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Match 18474 John Kruger vs. Kir Kanos

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Megastory 1.6


Previously: Failing to fully protect former President David Palmer, Leroy Greene agreed to do a job for Palmer infiltrating a fight club. Vanessa Lewis went with him to uncover what the club was really about. Separated, Vanessa was nearly captured while Leroy got in deeper. He joined a group put together by Kir Kanos consisting of the two of them, Nick Gant, Mako and Bolin. Their pilot mission was to capture a group of super powered criminals.


While his team relaxed, Kir Kanos met with his superiors.

“They’re a talented bunch.” Kanos was saying. “A little green and a little soft, but a few loses should beat that out of them.”

“And there is something else, too. Something you’re reluctant to say.”

“They’re all spys.” Kanos admitted.

“But you feel you can turn them.”

“It’s not that. I think they’re useful.”

“Oh, they are useful, Kir Kanos.”

“The point of your team is to clear obstacles. We have more powerful assets but why would we send them when we have something more expendable?”

Understanding, Kanos moved on. “Do we have a new target?”

“You do.”

* * * * * *

The team accepted the invitation for downtime enthusiastically.

They had really just met a little bit before the mission so they really didn’t know each other. This was a chance for everyone to see who they were working with.

“I’ve seen you two in Pro Bending.” LeRoy started out just as they were finishing their meal. “How did you end up here?”

He directed the question to Bolin who was closest to him. The younger brother stiffened, the answer clearly not within him. Mako came over and provided an explanation.

“We hadn’t won in quite a while so we quite the league and ventured outside of Republic City. Ran into some trouble in China and sort of stumbled into Kanos.”

It wasn’t very enlightening, but LeRoy didn’t press it. They were hiding something and knowing that was good enough for him.

Suddenly it became a session of ‘how you got to be here’.

Nick joined them and began telling his story.

“I met a guy who said he wanted to help me with some problems I I’ve been having.”

“What sort of problems?” Bolin asked.

Nick hesitated, “… I think I pissed off some guys in government.”

“How?” Bolin pursued the story.

Nick didn’t really want to get into it, but he realized that Bolin wasn’t from the United States. He didn’t understand the intricacies of American social politics.

“Being a mutant isn’t easy in America. You’re either working with the X-Men or with the government. Outside of those two entities, you’re on your own, hoping you don’t get branded a threat to society.”

“Why didn’t you go to the Xavier institute?” LeRoy asked.

Nick rolled his eyes. “I don’t wanna be an X-Man. Running around in spandex. What’s your story Greene? You don’t seem the type for this kind of action.”

Luckily, Nick Fury had prepared him for this with a cover story.

“I do not want The Glow technique to die with me. Somewhere in this world, a student is waiting to learn these skills. My brother told me to get out and expose myself. So I entered this competition. I was not expecting this,” he regarded his teammates and their recent battle, “But I have a feeling an opportunity to teach The Glow technique may be arising.”

“You can teach me.” Bolin volunteered. “You’re awesome!”

LeRoy laughed until he realized the young man was serious.

“You have a great power Bolin. The Glow is not something that just anyone can achieve.”

They talked a while longer and then everyone decided to break for their own private time.

LeRoy now intended to find Vanessa. She needed to know of his deeper infiltration.

He visited her room but she was not there, or at least she didn’t answer her door. Perhaps she was still at the tournament. It was a new round of battles today.

As he headed toward the fighting arena, he overheard a familiar voice.

It sounded like Mako talking to someone. Unintentionally listening, LeRoy caught what was being said on his teammate’s end.

“I don’t think any of the people we captured have anything to do with the investigation. I think Kanos just found a group of criminals for us to fight to get us to work together and not be suspicious. Who wouldn’t think twice about taking down a crowd like that? I just don’t understand why there’s nothing out there on Kir Kanos.”

To LeRoy that sounded like undercover police talk. But he only knew of such things from the little bit of television he watched. There was no way to get to where he was going accept to pass right by Mako so he pretended that he was strolling along not expecting to see anyone.

Mako froze and stared at the Glow Master.

“What are you doing out here?” LeRoy asked curiously.

