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Contest Entry Arcee (Prime) vs. Doctor Doom


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    “Look Arcee, it’s a trace energon surge. It’s probably a discarded Con mine. You know how they are.” Smokescreen continued chatting despite Arcee’s continued silence. She begrudgingly had to admit she had a soft spot for the rookie. He reminded her of Cliffjumper with his bravado. Before she could muse further on her fallen partner, she got a new ping from the scanning device Ratchet had left the pair for their mission. 


    “Eyes front Smoke. Getting energon signals from ahead. It’s being mined, but the signatures aren’t Cybertronian or human.” Arcee gazed into the pit ahead.


    “How can that be? There’s no way MECH is operating on the other side of the planet? Humans don’t have the groundbridge tech for that kind of rang-.” Smokescreen’s thought was cut short by Arcee making a flat motion with her arm and pointing to the strip mine. Several purple bodied androids were gathering raw energon while others still stood guard. 


    “These things aren’t much bigger than humans. They can’t be that tough.” Smokescreen chuckled, “Watch the master work!” Smokescreen shifted into vehicle mode and roared out of the forest over Arcee’s protests. The first Doombot was caught unaware as a Cybertronian race car slammed into him at 130 miles an hour. 


    “Scrap,” Arcee cursed to herself as she shifted to motorcycle form and activated the holographic rider disguise to aid her partner who had run over another three Doombots in the meantime. The pair of Autobots began to work over the team in tandem. 





    This new element intrigued Victor Von Doom. It was extremely energy dense, and most impressively did not appear to be native to Earth. The radioactive signatures matched a far off sector of the galaxy which seemed to indicate some new alien presence on the Earth. A small alarm alerted Doom to an attack on his mining operation. He turned his gaze to a nearby monitor and observed one of his robotic minion’s attacks pass straight through the rider on the motorcycle, and his keen eyes and armor sensors informed him that not only were there no humans present in his attack, but this element was present in both vehicles. Doom pressed a button on his armor.


    “Doombots, bring one of those vehicles to the castle. In tact if possible, otherwise I will be content with the pieces.” He then set his formidable intellect to the task of how to use this new unstable element. Doomium would certainly be the final piece he would need to rule the world. 





“Parameters updated. Retrieve vehicle, take to Castle Doom. Increasing output 71%.” The chorus of Doombots said in unison. Arcee hurtled behind a boulder. She knew how dangerous human technology could be after all MECH had done to make itself a threat to all Cybertronians, but Smokescreen did not have the experience of dealing with the human threat at all. 


“Smokescreen take cover!” Unfortunately, Smokescreen was overconfident and flush with the victory he was easily claiming previously. The blast hit him head on and he went tumbling through the air crashing into a pile of raw energon, the impact and ensuing explosion caused him to revert from his vehicle form to his robot form. 


“SMOKESCREEN!” Arcee cried and as she came out from behind the boulder she saw the remaining purple robots and a Smokescreen visibly leaking energon disappear in a cube of light. Arcee rushed to the scene transforming into her robot mode to view the devastation and look for any sign of where the Doombots might have taken Smokescreen. “Ratchet, I need all of Team Prime here now. Bring a medkit. Smokescreen’s been taken and he’s really hurt.” Arcee transmitted back to Jasper, Nevada in hopes of reinforcements.


“I’m the only one here right now Arcee.” Ratchet’s gravely voice came over the comms. “The rest of the team is responding to several Iacon relics being located simultaneously. I will prep the infirmary for Smokescreen, but I need his coordinates to Groundbridge him out of Latveria.” Indistinct human shouting that could only be Agent Fowler could vaguely be heard on the comms chatter. “Arcee, Agent Fowler informs me that Latveria is ruled by a man called Dr. Victor Von Doom. He is apparently a sort of mad genius. Smokescreen may be in considerable peril, but you cannot rescue him on your own if Agent Fowler is to be believed.”


“Thanks, but no thanks Ratchet,” Arcee interrupted. “Smokescreen is coming home before this Doom can do anything to him. I’m not losing another partner. Have the infirmary ready. Arcee out.” Arcee cut radio communication and moved at her top speed towards the little hamlet and picturesque castle she saw when she and Smokescreen had groundbridged in. 


