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Match 18349 Ren vs. Galtar

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Megastory 21.6



Previously: the crew and allies of Captain Amelia are at war with the powerful pirate Bloth. Unknown to anyone, even his own crew, Bloth is possessed by the Dark Dweller. When Prince Ren of Octopon joins Captain Amelia in opposing Bloth, the Dark Dweller commands Bloth to destroy them all as Ren and Octopons Thirteen Treasures of Rule are powerful relics capable of destroying dark water and even the Dark Dweller himself.




“I need some assistance.” Bloth opened his presentation. “An enemy has eluded me and I need better resources to capture them.”

Wilson Fisk looked at something off screen a moment and was right back in the web chat.

“You’re not much of a ‘capture-er’ Bloth.” Kingpin replied. “Most of your victims are at the bottom of the ocean or the stomach of your Constrictus monster.”

“They have a flying ship.” was Bloth’s explenation. “I would have had them if it wasn’t for their little surprise maneuver.”

“Always the ‘surprise maneuver’ that gets you.” Kingpin smirked. “What’s in it for me?”

“Now that I know what I’m dealing with, I can take the ship intact. I’m sure a man of your entrepreneur talents can find a use for a ship with a flight mode.”

Kingpin’s business eyes gleamed. “I think I can figure something out.”





* * * * * * *

The RLS Legacy cruised at nearly two thousand feet. The airspace was busy but the ships scanners helped them to avoid the flight paths of airplanes Near misses and collisions were almost impossible.

Captain Amelia stood near Moana at the helm as the young woman was still nervous about piloting a flying boat.

Most of the crew was present, discussing how to fight Bloth.

“The Thirteen Treasures of Rule are ancient beyond anything we have. We don’t know how they came to be or even how Octopon came into possession of them.

“My father told me bits and pieces about them as I grew up and only recently gave me the full story.

“Having all thirteen pieces together would make a nation so powerful that it could rule the world. Because of that, they were scattered.

“The good news is we know all of the locations and they’re easily accessible for official agents of Octopon. Even better news, even one treasure is powerful enough to destroy any dark water encountered. My father insisted that I take the one actually in Octopon with me when I left to find Kida.”

Captain Amelia took over. “So I decided that the smarted place for us to go was Octopon. Prince Ren will return home successful and perhaps the king can dedicate some military might to our troubles.”

The Legacy descended to a small island. The closer they got the more things seemed wrong. At last, it was obvious that the small island nation had suffered an attack.

Ren was in a frenzy, anxious to touch down and see what happened. Even has the young prince was running off, Capain Amelia issued orders.

“Alright everyone! Get out there and help who you can! I’ll follow Ren in case he runs into trouble! Snow White, I’m willing to trust the work you’ve done with Danny. But Spike you stay with them.”

The crew hopped to it. Captain Amelia used her cat-woman physic to swiftly catch up to Ren.

He had gone to an important looking building a state building or maybe even a rich residential. Octopon architecture was rather different.

Finally, in a room that looked to host meetings, Ren stopped.

There were a couple of people laying still on the floor but it was an older version of the prince whom Ren knelt down to.

“Father!” He said louder and louder.

Amelia deduced that it was King Primus. And he was dead.

Compassionately, Amelia gave the prince his grieving time but then hostiles came. She could see them out of the window.

“Ren, I’m sorry, but we have company.”
Slowly, Ren pulled himself together. She showed him the people outside.

“Those are not my people.” He said angrily.

Together they spied on the invaders.

A blond man was pulled out a seashell of all things and began speaking into it.

“We haven’t found it.”
Someone speaking through the seashell responded. Ren and Amelia could hear the deep, gravelly female voice and strained to make out her words.

“It should be there! Were you able to question the king?”

“No. He died in the death wave like everyone else.”

The woman on the other end barked.

“Look harder! The treasures can’t be found without the compass! Without it our quest is over before it’s even begun!”

The blonde man replied. “It’s not over. We will find it.”

Ren, in a rage, emerged. “Monsters! What have you done to Octopon?”
The invaders looked with surprise.

“That’s the prince of this land.” one of the others identified Ren. “He will know where the compose is.”
Ren held his blade, wanting this to be up close and personal.

The blonde man smirked gripping a hilt of his own. Not one but both ends extended out with golden blades. His companions stepped back indicating that this man needed no help.

All courtesies gone, Ren charged.


Fight Parameters: Ren vs. Galtar to the death (at least for voting purposes) I’ll tell you now the story won’t kill either of them here.

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Can't say I'm familiar with either but I think I remember them from the past parts. It's been awhile. From my research, I think I'm in Galtar's corner.

And this is another good portion of the story. Nice job dude.

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On 7/19/2022 at 2:30 PM, SSJRuss said:

Can't say I'm familiar with either but I think I remember them from the past parts. It's been awhile. From my research, I think I'm in Galtar's corner.

And this is another good portion of the story. Nice job dude.

Thank you.

This (the Dark Water arc) is my favorite of the megastory right now. the Dragon Emperor arc is my second favorite. And then the Power Ranger one. The Uincron story and the infinity gems stories are crossing over right now I don't want to merge them because there's a lot I want to do for each of them. The Masters of Evil story is still out there and there's several others that I haven't progressed since the Magneticfox days.

And yes Galtar is definitely superior to Ren.

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Good and detailed set-up, leroy. It appears to move the Megastory along on several fronts. 

As for the match, this is kind of tough to determine for me since it's been a long time since I've seen Pirates of Dark Water and have never seen Galtar and the Golden Lance. After doing some brief research on both characters, though, I have to conclude that Galtar might have the edge in combat. I think Galtar is older than Ren, he has the more powerful weapon, and he seems more experienced in combat. Plus, Ren is likely going to be too blinded by rage and grief to think clearly in a fight. 

I can see Galtar winning, but I don't see him finishing Ren off since they're both good guys.  

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.50 - SSJRuss
4.60 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.10 Total Combined Score
9.10 / 2 = 4.55 Final Rating on the match

Ren: 1
Galtar: 3

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