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Justice League (DCAU) vs. The Thing (John Carpenter)
Justice League (DCAU): 5
The Thing (John Carpenter): 1

Abigail Whistler vs. Gretel
Abigail Whistler: 7
Gretel: 2

Eiji Kisaragi vs. Yuffie Kisaragi
Eiji Kisaragi: 2
Yuffie Kisaragi: 4

Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch) vs. Master Xandred
Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch): 5
Master Xandred: 3

King Kong vs. Kumonga
King Kong: 8
Kumonga: 1

Ace (Class Zero) vs. Yugi Mutou
Ace (Class Zero): 4
Yugi Mutou: 2

Kim Possible vs. Max Guevara
Kim Possible: 3
Max Guevara: 4

Pokemon vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Pokemon: 1
Justice League (DCAU): 5

Mai Valentine vs. Faye Valentine
Mai Valentine: 2
Faye Valentine: 1

Mercy Graves vs. Kato
Mercy Graves: 2
Kato: 7

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Geese Howard
Leonardo (Mirage): 4
Geese Howard: 3

King Kong vs. Ebirah
King Kong: 6
Ebirah: 2

Gamora vs. Drako
Gamora: 3
Drako: 2

Audrey 2 vs. Jolly Green Giant
Audrey 2: 1
Jolly Green Giant: 6

Power Girl vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Power Girl: 3
Justice League (DCAU): 6

Zuo Ci vs. Oswald (King of Fighters)
Zuo Ci: 4
Oswald (King of Fighters): 1

Maui vs. Snowbird
Maui (Moana): 3
Snowbird: 4

Roger (Tekken) vs. Roo (Streets Of Rage)
Roger (Tekken): 3
Roo (Streets Of Rage): 2

Raphael (Mirage) vs. Duke (KOF: MI)
Raphael (Mirage): 8
Duke (KOF: MI): 2

Match 19172 Scanlan Shorthalt vs. Zenitsu Agatsuma


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Scantlan Shorthalt vs Zenitsu Agatsuma


“RAAARRRRGGGHH! I’ll kill you both slowly!”

Daki’s obi sashes tore through the magically enhanced vines of the Elf Druid. Keyleth gritted her teeth as her opponent’s tendrils slowly but surely overpowered her own. Just before they reached her though, Keyleth shape shifted into her white tiger form, grabbed Nezuko in her jaw and fled deeper into the woods, ducking and dodging the obi sashes that attempted to grab her.


“What’s the matter human, or Elf I suppose, was that the limit of your power?” Daki sneered as her tendrils slashed and hacked through dozens of forest foliage, seeking out her prey. “For a second there I actually thought you could give me a real challenge! But in the end I guess elves are just as pathetic and weak as humans! Both equally as pathetic when compared to an upper six demon!”


Somewhere in the distance the demoness saw a bright light peaking out between some trees, no doubt the elf girl casting some more spells. Grinning sadistically, Daki once more sent her obi sashes forward to drag her quarry back to her, but as the tendrils between the trees a sudden burst of flames erupted from the vegetation, burning her makeshift tentacles to ash and forcing her to retreat from the intense heat. Daki narrowed her eyes as she saw some kind of huge, horned, fire elemental creature emerge from the burning inferno. 


“What the fuck are-“




Daki screamed in pain as her body was engulfed in fire, the burning agony of the flames searing her flesh and boiling her organs was horrific beyond comparison! Her obi flesh tentacles lashing out in wild disorder, doing little to protect her from the flames as the heat quickly burned them to ash! The fire elemental kept spamming its fire blasts without mercy, burning the shrieking demoness over and over again until finally the being appeared to run out of energy and the form faltered and dispelled, revealing the skinny Elf Druid beneath it.


As Keyleth panted and caught her breath, she looked over the state of her enemy: the faux Upper 6 demoness was reduced to her upper torso, head and right arm, all of it covered in blacken, boiling flesh with swelling yellow blisters scattered around. It was such a disturbing and gut wrecking sight that for a moment Keyleth genuinely felt horrible for what she had done, before a cackling laugh came from the burning body.


“Okay I’ll admit it, your pretty damn powerful. Perhaps even more so then me. But in the end all that power is useless against an Upper Rank demon,” Daki snickered as her body already began to slowly heal itself from the devastating injuries. “We are eternal; we never get sick, never grow old, and never die. So go ahead and burn me all you want skank! I’ll survive it all! And as soon as you get tired, I’m gonna tear you to fucking pieces!”