The motorcycle roared into the village and screeched to a halt at the first villager she encountered. “Where is Dr. Doom?” the holographic rider enquired, but the villager remained tightlipped. “Where is Doom?” the voice was more insistent this time. Arcee spied the Doombot standing guard in the village square. She transformed and unloaded her dual energon blasters into the robot’s frame. She turned the blaster towards the human. “Where. Is. Doom?” The frightened villager pointed towards the Castle. Arcee activated her T-cog and sped down the streets towards the Castle. In front of the Castle a squad of Doombots and human guards both stood watch.


Arcee thought of Optimus's dictates on the respect for human life as she weaved past various projectiles fired at her. He had chided her on her lack of concern over humans before. She had come to appreciate the Earth’s native inhabitants, but it seemed to her that most humans weren’t worth preserving. Sure Jack, Miko, and Raf were fun, and Agent Fowler had his uses, but most humans were just interested in Cybertronians for the purposes of blowing up other humans. Plus, this human had taken one of their own. Optimus would surely have to forgive her indiscretion this time. 

Arcee transformed and leapt into the air and with deadly precision blasted several targets to sparking and bloody chunks before returning to her alternate form as she hit the ground. These humans were stupid to face Cybertronian weaponry. She was sure Bulkhead had to have squished some humans when escaping MECH. This wasn’t any different. She continued roaring to the Castle, the Doombots and human guards alike powerless to stop her rampage.


Reaching the interior courtyard, she spotted a truck full of energon being unloaded by a number of humans. She remembered Optimus chiding Ratchet when he assaulted a Decepticon miner. He definitely wouldn’t appreciate her attacking human miners, but this energon was too dangerous to be left in human hands. The Cons would at least use it as fuel, but these humans? Their only purpose with it could be destructive. Knowing that she was rationalizing this, she transformed again and fired on the truck.





     “It would seem, my analysis of you will have to wait my friend.” Doom looked upon the barely functional Smokescreen. “Your companion is causing considerable damage to my chateau, and I cannot afford to be a bad host.” Doom turned with a flourish of his cape and made his way upstairs he would deal with this intruder personally. Besides, a more intact robot would certainly yield more conclusive analysis. 





    “Where is Smokescreen?” Arcee demanded of the human she had pinned to the ground, forearm blade inches from his head. The human screamed in terror as he looked around the burning courtyard, the piles of Doombots, and the gore of his fellow miners. He was faced between disobeying the will of Doom and the fifteen foot tall robot pinning him to the ground with a blade to his skull. “I’m starting to lose patience.”


    “As am I.” Dr. Doom entered the courtyard from a balcony overlooking it. “Surrender now automaton. The secrets of your compatriot will be mine soon enough. You should realize it is futile to oppose the will of Doom.” As soon as Doom identified himself Arcee acted. She turned her prisoner into a projectile only to see him crumple against Doom’s forcefield.


    “Turn over Smokescreen and I might consider letting this miserable castle stand.” She retracted her arm blades and leveled her blasters at Doom. “You have to the count of three to make a decision. One-”


    “Is all I need,” Doom fired finger lasers at the Autobot causing her to dodge and return fire. Arcee could see dozens of humans fleeing the battle all around, but she had to focus on the task at hand. A Cybertronian needed her. An Autobot needed her. Her partner needed her. Blocking out her nagging doubts she fired aiming to drop parts of the Castle on Doom. She knew full well that some of the humans running around would certainly be caught in the crossfire.

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Good entry, Twogunkid! Everyone seems right in-character. Arcee might actually admire the more-mature Bumblebee more in-series, though. 

As for the match, yeah, Doom's got this. Just about no one Arcee's faced has Doom's mix of power and cunning. 

On 8/27/2022 at 10:24 PM, Twogunkid said:

Arcee thought of Optimus's dictates on the respect for human life as she weaved past various projectiles fired at her. He had chided her on her lack of concern over humans before.

Heh, someone should remind Optimus of all the MECH soldiers that likely became roadkill during the chases between them and the Autobots in the episode Convoy.

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Looks like Doom wasn't prepared for Arcee's mix of being a motorcycle and a robot even on his hometurf. With the W though, Doom is definitely aware of Cybertronians now.


EDIT: Arcee is now 2-0 and her other win is against Lady Sif. She really can take down Marvel powerhouses it seems.

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