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Ace (Class Zero) vs. Yugi Mutou
Ace (Class Zero): 4
Yugi Mutou: 2

Kim Possible vs. Max Guevara
Kim Possible: 3
Max Guevara: 4

Pokemon vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Pokemon: 1
Justice League (DCAU): 5

Mai Valentine vs. Faye Valentine
Mai Valentine: 2
Faye Valentine: 1

Mercy Graves vs. Kato
Mercy Graves: 2
Kato: 7

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Geese Howard
Leonardo (Mirage): 4
Geese Howard: 3

King Kong vs. Ebirah
King Kong: 6
Ebirah: 2

Gamora vs. Drako
Gamora: 3
Drako: 2

Audrey 2 vs. Jolly Green Giant
Audrey 2: 1
Jolly Green Giant: 6

Power Girl vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Power Girl: 3
Justice League (DCAU): 6

Zuo Ci vs. Oswald (King of Fighters)
Zuo Ci: 4
Oswald (King of Fighters): 1

Maui vs. Snowbird
Maui (Moana): 3
Snowbird: 4

Roger (Tekken) vs. Roo (Streets Of Rage)
Roger (Tekken): 3
Roo (Streets Of Rage): 2

Raphael (Mirage) vs. Duke (KOF: MI)
Raphael (Mirage): 8
Duke (KOF: MI): 2

Match 18976 Poison vs. Nora (Streets of Rage)


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After an exhausting back and forth, Carlos Miyamoto was finally able to put down Shiva and win their fight. Carlos placed his katana at the former bodyguard’s neck.

“Enough of this. Talk!” Carlos demanded.

“What do you want to know?” 

“The recent rise in crime, is it the Syndicate? Are you here recruiting for them? What is your endgame?” asked Carlos.

“It will be hard to answer all those questions with a blade so close to my throat,” answered Shiva.

Carlos pulled back on his katana.

“There has been recruiting going on here for the new criminal organization rising in Metro City. But that organization isn’t the Syndicate. At least not the ones I’ve seen,” stated Shiva.

“Some rival gang?” Carlos guessed.

“I have no idea. I’m not part of the Syndicate anymore. I left after Mr. X’s children took over,” Shiva explained.


“Let’s just say we didn’t see eye to eye. Especially over their treatment of animals. I left Wood Oak City because the Y Syndicate kept recruiting my students into their organization.” Shiva let out a small chuckle. “Just my luck I would be running into the same problem here.”

“How can I be sure you’re telling the truth? You could be still working for the Syndicate and trying to throw me off the scent by introducing some other gang,” Carlos theorized.

Shiva was confused. “Are you a cop? What is your concern here?”

“Not exactly,” Carlos admitted. “I’m just a concerned citizen trying to keep my city safe.”

“Why don’t you talk with the Wood Oak City Police Department, concerned citizen, they’ll confirm my story. I’ve gone straight,” Shiva insisted.

“I might just do that.”

Carlos Miyamoto turned to leave. “I guess this class is over.”

“There’s one more thing,” Shiva called out.

Carlos turned back to face him.

“Although The Syndicate isn’t currently running the underworld in this city, I have seen several goons still associated with the Syndicate lurking around Metro City the last couple of days. What it exactly means I don’t know. Perhaps they are looking to make an alliance with this new criminal outfit, or maybe the Syndicate is also trying to secure a foothold in this city. Either way it looks like it is going to get really dark around here,” Shiva proclaimed. “If I were you, I would gather as many other concerned citizens as I can find and probably even reach out to Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding from Wood Oak City. There is going to be an overflow of violence on the streets.”


True to Shiva’s warning, current members of The Y Syndicate had reached Metro City with one goal in mind, to recruit former members of Mad Gear to strengthen the Syndicate’s might. Unbeknownst to them, another shadowy organization was doing the same thing

Currently, Syndicate member, Nora, stood outside the Poison Pill gym in Metro City accompanied by two Syndicate low level grunts both named Galsia. The Poison Pill was a gym run by former Mad Gear members Poison and Hugo. It also doubled as a wrestling training center. Poison’s main goal in operating the gym was to find a tag team partner for Hugo so they could take their show on the road and conquer all the wrestling promotions across the globe. Nora had heard this but was still confident she could convince Poison to join the Syndicate. 

