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Jack Frost vs. Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei)
Jack Frost: 0
Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei): 4

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Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers
Commando Droids: 5
Imperial Death Troopers: 1

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Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
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Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: 3

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Match 19200 Time Force Power Rangers vs. Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

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Zombie Power Rangers: Part 29


Previously: Thanks to the Thunderzords and the army of Cyclobots, Frax was able to kill the members of the Cobra Organization and take over Cobra Island. Meanwhile on the Moon, inside the Space Skull, Master Vile had finished completing the Orb of Doom. But then Master Vile found himself face to face with the Kakurangers as they wanted to kill him. However, Master Vile used his powers to free Goldar and Spider-Man from their stone prison. While the two zombies were free, Master Vile had put energy rings on their necks to make the corpses obey him. To make matters worse for the Kakurangers, Goldar had regained the Sword of Power.


All five of the Kakurangers were down on the floor as they were severely beaten with bite marks all over their bodies. Standing far from the beaten warriors were Spider-Man and Goldar. “Now to eat them before they can transform into zombies.” Goldar said.

“That will be enough.” Master Vile said as his staff glowed purple. Goldar and Spider-Man fell to the floor and cried out in pain, as their brains were being electrocuted by the purple rings on their necks. Master Vile then stopped his attack on the two zombies.

Soon the Kakurangers were getting back up. "I'm so hungry." Ninja Red said.

"Me too." Ninja Blue said.

“Now to take care of you.” Master Vile said as he used his staff to fire five purple energy rings that went around the necks of the Kakurangers.

"Food!" Ninja Black yelled.

The Kakurangers were going to attack Master Vile, but the purple rings sent out electricity into their heads. The five new zombies fell to the floor as they were in pain. When the Kakurangers lost interest in Master Vile, the rings stopped attacking them.

Both Goldar and Spider-Man got back up and were mad at Master Vile. “Why did you do that?! Now that they are zombies too, we can’t eat them!” Spider-Man yelled at Master Vile.

“Silence!” Master Vile yelled as he made his staff glow. Goldar and Spider-Man were once again in pain caused by the purple rings. After the Kakurangers got themselves back up, Master Vile stopped hurting Goldar and Spider-Man.

“Ok, zombies. Listen and listen good. As of now, you all are working for me. If you don’t want to be hurt anymore, you will obey me.” Master Vile said.

“What is it you want with us?” Ninja White asked.

“I will show you.” Master Vile said as he holds up an orb. “This here is the Orb of Doom. What it will do is reverse time on Earth, and turn Zordon’s Power Rangers back into children.” Master Vile said.

“But what’s the point? Tommy is the only one left, while his team are zombies.” Goldar said.

“The point is that the Orb of Doom will erase this zombie virus from existence, and turn anyone infected by it back to normal.” Master Vile said.

“Including us? No thank you. I don’t what to be “normal” again.” Goldar said.

“Oh, it’s going to happen whether you zombies like it or not.” Master Vile said.

“So what? You’re playing hero now?” Spider-Man asked.

“No. I want to rule the Earth without zombies. But most important of all, when I plant the orb on Earth, I will bring Rita’s body to the planet where she will be brought back to life.” Master Vile said as he pointed his staff towards a giant capsule that was keeping Rita's body preserved.

This shocked Goldar. “Rita is dead?! The is the best news I have ever heard! Can’t we just keep her that way!?” The golden zombie yelled as he was full of glee and joy. But then Goldar found himself in a world of pain by the ring on his neck.

“Say something like that again, and you will be in the grave with Lord Zedd!” Master Vile yelled before he ended Goldar’s torment. 

“I think you’re forgetting about one thing, Master Vile. You still have those Future Power Rangers to worry about.” Spider-Man said.

“And our ex-teammates back in our home universe.” The Yellow Warrior of the Kakurangers said.

“That is where you corpses come in. There is a chance when I go to Earth, I will get attacked by Power Rangers, zombies, or both. Which is why Goldar and Spider-Man will be my bodyguards.” Master Vile said.

“So, where do we fit into your plan?” The Red Warrior of the Kakurangers asked.

“Well, I’m going to need something to keep Zordon busy.” Master Vile said.


Back at the Command Center, Alpha 5 had finished using Tanya’s Zeo Shard to empower the Ohrangers' morphers. Zordon, Alpha, and the Time Force Rangers were explaining to Tanya and the Original Rangers (Tommy, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly) on how the new Zeo powers and weapons work.

Just then the alarm to the Command Center went off. "What’s going on?!" Lucas yelled.

Alpha went to the control panel. "Aye-yi-yi, something very powerful has appeared on Earth! I will put it on the Viewing Globe."

At once an image appeared on the Viewing Globe, the Power Rangers were shocked as they saw Master Vile, Spider-Man, and Goldar with the Sword of Power walking across an area.

“Great. Master Vile is back, and he has Goldar and Spider-Man with him.” Tommy said with anger in his voice.

“So that’s Spider-Man. He’s the one that started this zombie outbreak.” Jason said as he and the rest of the Original Rangers were angry at the zombie in costume.

“But why aren’t the zombies attacking Master Vile? He’s not a zombie.” Katie said.

