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Lola Bunny: 5
Supergirl: 1

Sydney Bristow: 3
Anton Chigurgh: 0

Jake Sully (Avatar): 2
Feral Predator: 3

Two-Gun Kid: 2
Miles Edgeworth: 3

Zilla Jr.: 4
Cloverfield Creature (Clover): 2

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 1
Superman: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Juno Skinner: 1

The Goonies: 2
Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 3

Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

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The Grand Hunt R2 - Cad Bane vs. Peter Pan

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The Grand Hunt

Round TWO

Capture or Kill the Target: (Peter Pan)


Two Days Before on Hunter’s Point (Commissioner’s Base of Operations)


Midas eyed his new Commissioner from across the table as he looked over the candidate files. “I am curious,” the strange Commissioner asked, matching Midas’ gaze with his own crooked grin. “Why only nine?”

“I know, it’s a small group," Midas replied. "But remember, this is a single project among many. I don’t have the manpower to coordinate dozens of bounty hunters. Hence, why I hired you.”

The Commissioner thought on this for a moment, then said quietly, “More people, more questions. More... problems? Hmm, yes I think so.”

“Do you have anything else? I’d like to get started," Midas was annoyed. He didn't like being questioned.

“Yes, this,” The Commissioner slid two open files to Midas.

“Samus and Aloy. What about them?”

“Caution," The Commissioner emphasized his point by widening his eyes. "They have heroes' hearts and will bite at the first sign of villainy. They have considerable skill that you can not deal with at this juncture.”

“That’s what the challenges are for. Soften 'em up and make 'em too weary from battle to see what we’re doing. And even if that don't cut, I’m working on a more secure solution outside of you and this conversation.”

“Another employee? Should I be concerned about my position here?” The Commissioner gave a look of puzzlement, but Midas knew it was just another way to annoy him.

Midas took a drag from his cigarette. “Enough questions, Com. You know why you’re here. Get to sending our guests their invitations.”

“Of course… sir.”


Jolly Roger, Neverland

Cad let the fire burn behind him as he fired another blaster bolt into the pirate’s stomach.

“SMEE!” Captain Hook shouted, watching his first mate fall to his knees, dead in seconds. He wanted to get up, to help his mates. But he knew he'd been beat.

Cad pointed his blaster at the Captain below him. “You’ll be next if you don’t do as I say,”

“You monster!" Hook replied. "And I thought I was evil.”

“Buddy, you ain’t seen evil a day in your life. Now,” Cad pulled back the lever of his blaster. “I’m going to ask you one last time, where is Peter Pan?”

Cad Bane | Wookieepedia | Fandom

The red coated captain spit blood from his mouth, aiming for Cad Bane but missed poorly. “I’d rather die. In fact, go ahead and end it. And if I find you when I inevitably return, you best expect a hook inside your back.”

Cad obliged the man and pulled the trigger of his blaster, ending the captain’s life. The air grew still in that moment, like it did after every time he took a life. Cad was starting to enjoy that silence when he felt eyes staring back at him. He barely had to turn to see who it was, Peter Pan standing in the eagle’s nest of this ship, arms bent and fists resting on his waist like some hero.

“You’re a little late, pal. Had to make my own fun,” Cad flicked the toothpick from his mouth.

“You’re kind isn’t welcome here in Neverland. Leave now!” Peter Pan demanded.

“Real convincing with that gitup, ain’t ya?” Cad pulled his blaster quick and fired, hoping to hit his mark and take his reward.

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I'm glad you all are enjoying it so far! And yeah, of course captain hook stood no chance.

I was going to share Peter Pan's RT, But it wasn't very impressive. I think he could probably escape capture, but Cad Bane is an expert at the cat and mouse game. He gets my vote.

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Good set-up, Russ, if a little on the short side. I'm glad I got to it on time, as it tells a good story. 

As for the match, Pan's good, but I think Cad Bane's used to taking on Jedi and the like. I think Bane gets his bounty here.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Mercenaryblade
5.00 - Venom 2009
4.30 - DSkillz
4.50 - leroypowell3
5.00 - Boratz
5.00 - patrickthekid

FPA Calculation:
6 Total Votes cast
28.80 Total Combined Score
28.80 / 6 = 4.80 Final Rating on the match

Cad Bane: 6
Peter Pan: 2

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