wants the staff.  Let’s give it to her!”  Harley snatched the staff from Poison Ivy and swung it above her head.  The stone began to burn brighter with a purple light.  Harley swung the staff down and a beam of energy shot from the staff.  “Dleihs em!”  Zatanna shouted, and a blue barrier appeared in front of her.  The beam of energy bounced of the barrier and headed straight back towards Harley and Ivy.  “Oy,” Harley breathed, before the beam struck them both and sent them flying out the window of the hotel. 

Zatanna rushed to the shattered frame and gestured toward the falling women.  “Wols rieht llaf!”  Harley and Ivy’s descent slowed until they gently landed on their backs on the sidewalk.  They slowly rose to their feet, their bodies still glowing from the magic blast.  “What happened?” Harley groaned.  “You did something impulsive and stupid!” snapped Ivy.  “Again!  What were you thinking?  You didn’t know what that thing could do!” 

“Well, excuse me!” Harley said.  “But nothin’ happened!  That staff didn’t do anything to us, and OOF!”  Penelope Pussycat collided with Harley’s legs and sent her sprawling to the ground.  Ivy shook her head.  “Well, it’s certainly not made you any more coordinated, Harl.  HEY!”  Poison Ivy felt something run into her and knock her down too.  She turned to see Pepe Le Pew, looking at her with concern.  “Pardonnez moi, my green mademoiselle.  Wouldn’t want you to black and blue and green, no?”  Before Poison Ivy could register that a skunk was talking to her, the light surrounding her and Harley grew brighter and enveloped them as well as Pepe and Penelope.  Zatanna ran out the door with the staff just in time to see the lights begin to fade.  Penelope emerged from the glowing mass first, looking around in confusion before racing off down the street.  To Zatanna’s amazement, another figure emerged from the light.  It looked like another cat, one that even had a white stripe down it’s back like the first.  But the fur of this cat was in a distinctive pattern of red and black with a diamond pattern.  The cat turned to Zatanna, the magician still open mouthed at the sight.  “What’re you lookin’ at?” the cat said in Harley Quinn’s voice. 

Zatanna stood in shock.  “Harley?  Is that you?” 

“Of course it’s me!  Who else would I be?” 

Pepe Le Pew crawled out from the glowing light.  “Baby!  Come back!  Your Julio is here, my Rome-et!”  Pepe’s eyes went wide at the side of the transformed Harley Quinn.  “Zut allors!  My darling!  Where have I been all of your life?”  Harley glanced at Pepe, then down at her new body.  She screamed in surprise.  “HOLY TOLEDO!  What happened?!  I’m a.. a cat?!”  Pepe rushed to Harley’s side and took her in his arms.  “No, my cherie blossom.  You are the finest skunk these handsome eyes have fallen on!  Let me take you away from it all!  We shall make the beautiful music together!”  Pepe started kissing up Harley’s arm, and Harley squirmed out of his embrace.  “Lay off, ya creep!” Harley shouted.  Harley ran off on all fours down the road.  Pepe hopped off after her, smiling confidently.   “Ah!  She wants to play get to hard!  Well, fear not, my sweet!  Your lover boy is here!  Now we begin the wooing!” 

Zatanna took a few steps after the skunk before she heard the sound of a woman’s laughter.  She looked above her to try focus where the sound was coming from.  She glared and pointed to the sky.  “Ecric, laever flesruoy!”  A shimmering light appeared in the air, and Circe became visible.  She sat cross legged above Zatanna chuckling to herself.  “Now this is priceless!  Haven’t had this much fun since the Trojan War!” 

“Alright, Circe.  What did your staff do to Harley?”  Circe pointed down as the last of the glowing mass faded out.  “Oh, it’s not done yet.  And this is the best part!”  When the light had faded, Zatanna and Circe gazed on the transformed Poison Ivy.  She still had her red hair and her body was still green, but it was now the body of a skunk.  Poison Ivy glared at Zatanna.  “Alright!  Just what did you do to me?” 

“Oh, it wasn’t her, sweetheart,” said Circe.  “Well, mostly not her.  Your clown friend tried to blast her with my staff and she redirected the spell towards you.  Now the spell just put you two in my power to put whatever curse I would like.” 

“What curse?” Zatanna said. 

“Oh, nothing too dramatic,” Circe said, tossing her hair.  “Just that they would be transformed into the first animals they got in contact with.  Clown girl gets the cat.” Circe scrunched her nose at Ivy.  “And it looks like flower child got the skunk.”  Zatanna groaned and covered her nose.  “Dliehs ym eson morf siht llems!”  A shimmer of magic flashed over Zatanna and she breathed easier again.  “Whew.  That’s better.” 

“For you!” Ivy screeched.  “I’m still stuck as a skunk!” 

“Serves you right for stealing my staff,” Circe haughtily replied. 