“Yeah, yeah, well sorry to tell you this, but I’ve already had to deal with a pair of immortal, blood sucking spectres of the night before and I know exactly how to kill them,” Keyleth smirked as she held her staff up and then as enchanting music began to play, glowing specks of light began to ooze out of the surrounding trees and gathered to her staff creating a near blinding light.


“What is that? What are you doing?” The pretender Upper Six demanded almost fearfully.


“A little spell I learned a while back, apparently it draws the light energy that trees gathered while photosynthesizing all day, and draws it to me. I killed a vampire with it once, so I’m fairly certain it’ll work against you,” Keyleth informed her.


“That- that’s insane! Your lying!” Daki accused her, until she realized that already her skin was starting to turn to ash as the light started to glow brighter and brighter. “No. No. No! No! NO! This can’t be happening! Onii-Chan! Do something Onii-Chan! Don’t let me die!”


“Like I said before, you’ll never lay a hand on the girl or anyone else ever again!” Keyleth said with finality, before gathering the huge ball of light in her hands and let out an overwhelming blast that struck the screaming Daki and disintegrated her to ash almost instantly!


Keyleth, having poured the last of her energy into that blast collapsed to the ground, drained and gasping for breath. She laid there for a bit, far too tired to move until she felt herself being gently pulled up until she was able to look into the pale pink eyes of the girl she had saved.


“Mmmm? Mmm? Mmmmm?” Nezuko puzzledly asked.


“Oh don’t worry about me, I’m just exhausted is all. Going fire elemental and using the giant light spell pretty much drained me for tonight,” Keyleth smiled as she wiped sweat from her brow.


“Mmmph. Mmmph mmm mmmphmm,” Nezuko said, bowing her head at the elf.


“Oh don’t even worry about it, it’s all part of the job you know? Or I guess technically this isn’t part of the job, but I don’t regret helping you out. You seem like a nice person,” Keyleth assured the young girl.




Both girls nearly jumped as they heard the booming yell. A short moment latter and the yell was followed by a loud blast that rocked the entire forest and was felt even by Keyleth and Nezuko, who were quiet a distance from it.


“Oh shit. I nearly forgot there was two of them,” Keyleth nearly kicked herself in realization.


Nezuko growled as she realized that too and not wanting to waste time, the young teen scooped up the Druid Elf and carried her piggy back style through the woods towards where the loud blast originated.


“Woah! Oh my goodness, you’re a very strong little thing aren’t ya?” Keyleth rhetorically asked as she held onto Nezuko’s shoulders for dear life.




(A few minutes earlier)


Despite all six of them attacking Gyutaro at once, the Upper Six demon was fending them all off remarkably well. He was fast enough to easily defend and parry every attack the close ranged fighters Tanjiro, Vax, and Zenitsu threw at him, while being durable enough to tank the attacks from long ranged Scanlan, Percy, and Vex. But the Mantis like demon eventually got annoyed with the constant barrage and launched his blood sickles at Scanlan, Percy and Vex, knocking them all back.


“No! Sister!” Vax called out only for a swipe from Gyutaro’s Kama to knock him backwards as well!


“Damn you! Leave them alone!” Tanjiro shouted as he rushed Gyutaro only for the demon to slice him across the stomach and grab him by the neck.


“Tanjiro!” Zenitsu attempted to come to his friends aid only to be back handed away into a tree stump.


“(Cackling maniacally) oh Tanjiro you and your new friends have been so very entertaining, but I think it’s time we ended this, you know?” Gyutaro grinned evilly as he pulled Tanjiro’s face closer to his own. “Just do me this one last favor, eh? Try to stay alive long enough to watch me kill your buddies one by one, eh? I want to see the look on your face knowing you’ve lead them to their doom!”


The Upper Six squawked in laughter, taking joy in the power he held over his enemy! But said laughter suddenly ceased when a large explosion of light suddenly lit up the skies not too far from them. Gyutaro looked over at the light show in annoyance at first, until his face took on an almost panicked look as his big brother instincts told him something very bad had happened to the only person in the world he truly cared for.


“No. No. No! No! NO! NO! UME!” Gyutaro bellowed out his sister’s original name loud enough to echo throughout the forest.


