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Match 18394 Loki vs. Sauron


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In the heart of Mount Doom...  


With the fires of Mount Doom surrounding him, Frodo could not bring himself to destroy the Ring that he carried for all this time. He watched Sam's face drop as he declared that the Ring was his and put the One Ring onto his finger. The overwhelming sounds from within Mount Doom were almost deafening, but Frodo could still hear Sam crying out "No!". The Ring Bearer thought that he could escape with the Ring, but in the chasm, he felt something leap onto him. Smeagol came from the shadows and had knocked out poor Sam. The creature then wrestled with Frodo for the Ring. Frodo let out an agonizing cry as Gollum had bitten off his finger and took the Ring for himself. Gollum jumped for joy as Frodo watched from the ground. Frodo's hand dripped with blood, but rage burnt within his veins. He knew that he had to get the Ring back from Gollum. Frodo pushed himself to his feet and charged at the dancing creature with all the strength that he could muster. In the chasm and in the weakness that his body sustained on the long journey, the young hobbit tripped and fell into the fires below. Gollum watched in glee as the Master fall.  


"Master is dead!" He cheered as he started to run out of the entrance.  


Gollum jumped over Sam and had the thought of finishing him off, but he thought that it would be better to leave the fat hobbit behind. There was much joy within the creature that was Gollum as he danced out of Mount Doom. After all this time, he was finally reunited with the Precious. The joy within him was cut short as Gollum realized that he was surrounded by the forces of darkness. He hissed at the Nazgul as he tried to evade them with all the speed that he had. He screamed and cursed as his Precious was ripped from his fingers. The Ring Wraiths quickly unleashed a final blow to the creature that had spent so many years in agony because of the burdens that the One Ring possessed. In a swift blow, the wretched creature's life had come to a tragic end outside the entrance of the only place that could destroy the One Ring.  


After reclaiming the One Ring, the physical form of Sauron started to form. His power and strength slowly started to emerge once again. The powerful being made his way into the Battle at the Black Gates. With defeat on the horizon for the men of Middle Earth, several found themselves retreating. The King of Gondor led one final attack against the forces of Mordor. With his final stand, he was confronted by the Dark Lord himself. Sauron gazed upon the King of Gondor and remembered his defeat at the hands of Isildur. Blood and sweat dripped from Aragon’s face as he gazed upon Sauron. Memories of Frodo and the Fellowship flashed through his mind as he glared upon the evil being. He then thought about his love, Arwen and tears started forming in his eyes. With every ounce of strength that he had left, the King charged toward the Dark Lord with Anduril lifted high above his head. Despite the courage of the King, his life was taken quickly in his battle against Sauron.   


All of Mordor cheered as the King of Gondor had fallen at the hands of Sauron. Men retreated to their kingdoms. Merry and Pippin hoped to stay behind to continue fighting, but they were carried away by the retreating forces. Legolas and Gimli were more than prepared to stay alongside their brother in arms, but Aragorn had commanded them to leave along with Gandalf the White. A tear rolled down Gandalf’s face as he felt his friend fall in battle. The White Wizard gazed over what was left of the forces of men and glanced at Merry and Pippin. He knew that the forces of Mordor were not far behind and would catch them by sunset. A smile formed over the Wizard’s face as he said some familiar words to the remaining members of the Fellowship, “Fly, you fools.”  


Gandalf the White broke off from the group and started heading back toward a field to face the forces of Mordor. It was not long until he was met by Sauron and his armies. Surrounded by the armies of Mordor, Gandalf summoned a power from the skies above. With all the strength and power that he had; the White Wizard unleashed an attack that caused a blinding light for almost all the world to see. A blast caused the world to quake and the skies to erupt. Several of Mordor’s troops were destroyed and Sauron was weakened by the blast.   


As the Dark Lord regained consciousness, he gazed at his fallen troops. He then glared in the direction that the White Wizard had unleashed his final attack. His body was weakened from the blast, and he knew that he must recover before he could continue on with his mission. The White Wizard was gone but there was a crack in the air in front of him. Sauron could hear voices coming from within this tear. Sauron was intrigued by what was on the other side, but he knew he must recover first. He had to regain his strength and his forces had to regroup to claim control over Middle Earth. The Dark Lord knew that once he gains control over this world, he would set to concur what lied beyond the tear.  





Surrounded by the greatest warriors of Asgard, the god of mischief had no chance of escape. He stood before the throne that the All-Father once sat upon. With a scoff and a snicker, he rolled his eyes at the King that he was raised alongside with as a brother. Balder the Brave warned the trickster to show the upmost respect to the Mighty King Thor. Loki glanced back at Balder who stood alongside the Warriors Three and Lady Sif. His dark eyes steadily moved through the ranks of Asgardians. He could feel his brother staring him down as Balder once again told him to face the King with respect. The Trickster smirked as he gazed upon the thrown that the powerful King Thor sat upon. Loki gazed upon the many scars that his brother had sustained in his countless battles. A smirk formed across his face as he realized that he, himself was responsible for some of those very scars. Many thoughts ran through the Trickster's head as he glared into the remaining eye of his brother.    