“This gym looks pretty legit,” one of the Galsias remarked.

“It looks okay,” stated Nora. “Definitely not as cool as my club.”

“Of course not, my queen,” The other Galsia responded.

“Do you want us to approach her with you?”

Nora shook her head no. “Nah. I don’t want to scare the girl into making a bad choice. Just meander around the gym and keep a lookout. I’ll give you a shout if I need you.”

“Yes queen.”

The two thugs entered the gym first and Nora waited several beats before making her own entrance.

Inside the gym, Poison was frantically pacing back and forth shouting into a cell phone. “If he is so good, how come I’ve never heard of him! What territory has he wrestled in? And that name… Max Thunder… What kind of ring name is that?” Poison paused as she listened to the person on the other end of the phone. “Well of course we will give him a chance to show off his stuff. Just make sure he arrives here by this afternoon.”

Poison hung up the phone and immediately got an eyeful of Nora standing in front of her. Poison immediately misjudged the nature of the interaction.

“Sorry babe, the autograph session was yesterday. Although I appreciate the Poison cosplay. Word of advice though, your color scheme is off and I’d never wear that. It’s a little too… I don’t know…try hard.”

“Try hard?” Nora huffed. “This is my work uniform, not some cosplay of you. Don’t flatter yourself.”

“So you wear that getup all the time?”


Poison shrugged her shoulders. “I can respect it. Let me guess, are you some up and coming wrestling manager looking for some advice?”

“Hardly. I represent the Y Syndicate and I’m here to rec..”

Poison interrupted her. “Let me stop you right there, is this some new rebranding scheme that Mad Gear is trying out? If so, I’m still not interested no matter what it is called now.”

“What? No. No. We are not involved with Mad Gear at all,” Nora corrected.

 “Then what? Are you with that nutjob Rolento? There is no way in hell I’m ever working with that guy again,” Poison declared.

“No, you have it all wrong. We are not associated in anyway with Mad Gear or its leadership. The Y Syndicate is much more sophisticated and organized then that rag tag group you used to associate with,” Nora informed.

“So you are just from some run of the mill criminal outfit. How disappointing. I’ll save you some time. The answer is no.”

“You haven’t even heard my pitch,” complained Nora.

“Don’t need to, my passion lies in the ring now,” Poison declared.

Nora was incredulous. “You could be making so much more money and you would still choose to invest all your energy in this circus act?”

“HEY! Pro wrestling isn’t a circus act! And once Hugo and I hit it big, I will have all the money I could ever ask for!” Poison exclaimed.

“My mistake. Apparently, I'm wasting my time.” Nora then snickered. “Why Ms. Y was interested in bringing in a delusional loser like you I’ll never understand.”

Nora started to walk away from Poison who was now fuming.

“Stop right there!” Poison shouted. “I don’t know who you think you are coming into MY gym and insulting me and professional wrestling.” she reached over for her whip. “But maybe I need to teach you some respect.”

Nora pulled out her own whip. “I’ve got one of those too.”

Seeing the escalating situation, both Galsias ambled up to the two whip wielding women and stood in front of Nora ready to throw down.

“Do you always need extra goons to help you fight? How pathetic.”

Nora smiled in response. “Jealous that you don’t have your own henchmen accessories?”


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Another good set-up, Johnny. Can't speak much for characterization since I've never played USF4 or the Streets of Rage games, but it's still a good story. Interesting battle of the dominatrix types, though. 

As for the match, based mainly on the facts that Nora is a boss in SoR4 and fights against a generally more powerful grade of heroes, I think she can beat Poison. Not sure about actually recruiting her, though. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Pizzaguy2995
4.70 - DSkillz
5.00 - Mercenaryblade
4.50 - SSJRuss
5.00 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
24.20 Total Combined Score
24.20 / 5 = 4.84 Final Rating on the match

Poison: 1
Nora (Streets of Rage): 6

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11 minutes ago, JohnnyChany said:

I never expected Nora to receive this much support considering Poison is most definitely more well known due to her Street Fighter tie in. I think this bodes well for the overall story.

Yeah, I gotta admit... It's not everyday when an obscure character defeats a much more popular one!

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