“Maybe he found a way to control them.” Wes said.

“Hey, what is Master Vile holding?” Tommy asked.

The Time Force Rangers were shocked as they saw what was in Master Vile’s hand. “That’s the Orb of Doom!” Trip yelled.

“What?! You mean the thing that can turn back time on Earth?!” Zack yelled.

“This is bad. If that happens, then we’ll be defenseless against the Machine Empire and those Evil Power Rangers.” Trini said.

Suddenly, the Command Center was starting to shake, with sounds of explosions being heard from outside.

“Now what?!” Eric yelled.

Alpha looked at the control panel. “We’re under attack! Putting it on the Viewing Globe now.”

Once the image on the Viewing Globe changed, everyone saw the Kakurangers were launching attacks against the Command Center.

“Are those the Alien Rangers?” Jen asked.

“It can’t be. We haven’t called them, and they would never attack us.” Alpha said.

“They must be the Alien Rangers’ counterparts from that other universe.” Kimberly said.

“So now what? We can’t fight them and stop Master Vile at the same time.” Tanya said.

“At least not together.” Jen said.

“Jen is right. Everyone needs to split up into two teams to stop both of these threats.” Zordon said.

“My team and I can handle those evil Power Rangers.” Wes said.

“And the rest of us will give Goldar and Spider-Man a taste of our new Zeo powers.” Tommy said.

"Good luck Rangers, and may the power protect you." Zordon said.

The Time Force Rangers nodded to one another. "Time For Time Force!" Wes, Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas yelled together.

"Quantum Power!" Eric yelled.
Soon the six future warriors morphed into their Ranger Forms.


Back outside, the Kakurangers had stopped attacking the Command Center. “I don’t think anyone’s home.” Ninja Yellow said.

“Or they’re too chicken to come out.” Ninja Red said.

Suddenly, the six Time Force Power Rangers teleported in front of the five Kakurangers. “You know, you Wanna-Be Power Rangers are so annoying.” The Red Time Force Ranger said.

“Well, well, it’s the Fake Timerangers.” Ninja White said.

“And you guys are the Fake Alien Rangers.” The Yellow Time Force Ranger said.

“Oh please, those walking fish-sticks could only wish they were good as us.” Ninja Blue said.

“Well, you clowns aren’t good as us.” The Blue Time Force Ranger said.

“Look we got bigger things to worry about.” The Green Time Force Ranger said.

“So why don’t you guys claw back into that hole in the ground you call a universe.” The Quantum Ranger said.

“And tell your friends there to leave us alone.” The Pink Time Force Ranger said.

“Come on now, we just got here.” Ninja Black said.

The Kakurangers each took off their helmet and threw it away. The Time Force Power Rangers were shocked as they saw the faces of zombies.

“The least you all can do is give us a bite to eat.” The Red Warrior of the Kakurangers said.


Hey everyone. As you can see, my Zombie Power Rangers story is back. This is also an entry for the Special Writer's Challenge. I hope everyone enjoyed this new part to my arc.


-As you just read the Kakurangers are zombies.

-While the Kakurangers are suited up, they don't have their helmets on.

-The Red Time Force Ranger can use the Battle Warrior Armor.

-The Quantum Ranger can use the Quantum Mega Battle Armor.

-I will post videos of the Battle Warrior Armor and Quantum Mega Battle Armor under the Callisto Post.

Who do you think will win?

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Battle Warrior Armor


Quantum Mega Battle Armor


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I'd say the Time Force Rangers. They are a more tacktical team having military training and stuff. Zombies a little new for them but not a far cry from the mutants that they fought in their season. Would be tough fight though.

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On 5/24/2023 at 3:06 AM, Venom 2009 said:

Battle Warrior Armor


Quantum Mega Battle Armor


That’s right y’all the Mega Battle Suit comes equipped with rollerblades. Yeah Power Rangers Time Force was the last Power Rangers media I watched mostly cause watching it slowly made me realize I was getting too old to really enjoy it like I used to. Not that I don’t have fond memories of the show, but it definitely was a wake up call for me to realize that I was a little too old to be obsessing over Power Rangers anymore.

Taking the Time Force Rangers to win this match btw, their more then skilled enough plus their Morphers are way more advanced.

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I used to love power ranger growing up, specifically Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. The theme song would get me excited, and honestly still does. All that being said, I've never seen any other of the rangers so my knowledge on the topic is limited at best. 

A story should be self contained, even if it is part of a grander narrative in that I can know what is going on without having to read the other parts. It should however make me want to go back to read the rest. Reading this accomplshed that for me. 

That being said, having a little more backstory at the beginning could have gone a long way, while it was cleared up in the story reading a story about Rangers and seeing Spider-Man in there would be a bit odd if I didn't already have an idea of why he was in there. 


4/5 - From what I have looked up, it does seem like the Time Rangers should have this one after some strategizing. 


Looking forward to the next part. Good job!

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 - IKA
5.00 - StormChaser
4.00 - Pizzaguy2995

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.00 Total Combined Score
13.00 / 3 = 4.33 Final Rating on the match

Time Force Power Rangers: 6
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: 0

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Great way to kick off the Writer's challenge. 



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