“Circe!” Zatanna shouted.  “How do we undo this curse?”  Circe sighed.  “Well, there’s three ways.  One, I could just undo the curse.  But I’m not really in the mood.  Two, flower child can find and capture the object of that skunk’s desire before he catches clown girl.” 

“And what just does the skunk want?” Ivy interrupted.  “Why, the cat, of course,” said Circe.  “You still have your control over plants so you should be able to catch her easy enough.” 

“And what’s the third way?” asked Zatanna.  Circe yawned.  “Three, you can just use my staff.”  Zatanna raised the staff and pointed it at Ivy.  “Three it is!” 

The staff suddenly turned into a flock of pigeons and flew out of Zatanna’s hands.  The flock flew over to Circe, reformed into the staff and fell into her clutches.  “Now you didn’t think I was gonna let you spoil my fun that easy, did you, trickster?” Circe said mockingly.  She took off into the air with the staff.  “Etativel!” Zatanna cried out.  She rose off the street after Circe as Ivy ran to her.  “What about me?!” 

“Wohs egami fo eht tac!” Zatanna said quickly.  A picture of Penelope appeared in front of Poison Ivy.  “Find that cat!” Zatanna said as she took off into the night.  “I’ve got to stop Circe, or she’ll turn this whole town into her private zoo!” 

“Fine!” Poison Ivy yelled after her.  “Go ahead!  That cat is as good as caught!”  With a last glance at Penelope’s picture, Poison Ivy tore off down the street on her four legs. 


Poison Ivy has been magically transformed into a skunk.  She still has her powers over nature. 

Harley Quinn has been similarly transformed into a cat and is being pursued by Pepe. 

If Ivy can catch Penelope before Pepe catches Harley, Circe’s spell is broken. 

Game On! 

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One of your best yet, Broad. DC mixing with Looney Tunes is an appreciated art in my house and this as good as it gets.

Pepe isn't very good at catching women so I'll give this to Ivy

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Looney Tunes and the DCAU meet once again. :) Very nice set-up, broadway. 

Yeah, Zatanna didn't fare so well going toe-to-toe with Circe when they faced off on JLU, so it looks like it's gonna be up to Skunk-Ivy to break the curse. 

Sure, Pepé would likely catch up to and grab Cat-Harley, but between Harley's zaniness and skill she could likely slip away easier than Penelope usually did. Ivy, though, with her control over plant life and plant-based weapons, could probably catch and hold onto Penelope quicker and more easily than Pepé. 

I think I'll give this to Skunk-Ivy, but all three chases are likely to be entertaining throughout. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - leroypowell3
4.50 - SSJRuss
5.00 - Yukimuraster90

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
14.50 Total Combined Score
14.50 / 3 = 4.83 Final Rating on the match

Poison Ivy: 2
Pepé Le Pew: 1

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Aaaannd I forgot to rate this one. My bad.

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Cat-Harley dodged and darted past the legs of pedestrians as he scurried down the Gotham sidewalk.  Their were cries of alarm followed by moans of disgust as Pepe Le Pew hopped after her.  “Tonight we see if ze redheads have more fun, no?”  he called.  “Oy,” Harley muttered as she ran on.  “And I thought the Creeper was bad!” 

High above the confusion below, Circe flew through the air pursued by Zatanna.  Zatanna’s flight spell had landed her on the rooftops and she jumped from one to the other to keep up with Circe.  “You’re persistent, girl!” Circe said.  “But you are nowhere near my league!”  She pointed at a tv antenna and it began to twist and melt in purple light.  In a flash it had transformed into a red-tailed hawk.  It screeched and swooped down toward Zatanna with talons extended.  “Tup Yllop ni s’ti egac!” shouted Zatanna.  A golden birdcage apparated around the hawk, safely trapping it inside.  “Etativel!”  Zatanna took to the air again, only for Circe to swing the staff and catch her with a blow to the temple.  Zatanna spiraled down and crashed back into the roof.  Circe lowered herself toward Zatanna, a dangerous glint in her eye reflected in the staff’s gem.  “Now, what sort of loathsome creature can I turn you into?  Before I finish you off for good?” 

A few blocks away, Penelope Pussycat ducked behind a stall where a man was selling flowers.  She gasped for breath and looked around for any sign of her pursuer.  But then her face scrunched up as she detected an unmistakable smell.  She looked up to see Skunk-Ivy perched on a flowerpot, the seller already passed out on the sidewalk.  “Look,” said Ivy, breathing heavily.  “As much as I appreciate the exercise, I need you to come with me now.  So, how about it?  I don’t smell that bad, do I?”  Penelope nodded and turned to run.  Poison Ivy leapt off the stall, but Penelope had already sped off, leaving her to faceplant on the street. 