Gazing down upon his mischievous brother, the powerful King Thor could not help but pity the being that was before him. Despite the many years of treachery and wickedness, Thor still had a love for his brother. The Mighty King glanced around the room and saw many of his Asgardian allies that he had fought alongside for centuries. He reflected on his battles that he fought alongside Loki and then he thought about the allies that he had made on Midgard. Those warriors of Midgard were some of the greatest friends and warriors that he had the pleasure of knowing, and he could not help but credit Loki with the opportunity of fighting alongside of them.     


Thor knew that Loki was a great many of terrible things, but he also knew that his brother was far different than any other in this room. The Trickster was abandoned by his true parents and was then taken in by Odin. Despite Odin’s best efforts, Loki had always felt as if he was different than the rest of Asgard and was always a shadow to Thor. For what seemed to be a lifetime of evil deeds, Loki has since tried turning towards redemption. Thor could see that the rest of Asgard were more than willing to put an end to the Trickster once and for all. For the Mighty King of Asgard, he saw something else when he gazed upon his brother.  He saw that there was hope within him.   


The Powerful Avenger and the mighty King of Asgard could see that his brother was different since his resurrection. Loki truly wanted redemption but there was still a darkness within him. Thor stood up and glared upon his brother. For a moment, he reflected on his own time of banishment in the weakened body of Donald Blake and the humility that he had gained during those years. He had the opportunity to find friends with the Avengers and other amazing people of Midgard. As Thor reflected on these memories, an idea came across his mind. If Loki wanted redemption, then he could prove this by fighting for what was right throughout the realms.     


“For so long, Loki…” Thor said as he walked down from his throne. “You have caused death and destruction throughout the realms. You have caused pain and suffering to nearly everyone that you come across.”    


A crooked smile formed across the mischievous face of Loki. “Here we go.” He said sarcastically as he glared up to his brother.    


“Now you strive for redemption among your people.” Thor said as he stopped in front of his brother.    


“Why?” The King asked gently as he gazed into Loki’s dark eyes.    


“Just as you said, brother…” Loki responded as that grin started to fade. “Everywhere I go there is death and destruction. Lifetimes of…” Loki paused as he looked away. “Loneliness and pain… I do not want to be this” Loki said as he gestured at himself. “I do not want to be a monster anymore.”    


Many in the throne room had rolled their eyes at what the god of mischief had just said, but Thor still held on to that hope that he could see within him. Despite the hope that he held, he still remembered the centuries of deceit. Several ideas flowed through his head as he wanted to give Loki another chance at redemption, but he did not want to be foolish in making a mistake. As ideas continued to flow through his mind, he was told by Heimdall that he had a visitor. The powerful King excused himself from this meeting while Loki was taken away to one of the holding cells. King Thor was beyond excited to see that the visitor was an ally from Midgard.   


The Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Stephen Strange stood before the god of thunder. A warm smile formed across the King’s face as he threw out his arms and welcomed the powerful Sorcerer to Asgard. Strange smiled and greeted his friend as Thor went in for a hug. Before the King could say another word, the Sorcerer Supreme made it clear that he was not there for a social visit. Strange waved his hand through the air and a purplish light started to form. Thor stood back and recognized that Strange was showing him a glimpse of the Nine Realms.    

“Why are you showing me this?” Thor asked as he glanced at Strange and then back at the projections that Strange had created.  


“There has been a tear in reality…” Strange responded as he flicked his hands. The purplish light started to change into a fiery crimson. “Between space, time, and realities beyond anything we have ever seen before.”   


“What kind of tear?” Thor asked as he turned his attention to Strange.   


“I am not sure.” Strange turned his attention to Thor. “This is beyond the multiverse… Hell, it is beyond any reality or realm that I have ever seen.”    


“Why did you come here?” Thor asked as he turned his head away. 


“I am afraid that whatever lies beyond this tear could lead to chaos within all realities of the multiverse and cause destruction throughout the realms that you have sworn to protect.” Strange replied as he waved his hands once again. An image formed before the two heroes that showed a glimpse of the tear. It was on a distant planet that was neither Earth nor Asgard. “I have warned the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Inhuman, Guardians of the Galaxy and many others. I fear that there is war coming, Thor.”   


“What is on the other side of this tear?”  Thor asked as an idea started forming in his head.   