He didn’t have long to register this train of thought before a loud BANG blasted the entire half of his body below the stomach off of him!


“Take him now!” Yelled Percy as Vox Machina suddenly got their second wind!


“Scanlan’s Hand!”


The large purple returned once more to press down Gyutaro as he attempted to push himself up! The demon roared like an animal and pushed himself harder, forcing himself up even against the magical hand’s force, only for Vex to rain a barrage of arrows onto him that instantly turned into vines, helping to keep the Upper Six pinned. Gyutaro continued to howl and thrash though, and as his legs began to grow back and allow him the leverage to break out, Percy joined the pile of vines and giant hand keeping Gyutaro pinned using his electric gloves to deliver a powerful electric shock onto the sadistic demon! Even through the pain of being shocked and being pinned in three different ways, Gyutaro’s rage propelled him to keep pushing through it all, coming close to getting back to his feet before the twins Vax and Vex appeared, driving their dagger and bolt into each of the demon’s arms, even further immobilizing him!


“Tanjiro! Finish him!” Vax shouted for his ally!


Tanjiro let out a loud war cry as he swung his flaming katana downward with all the force that he could muster, driving it deep into the back of his enemies neck! But just like before Gyutaro’s neck was hard and unyielding, the bestial demon forcing the flesh in his neck to remain uncut all the while still struggling to break free from everyone holding him down! But a thunderous boom propelled Zenitsu into the fray, and with his own battle cry drove his own katana into Gyutaro’s nape! It took all of their combined strength, but together the two Demon Slayers forced their blades to cut down through the roaring demon’s neck!




Gyutaro let out his final curse as Tanjiro and Zenitsu finally succeeded in beheading him, sending his decapitated head flying away. But even in this moment of triumph there was not a moment to relax as Tanjiro suddenly recalled what happened the first time he slew Gyutaro.






“Holy shit! Move faster Grog! The others could be seriously hurt!” Pike called from her position aboard Grog’s shoulder.


“I’m going as fast as I can! Carrying you and boar boy together ain’t making it easy on me Pikey!” Grog replied, the still unconscious Inosuke slung over his other shoulder.


“Grog! Pike! Are you guys alright?”


The familiar call of Keyleth’s voice made them realize their friend was now running beside them. Or rather she was being carried beside them by a rather small, petite girl with pale pink eyes.


“Shouldn’t we be asking that? What happened to you?” Pike asked in worry.


“I’m fine, just a little magically drained is all,” Keyleth quickly explained as the group finally found the rest of their friends, bruised and scratched but all in one piece.


“Whoever got scratched by Gyutaro needs to let Nezuko heal them immediately! Quickly before his poison takes hold!” Tanjiro quickly ordered the group.




“Another round of drinks! Put it on Vox Machina’s tab!”


“AARRRGGGHHH! Are you telling me you guys killed all the demons while I was fucking out cold!? What kind of crap is that?” Inosuke growled in anger as his new friends caught him up on what he missed last night.


“Sorry buddy, but tbh Grog and I kinda missed out on all the fun as well,” Pike informed him as she continued to nurse her drink.


“Speak for yourself Pike. I had one of the greatest fights of my life with our own Lord Inosuke here,” Grog smirked as he nudged Inosuke’s shoulder. 


“Ahahahaha! You were also a mighty opponent Grog Strongjaw, more than worthy of the great King of the Mountain,” Inosuke chuckled, him and Grog clasping hands in mutual respect. “But you better not let this win get to your head! Cause next time we fight I’m taking you down!”


“Hah! When that day comes you better be 10 times stronger than you are now, otherwise I’ll crush you like a bug!” Grog boasted.


“So you guys fight dragons? As in real, living dragons?” Tanjiro asked in astonishment.


“As opposed to fake, dead ones? But yeah, we’ve even killed two of them. Pretty amazing isn’t it?” Vax smirked at Tanjiro’s reaction.


“It’s very amazing Vax-san. Vox Machina is a very incredible group of warriors,” Tanjiro spoke in admiration.


“Well don’t sell yourself short there Tanjiro, having to battle creatures like that Gyutaro fellow on the daily is a most impressive endeavor,” Percy complimented Tanjiro in turn.


