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Match 18392 Emperor Han vs. Ozai

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Megastory 12.2

Dragon Emperor series



Previously: In an effort to revive the Dragon Emperor, Jafar possessed Lau Chan, the King of Chefs. When the American’s heard about the plot they approached Lau’s daughter Pai Chan and joined her with a task force to retrieve Lau Chan and stop the Dragon Emperor’s revival. The group, consisting of Rambo, Rick O'Connell, Madmartagan, Prince Phillip and the horse Maximus welcomed their Chinese liaison, Mulan.

Getting past a team of mercenaries, Rambo’s group then encountered an aquaitance of Mulan. The warrior Li Shang.



Confident that Madmartigan could handle Mulan’s friend, Rambo lead the rest of his team forward. It was odd having Maximus with them in the corridors. The horse was smart and instinctively knew what to do. Staying in the center of the group; close to Pai who was the weak link in this situation.

The corridor opened up into a decent sized chamber. The team spread out some trying to cover the larger area. All that was present was Jafar, the still hypnotized Lau Chan and three Chinese-dressed men watching him.

Judging from his chanting, Jafar was in the middle of a spell. Probably a spell to revive the Dragon Emperor.

Prince Phillip volunteered himself to speak up.

“Stop right there Jafar!”

The sorcerer halted, turned and looked. However, the storm warriors- Lightning, Thunder and Rain rose to defend the spell caster.

It had to be some kind of magic trick, but none of their bullets seemed to reach the trio. After they all ceased fire, the storm warriors simply stood there waiting for another attack.

“I think we’re going to have to go about this another way.” Rick O’connell shouted to the others.

“Obviously.” Mulan stared at the men.

“Dad!” Pai screamed at Lau Chan. “Stop this!”

“We’ll get him.” Rambo said. “But I think we better deal with the situation we got right in front of us.”

At that moment Lightning reached his arms up high, then knelt down and touched the floor.

A huge pulse of electricity sweep out from him charging all of Rambo’s group. Down they went.

The interruption neutralized, Jafar was free to finish the revival spell.

Han, The Dragon Emperor resurrected with no glamour. His decay was quickly rejuvenating as the updated spell had promised.

When the resurrected man settle into himself, he looked about suspicious before focusing on the foreigner.

“My name is Jafar.”

It was obvious that the Dragon Emperor couldn’t understand him so he had the nearby Lau Chan translate his words.

Emperor Han looked from the King of Chefs to Jafar, the light of understanding easing his gaze.

Now Han had questions.

“What do you want from me?”

“There are powerful men who see potential in your cooperation.” Jafar explained. “They are inviting you to a meeting.”

Han answered immediately. “Then I will meet with them and hear what they are offering.”

Jafar smiled and bowed graciously. “I have arranged transportation.”

Jafar lead the Dragon Emperor outside. Han studied the jeep even as the storm warriors climbed in. Ushered into the back, Han found himself impressed with the comfort of the horseless chariot.

“The Americans still live.” Lighting told Jafar. “I though the Emperor could decide their fate.”

“Do not bother the Emperor with such trivial matters.” Jafar waived them off. “Shan Yu and his Huns will end them once they revive and leave this place.



* * * * * * * * * * *



Han followed Jafar into the room. A group of men were eating at a large table.

“Ah, Emperor Han! One of them welcomed him enthusiastically. “My name is Patrelli. Arthur Patrelli. You know Jafar already of course. Some of the others- Gideon, Sebastian Shaw, Fire Lord Ozai.”

Han kept a straight face sizing each of them up.

“Please, join us. We have quite the feast set up.

Han looked at the food. “I would prefer to have my chef prepare my meal.”

“That can be arranged.” Patrelli smiled. He gestured to a bystanding servant. “Show the King of Chefs to the kitchen.”

The perpetually hypnotized Lau Chan followed the servant.

Sebastian Shaw began to speak after Han sat down.

Han stared at Fire Lord Ozai. “The Fire tribes?” He indicated the symbol on his outfit.

“Fire Nation now.” Ozai said proudly. “We have gained independence in the centuries following your demise.”

Han half-smiled. “Well, good for you.”

There was a purse in Ozai’s lips indicated an understanding of disrespect.

Arthur Patrelli spoke up to break the tension. “We resurrected you to invite you join us. You’ve been gone a long time and the world has changed. We seem to be getting overrun with extra terrestrial interlopers.”

Gideo spotted Han’s ill-understood expression. “Beings not of this world.”

“Then things are not so different.” Han replied. “I have faced the same threats.”

“Yes we know.” Sebastian Shaw explained. “That is why we ask you to join us.”

Han asked, “Have we thwarted Mortal Kombat?”

“Mortal Kombat continues.” Fire Lord Ozai answered. “But we have champions fighting and winning it.”

“What of the elemental Avatar?” Was Han’s next question.

Ozai didn’t look so confident now.

“It is a complicated matter, but doesn’t concern what we are about.”

“When you shrug off my questions it does concern me.” Han warned.

“You, former emperor, would be wise to remember who your benefactors are. We brought you back.”
“Because this world is clearly too much for you to manage. Obviously you needed a true leader to bring things into subjugation.”

The Fire lord stood. “I have had enough of you arrogance! You will learn your place or we will put you back where we found you!”

Han discreetly checked Ozai’s allies. Patrelli was the only one who seemed disturbed by this altercation. Gideon mearly looked on casually, interested in the outcome.

Shaw was actually smiling. It was clear that Ozai was not a favorite among them. They didn’t care if was removed. That is why no one stepped in to back him.

“Betrayal put me in that undead place. You have no such advantage. And certainly, no such power.”


Fight Parameters:

Battle to the death.

Baseline abilities.

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Great job! I found the set up very enjoyable

It has been a while since I've seen either the Mummy 3 or an episode of Avatar. I may give it a few days before deciding. Right now I'm leaning toward Ozai

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Really gotta watch The Dragon Emperor ... 

Another good set-up, leroy. Nice interactions between all these characters. 

As for the match, while I'm not real familiar with Han, if he's anything like Imhotep no type of physical force is gonna take him down permanently. I think Ozai might be in trouble here, and in fact, I'm not sure an Avatar could do much to Han. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 - broadwaybeyonder
4.60 - DSkillz
5.00 - StormChaser
4.80 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
18.40 Total Combined Score
18.40 / 4 = 4.60 Final Rating on the match

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

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