“I am not sure…” Strange replied as he waved his hand away. The image quickly disappeared and the Sorcerer Supreme turned his attention back to the Asgardian King. “I have placed enchantments around the tear on this planet, but I am afraid it will only hold for so long.”  


“I have an idea…” Thor said as he let out a sigh. “We send someone through and find out what power lies beyond this tear. We find out what is happening?” 


“That sounds foolish…” Strange said with a dumbfounded look. “And it could be suicidal… Who would you even send on this possible suicide mission?”  


“My brother…” Thor said as he paused for a second and muttered, “Loki.”   


“Huh…” Strange responded as he found himself at a loss for words. “Hasn’t he tried to kill you an infinite number of times, tried taking over my planet on more than one occasion and been responsible for far more deaths than I care to count?”   


“That may be…” Thor said as he reflected on all the evil schemes that Loki had come up with over the centuries. “He is trying to change… He is trying to find redemption.”   


“Hmmm… I see” Strange said. “Well, I suppose if it is a mission that could lead to certain death then what do we have to lose?”   


“Good… I am glad we agree!” Thor said with a warm smile.   


On the unnamed world…   


With much hesitation, the god of mischief stood along his brother and the Sorcerer Supreme. He had thoughts of trying to escape but he knew that he would be immediately turned away from his home. Loki glanced at his brother and then at Doctor Strange. The Trickster then saw the enchantment that Strange had place around the tear that went through realities. He let out a sigh as he tried to plead with his brother.   


“Perhaps…” Loki said with a charming smile. “Perhaps, there is something else I can do to earn my redemption.”  


A large smile formed across Thor’s face as he turned to his brother. “Oh Loki, it will be fun.”   


“Yeah, if you are not ripped apart first from the change in time, space, and realities.” Strange said with a sarcastic smirk.   


“Right.” Loki said as he watched Doctor Strange wave his hands around. The enchantment started to break away and Loki could see the interdimensional tear more clearly. “Well…” Loki said with a sigh. “Are you absolutely sure there is nothing else that I could do?”   


“LOKI!” Thor yelled as he glared at his brother.   


“Oh alright, brother!” Loki said as he stepped forward closer to the tear.  


He put up his hand to touch the interdimensional tear as he approached it. He could hear the voices from all around as they came into his head with the force of a hurricane. In an instant, everything started to feel overwhelming for the god of mischief as his entire life flashed before his eyes. He could see the Avengers and all the battles he had fought in his life. He could see Odin and hear his voice as if he were standing next to him. The god of mischief turned around to see if Thor and Strange were still beside him, but he all he could see was darkness. The god of mischief was engulfed in shadows and then he found himself standing in a field.   


Middle Earth…   


Loki could feel that a great battle had taken place along these lands. He turned back and could feel the tear over him.  He looked in all directions as he tried to find some indication as to where he was. The Trickster started to walk forward in the field. There was a slight breeze with a whistle in the wind, but there was not a living soul in sight. There were no birds that chirped or insects that cried out. As he walked alone in the field, he could feel that there was a sense of dread. “What have you gotten me into, brother?” Loki muttered under his breath.    


In the distance, Loki could see that there was an opening in a mountain side. The Trickster could sense that there was life in those mountains. He made his way to the mountain’s pass; he could hear voices from within. The god of mischief hesitantly walked through the pass and steadily moved forward. There were whispers and footsteps from deep within. Loki quietly took out his sword, the Sword of Truth and stopped in his track. The voices had ceased, and the footsteps had become silent. Suddenly, a figured leapt down from above and another figure jumped out of the shadows. One had a bow and arrow pointed at the Tricker’s heart while the other carried an axe. Loki quickly glanced over the two figures. The figure with the bow and arrow was an elf, while the small figure with an axe was a dwarf.   


“Who are you, stranger?” The elf asked.   


“And make it quick or we will be off with your head!” The dwarf said.  


“I am Loki, g…” Loki said as he stopped himself. “I am of Asgard. An agent of Asgard.”   


“Asgard? I have never heard of such a land!” The dwarf said as he stumbled forward. “Must be one of those deceivers of Sauron!”    


“I can assure you, dwarf…” Loki said with a charming smile. “I am not here to deceive but to find out...” He said as he paused.   


“Choose your next words carefully.” The elf said as he had his arrow pointed at Loki’s heart.   


“Find out how I can be of assistance to you.” Loki said. “I am from another world, and it appears that something is breaking through into mine.”    


The elf lowered his bow as he gazed upon the dwarf. “Gandalf’s last stand.” The elf muttered.   


“What are you talking about?” The dwarf asked.  


“Gandalf’s last stand against Sauron…” The elf responded. “Their combined power must have opened a door into his world.” The elf said as he pointed at Loki.   


“Okay… I am sorry but who is Gandalf and who is Sauron?” Loki asked with a puzzled look.   