“It really is! Those vampires or demons I guess give me the creeps,” Keyleth shuddered as she took a swing of her liquor. “I’d like to avoid ever seeing one of them ever again. Oh! Present company excluded of course Nezuko!”  


“Hmmmm. Mfgh mmghmmh,” Nezuko waved off Keyleth’s concerns.


“If you don’t mind me asking what will you two do now that our misunderstanding has been cleared up?” Vex asked the Kamado siblings.


“We’ll probably have to report what happened here to our superiors. We’ll need to leave first thing in the morning,” Tanjiro explained to them.


“We’ll likely have to leave come sunrise ourselves. To return to Tal’Dorei and find another way to destroy Thordak,” Percy surmised as he adjusted his glasses.


“Pity we’ll have to part ways so soon. I have a feeling you and your sister would make brilliant Vox Machina members,” Vax offered.


“I’m flattered by the offer, but Nezuko and I have our own path to walk, namely to find Muzan and make her human again,” Tanjiro patted his sister’s head, smiling as he heard her purr. “I wish you all the best of luck in your fight with Thordak.”


“Thanks for that Tanjiro. Now then I’d like to propose one last toast,” Vex offered her group one more round of drinks, including two waters for Tanjiro and Nezuko. “Let’s enjoy our last night with our new friends and then get back to our own brand of normal come morning!”


“YEAH!” Everyone replied, clinking drinks!


“Ooof. Rejected again huh blonde?” Scanlan winced as he noticed the red handprint on Zenitsu’s cheek.


“None of your advice seems to be working Scanlan. No matter what I say no woman here seems interested,” Zenitsu sighed sadly.


“Well maybe you need someone to set you up to succeed. Be your wingman as it were,” the Gnome Bard suggested. “Tell you what, let me take the lead first, then I’ll signal you when it’s time to make your move.”


“Thank you so much Scanlan!” Zenitsu exclaimed as he watched Scanlan walk with purpose towards the group of women the blonde Slayer had tried wooing.


This’ll be fine, Scanlan will probably tell them what a strong, heroic person I am. Let them know what a great husband I’ll make, how I’ll protect them from all threats and then kiss them himself, fondle their breasts right in front of me and… Hey wait a minute!


Zenitsu glared angrily as he watched Scanlan get it on with the women he was supposed to be helping Zenitsu get with. The usually meek Demon Slayer marched right up to the oversexed gnome and loudly cleared his throat until he got their attention.


“Excuse me Scanlan, I could have sworn you said you going to help ME get a woman tonight,” Zenitsu said with barely contained fury.


“Oh did I? Well sorry blonde but I’m kinda in the middle of something here. So uh maybe another time perhaps?” Scanlan offered before diving back into kissing each of the women at the table.


You backstabbing little bastard! Scum like him doesn’t deserve the women he gets! Zenitsu thought and losing his temper, he drew his blade from its sheath. “Ladies clear the area. I’m gonna chop this womanizing scumbag to pieces!”


The ladies screamed and quickly cleared the area, leaving a grinning Scanlan to pull out his guitar and strum a few notes.


“Hey kiddo, don’t hate the player, hate the game!”




Well I’ll begin wrapping up my arc with this battle, I think I’ll write up one more epilogue like match just to clear up any loose ends. But I digress, the fight takes place in a deserted area of the bar, between Scanlan and Zenitsu who wins?

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Watching the videos makes me think I would really enjoy Scanlan's character, however I think he loses this match. Even with his ability to teleport, Zenitsu seems to be too fast and would likely get to him with his thunder flash before Scanlan even knew what was happening.

As this is coming to a close, I just want to say you have done a great job promoting these shows.


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On 5/15/2023 at 11:17 PM, JohnnyChany said:

Watching the videos makes me think I would really enjoy Scanlan's character, however I think he loses this match. Even with his ability to teleport, Zenitsu seems to be too fast and would likely get to him with his thunder flash before Scanlan even knew what was happening.

As this is coming to a close, I just want to say you have done a great job promoting these shows.


Thanks Johnny, appreciate your encouragement.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - StormChaser
5.00 - patrickthekid
5.00 - JohnnyChany
5.00 - Yukimuraster90
4.30 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
24.30 Total Combined Score
24.30 / 5 = 4.86 Final Rating on the match

Scanlan Shorthalt: 2
Zenitsu Agatsuma: 3

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