“Uhh,” Mako stuttered. “I uhh,”

“Are you an undercover policeman?” LeRoy at last came out with it.

Mako shushed him and ushered the man closer.

“I’m investigating a religious cult. They got a big grip on the Earth Kingdom and Republic City sent me to find out what they were all about. The only reason I’m telling you is because I know you’re not a rat.”

“A religious cult?” LeRoy squinted his eyes.

“We don’t even know what they’re called. The believers keep referring to this thing called ‘The Force’”

LeRoy pondered Mako’s admission and wondered if he should reveal his true purpose for being here. No. Not yet.

“I will keep your secret.”

Mako visibly relaxed. “Thank you.”

Then came the obvious question, now what they should do?

* * * * * * * * *

LeRoy returned to his room and found Vanessa waiting at his door.

Overjoyed to see her, he rushed over.

“Where have you been?”

“I’ve been working. Let’s go inside.”

LeRoy didn’t hesitate to unlock his door and invite her in.

“Have you contacted Mr. Palmer?” LeRoy asked anxiously.

“We’re on our own for now.” Vanessa told him without answering his question. “It’s time to get you out.”

“I cannot leave!” Leroy argued. “We have an ally on the inside.” Said LeRoy.

Vanessa cocked her head.

“I’ve gotten deeper. A man named Kir Kanos has assembled a team. One of them is an undercover detective from Republic City.”

“The element bender nations?” Vanessa sought to confirm.

“Yes. He’s a fire bender.”

“Really?” Vanessa said thoughtfully then she shook it off. “It doesn’t matter. You fulfilled your duty. You got me in. I’m the one undercover. I can’t watch your back and do my job, too.”

Leroy folded his arms defiantly. “Have you discovered the secret behind these fight clubs?”

Vanessa huffed, knowing what he was doing. “No.”

“Do you have any leads?”

“Besides almost getting captured, not really.”

“The it appears that I am doing better than you.”

She wanted to slap the smug look of his face. His very cute face. But he had a lead that was centered around him. The only way to follow up on it was to keep Greene around.

“Okay. Let’s see if I can join your little group.”


* * * * *


David Palmer stiffened. “He’s still out in the field?”

Nick Fury replied. “I did have Vannessa Lewis accompany him. She’s the one investigating. Mr. Greene was just a way to get in the door. “

“General Fury,” the former president growled. “I went to his father’s pizza shop in New York when I was campaigning. He was a good man. Don’t make me go to him and tell him his son is dead.”

“All I can say is there’s been no contact. Vanessa may be laying low until it’s safe to call in.”

“Is her assignment to protect Leroy or to spy?”

General Fury huffed. “I’ll send in a recovery agent to bring him in. John Kruger over at Witness Security has the right skills for this job.

“Bring him home, Fury.” Palmer commanded.

“Yes sir.”


* * * * * * * *


Kruger took the assignment professionally. And got underway immediately after briefing.

Greene’s last known location was the fight club. It was still underway, and Kruger went in as a spectator. If he was lucky, his target would be there, he could pull him out, and this could be scratched off as an easy mission.

But Greene wasn’t around anywhere. On top of that, the place was on alert. He knew what a secret security warning looked like. Rough looking guys hustling about, searching for someone. Him in this case.

However this mission was going to go down. Easy was off the table.



Fight Parameters: John Kruger from the movie Eraser is assigned to find Leroy Greene and get him out of this undercover assignment.

For voting- treat this like an adventure. Could Kruger find and extract Leroy?

Oh, and he has to get through Kir Kanos at some point.

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Awesome set up!

It's cool to see Kruger get some usage! If he has to go through Kir Kanos at some point, that might be a bit of a challenge for him. 

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2 hours ago, leroypowell3 said:

You have no idea how long I've wanted him in this part of the story. I was so glad when he got added in.

Awesome! We'll I'm glad I added him. I know both Arnie and Sly have several characters that they've portrayed in their careers that I think would be fantastic additions to the site 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - StormChaser
4.80 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.80 Total Combined Score
9.80 / 2 = 4.90 Final Rating on the match

John Kruger: 2
Kir Kanos: 2

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