“That is going to be a long story…” The elf said. “First, we must go back to our camp.  My name is Legolas, and this is Gimli. We will tell you everything that we know.”   


Within a cave in the mountain, the Asgardian listened as Legolas and Gimli told the history of Middle Earth. Loki's dark eyes wide and ears opened to hear about the Dark Lord Sauron and the One Ring. From his defeat all those thousands of years ago to the Ring being found. Loki had heard many stories in his lifetime, but this was in a world unlike anything he had ever known. Legolas spoke of the Fellowship of the Ring and the unlikely hero that was the hobbit known as Frodo Baggins. The story took one tragic turn after another. First, they had lost Gandalf the Grey and then Boromir fell in battle. The Fellowship was broken, but hope returned when King Aragorn reclaimed the throne of Gondor, and Gandalf became a white wizard. In what seemed to be the battle that would determine the fate of Middle Earth, all was lost. Legolas and Gimli were not exactly sure how, but Sauron reclaimed the Ring.   


With the Ring returned to him, he reclaimed his physical form. Aragon fell in battle against the Dark Lord. The last stand of men had to retreat. They believed that Frodo and Sam were lost as the Dark Lord possessed the Ring of Power. In a lone field, Gandalf the White stayed behind in order that the others may live. Legolas recounted seeing the final act of Gandalf the White with his elf eyes. The White Wizard was confronted by Sauron and his armies of Mordor. Sauron's body was still gaining strength as he confronted the White Wizard. With all his power, Gandalf summoned a great light from the skies above. A fiery white light came down upon the field and then the light became overwhelming. The Dark Lord was weakened but the power of the One Ring withstood the final act of the White Wizard. The blast destroyed Gandalf and many of Sauron's troops. Sauron retreated to Mordor with his troops to regain their strength.   

 Legolas and Gimli were more than willing to travel back with the armies that they were fighting alongside to try and defeat Sauron once and for all. Despite their confidence in Sauron's weakened state, the armies of men felt they could not defeat Sauron. Eomer was to return to Rohan with Merry and Pippin. Legolas and Gimli stayed as they held onto hope, and that is when they found Loki. Loki grinned as he then told them his story, or at the very least, his version of who he was and where he came from. He displayed examples of his power and promised that he would journey with them into Mordor. He grinned as he heard the dwarf cursing Thor under his breath and wishing he could meet some of these foes that Loki had talked about. Through his enchantments, they would sneak into the dark lands and kill the Dark Lord.   


"Let's go take his head!" Gimli roared.  




Loki and his new companions snuck within the lands of Mordor. Despite the magical power that Loki had casted over them, the dwarf was well prepared to start beheading as many orcs as he could. The god of mischief did his best to convince Gimli to stand down until the time was right. They traveled through the land with ease until they reached a large tower. The Trickster could feel that there was a great power within. As they snuck into the tower, Loki could feel a voice speaking within him.   


"I see you..." The frightening voice pierced through Loki's mind. "Loki of Asgard."  


With this voice burning within his head, Loki was certain that it must be the Dark Lord Sauron. As the three sauntered around a corner, they entered a dark room that had a spine-tingling chill. Loki could see what look like a child sized being, chained to a wall.   


"It's Sam!" Gimli screamed as he charged toward the hobbit.   


Loki's enchantment faded as several orcs saw the dwarf running toward the prisoner. Legolas immediately shot down several orcs with his arrows and Gimli broke through the chains that were holding Sam. Loki casted some of his spells to protect his new companions from the attacking orcs. He blasted several orcs with his attacks and then took out his sword to face off against multiple foes. The god of mischief was able to take down some of the attacking orcs with ease. Loki glanced back to see Legolas slicing his way through hordes of orcs while Gimli fought to protect the halfling. Through the chaotic battle, Loki stumbled back to see Sauron standing before him. The Dark Lord towered over everyone in the tower, and the Trickster could see the Ring of Power shining bright on his hand. He could sense that there was great power within this being.  


"I saw you coming...." Sauron said with that same haunting voice that pierced through Loki's mind as he lifted his mace. "You have come to die."  


"Huh..." Loki snickered. "Many have tried, and you will surely fail, Dark Lord!" The Trickster said mockingly.  


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I hope you all enjoy

Depending on how it goes, I may do an arc out of this but we will see. Not too interested committing to an arc. 

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Loki's magic is above Gandalf and Saruman and those kind of people. He's a god. Be a pretty good fight but I see the trickster god pulling wammy when it looks like his chips are down.

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12 hours ago, leroypowell3 said:

Loki's magic is above Gandalf and Saruman and those kind of people. He's a god. Be a pretty good fight but I see the trickster god pulling wammy when it looks like his chips are down.

Thanks for commenting, leroy!

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