Ivy groaned as she watched Penelope racing away.  “This is ridiculous!  How am I supposed to catch that dumb cat when I smell like a garbage dump?!  She isn’t going to stop for anything!”  Ivy looked back at the stall, the seller trying to regain consciousness.  Her eyes fell upon the flowers that were already starting to droop and wilt.  Poison Ivy began to smile.  “Well, then.  They always say if you want a girl’s attention, give her some flowers.” 

The flower seller sat up and his jaw dropped at the sight.  His flowers that had been starting to die from Skunk-Ivy’s stink had begun to bloom and grow again.  They shattered their flower pots as their stems began to rise out of them and intertwine together.  On the sidewalk, Skunk-Ivy stood on her hind legs and gestured toward the rapidly growing the mass of plant life as it extended passed her and down the street.  The flower seller promptly fell unconscious again. 

Penelope ran as fast as her legs could carry her.  Pepe was bad enough, but now a green skunk?!  She knew she had to escape from this city.  Suddenly, Penelope felt herself brought to a halt.  She looked behind her to see a long tangle of vines wrapped around her tail.  She strained against the vine but it hoisted her up into the air and slowly traveled back towards Skunk-Ivy, who slowly hopped towards her.  Poison Ivy smirked at the face of the upside-down cat as she gently swung back and forth.  “One caught kitty.  Nothing to it.” 

“Le mew?” Penelope meowed.  Ivy leaned against the vine and looked down at her paws.  “Why haven’t I changed back?  I thought this blasted curse ended when I captured the object of that skunk’s desire.”  Realization dawned on Ivy as she gazed at Penelope, who looked back in confusion.  “Unless,” Ivy said slowly, clearing her throat.  “There’s one way to know for sure I’ve caught someone.” 

“Le meow!” Penelope yowled. 

Ivy sighed, and licked her lips.  She could still taste the remnants of her love potion infused lipstick.  “Trust me, kitty.  This’ll be weirder for me than it is for you.   Just promise me that if you meet a lady named Selena, you don’t breathe a word of this, alright?”   Taking a deep breath, Ivy closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and drew closer to the even more baffled Penelope. 

“Deihs em morf…Argh!”  Zatanna’s spell was interrupted as Circe stamped her staff on her chest.  Circe smiled confidently down at the pinned magician.  “I know! I’ll do a classic!  You already know how I was able to turn Hippolyta’s brat into a pig.  Let’s see how you like it!”  She lifted up the staff, which started to shine with a blue glow.  Circe looked puzzled at the purple gem as it flashed.  “What’s the matter with this thing?  It only does that when… But… No!”  As Circe shouted, the blue light began to envelop her and she began to fade away.  “Oh no you don’t!” Zatanna leapt up and jumped into the light after Circe and the two women disappeared. 

In a Gotham City Park, Cat-Harley came to halt at the shores of a lake.  She spun around to see Pepe drawing nearer with his paws extended.  “Ah, my cherie!  A perfect place for our rendez-vous!  Like they say, ‘skipping stones may break my bones, but amour will always find me!’” 

“Will you just give it a rest?!” Harley moaned. 

“Never, my little peanut to my brittle!”  Pepe soothed.  “We are merely pawns on the chest of drawers of love.  And no one knows when love may befall us again!” 

At that very moment, there was a flash of blue light above Pepe and Cat-Harley.  Out of the light tumbled Zatanna, Circe, Skunk-Ivy, and Penelope.  They fell on top of Pepe and Harley as staff started to glow purple again, enveloping them all.  When the purple and blue lights finally faded, it revealed Zatanna and Circe both holding onto the staff, and the restored Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy sprawled out on the lakeshore with Penelope and Pepe in front of them.  Poison Ivy looked at her reflection in the lake and gave a sigh of relief.  “It worked!  I’m me again!  Harl!  Are you alright?”  Harley scrunched her nose and held it as she glared at Pepe.  “Yuck!  Stinkaroonie!  I’ll be fine as soon as this furry creep gets lost.”  Pepe Le Pew looked up at the two women in bewilderment.  “Sacre bleu!  I’ve heard of women having work done, but this is tres ridicule!” 

“No fair!” Circe pouted.  “They weren’t supposed to actually…!” 

“Citats kcohs!”  Circe yelped in pain as Zatanna sent an electric current through the staff.  Circe leapt back as Zatanna pointed the staff at the sorceress.  “Dnes Ecric kcab ot Suratrat!”  Smoke began to spiral around Circe and the sound of disembodied wailing was heard.  The smoke wrapped around Circe as she shrieked at Zatanna.  “Insolent trickster!  You dare to use your pathetic magic on the all-powerful…”  With the sound of thunder and puff of smoke, Circe disappeared into thin air.  “Yeah,” said Zatanna, letting the staff rest on her shoulders.  “I do.” 

Harley and Ivy started to run from the clearing only to hear sounds of police sirens.  Cop cars pulled up and blocked their path.  Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya jumped from their vehicle with weapons drawn.  “Okay, freaks!” Bullock barked.  “Raise ‘em!”  Reluctantly Harley and Ivy lifted up their arms in surrender.  “Just where were you?!” Harley cried to Ivy as they were escorted to the back of the cop car.  “That looney skunk wouldn’t leave me alone!  What were you doing?!”  Ivy coughed and looked embarrassed.  “Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.” 

Zatanna watched Harley and Ivy be taken into custody, only to feel Penelope rushed past her and hide behind her legs.  She looked down to see Pepe skipping towards them.  “Please, my darling!  She meant nothing to me, honest!  We can still make that talk that’s sweet, no?”  Zatanna grabbed Pepe by the scruff of neck and glared at him.  “Just what is your problem?  Can’t you see she isn’t into you?” 

Pepe shrugged.  “It’s not my fault, mademoiselle.  It’s just that she is suffering from ze conception that I have a mauvaise odeur.  A smell, you understand?”  Zatanna glanced at Penelope who looked up at her with pleading eyes.  “You don’t say?” 

“Oh oui, mademoiselle.  If it wasn’t for people thinking my odeur was no good, I could have any femme fatale in the world.”  Pepe smirked cockily at Zatanna.  “Even you, eh?”  Zatanna rolled her eyes, and then her face lit up.  She gave sweet smile to Pepe.  “Really?  Well, maybe I can help you with that.” 

Zatanna set Pepe down on the grass and pointed Circe’s staff at him.  Penelope looked on in surprise as the purple surrounded Pepe, and when it faded, and man sat on the ground in his place.  He was a man in a white shirt and tuxedo, with his black hair accented by a streak of white.  Pepe gasped as he gazed on his new form.  “Un miracle!  And not only that a good looking one!  Now the word is my clam, and les femmes are my pearl!” 

“As long as you promise not to bother anyone!” said Zatanna warningly. 

“Bother?!” Pepe scoffed.  “Mademoiselle, Le Pew does not ‘bother’!  Le Pew is the greatest lover in the world!”  He did double take and pointed, his eyes wide.  “And what a coinky dince!  A fair maiden waiting for ze thrill that only Le Pew could give!”  In the distance, a woman with short brown hair and trendy clothes sat on a bench.  “I wouldn’t if I were you,” said Zatanna.  But Pepe was already scampering over to the bench.  “Le mew?” Penelope meowed inquisitively.  Zatanna grinned and lifted Penelope into her arms.  “Just wait and see.” 

Pepe raced to the bench took the woman in his arms.  “Ah, my darling!  You’re long wait has ended!”  He started kissing up the woman’s arm as she gently pushed him away.  “Well, aren’t you an eager one?” she smiled.  “Oui, mon cherie,” Pepe chuckled.  “You could say I am ze eager beaver, no?”  The woman laughed and leaned against the bench.  “That’s always good to hear.  But, can you make it worth my while?  I don’t come cheap, you know.”  Pepe dropped to his knee and held the woman’s hand.  “Ah, my darling!  No price is too high!  I’ll give all ze riches, and in return I will give you Earth on Heaven!”  The woman’s smile broadened as she reached into her purse.   “I was hoping you’d say that!” 

With a swift gesture, the woman had pulled out a pair of handcuffs and had attached one cuff to the bench and the other to Pepe’s wrist.  Pepe looked at the cuff in shock.  “What is the meaning of zis?!”  The woman pulled out a badge from her purse.  “GCPD.  You’re under arrest for solicitation!”  Pepe shouted his protests as the officer called in for back up. 

From a rooftop that overlooked the park, Penelope peeked out to see Human-Pepe be carried by two officers towards a squad car.  She nodded in approval.  “Le meow.”  She slowly walked across the roof to Zatanna as she took of her hat and held the staff out in front of her.  “A ecalp rof gnihtyreve, dna gnihtyreve ni s’ti ecalp!”  The staff slowly began to shrink until it was the size of a pencil.  Then it floated into Zatanna’s hat disappeared.  “There.  Circe won’t be getting that staff out of the Tower of Fate.” 

“Le mew.”  Zatanna smiled and picked Penelope up again and looked down at the scene below.  Pepe Le Pew was still desperately pleading his case.  “Please, officiers!  It’s all a mistake!  There was this lady skunk, you see.  And then this green skunk with ze red hair!” 

Zatanna chuckled and nuzzled her nose with Penelope’s.  “Ha!  Ain’t I a stinker?” 

“Le mrrow,” Penelope purred. 

Zatanna tossed her hat onto the roof and ran toward it with Penelope.  “Emoh niaga, emoh niaga!”  The magician and the cat jumped into the air disappeared into the hat.  A second later, the hat disappeared.  All that was left in the park was silence, and the remnants of a terrible smell in the air. 

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