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Midknight: 2
Mira (Killer Instinct): 4

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Quasar (Wendell Vaughn): 2
Galvatron: 3

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Luke Hobbs: 3

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Cara Dune: 2
Gazelle (Kingsman): 4

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Tommy Gunn: 0
Mike Barnes: 5

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Son Goku (Saiyuki): 5
Son Goku (DBE Live Action): 1

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Shina The Leopard: 3
Bullet (BlazBlue): 4

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Ramlethal Valentine: 7
Nu-13: 0

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Scanlan Shorthalt: 2
Zenitsu Agatsuma: 3

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Din Djarin: 6
Major Bludd: 0

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Jenny the Bat: 1
Nitara: 4

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Invincible: 3
The Homelander: 0

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Chloe Bourgeois: 1
Bulma: 4

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Baby Bonnie Hood: 2
Erron Black: 4

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Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch): 5
Moogers: 3

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Edgar The Bug: 0

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Vox Machina: 6

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Match 19206 The Manhattan Clan vs. Zargon


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The Manhattan Clan


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Inside Castle Wyvern, Hudson flipped through the channels of the TV and sighed. 

“You would think with this many channels there would be something interesting to watch,” he noted.
He looked back from his recliner at Broadway, who had a boardgame laid out in front of him. The blue gargoyle was currently staring hard at a piece of paper.

“What do you got there?” asked Hudson.

“It’s a game,” answered Broadway.

“I can see that. What kind of game is it?” Hudson inquired.

“It’s called Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a role playing game of mages and bards and rogues. Matt plays it with Lexington and some of his other buddies. It always looks like they are having a great time playing it, so I wanted to join,” Broadway replied.

“But neither Bluestone or Lexington are here right now,” Hudson observed.

“I know. Lexington told me if I wanted to play I needed to learn the rules and how the game works. Doesn’t want me embarrassing him in front of the dungeon master.”

Hudson was confused. “Who?”

Goliath’s daughter, Angela, walked in and joined the other two gargoyles. “It’s the one who runs the game. I think he is kind of an arrogant dick.”

“He’s just always in character,” Broadway insisted.

“If you say so.”

Broadway placed the paper on the table and slumped his shoulders. “Maybe Lexington was right to be worried, I don’t think I can do this. This game is too complicated.”

Angela placed a comforting claw on her mate’s shoulder. “Remember what I said. If you really want to do this, you can do this, I have no doubt in my mind. I just want you to be sure that YOU want to do this, and you're not just trying to prove some point to Lexington.”

Broadway clasped her claw with his and smiled. 

At that moment, a green portal appeared on the castle terrace. A horde of goblins, skeletons, and zombies invaded the castle. Hudson hurriedly grabbed his sword.


Bronx rushed in to help and along with Hudson, Broadway, and Angela fought valiantly against the monsters. The invaders’ superior numbers overwhelmed the four members of the Manhattan Clan, and one by one they fell to their defeat. The last one to exit the portal was the Chaos Sorcerer, Balur. He guided his minions to bring the unconscious gargoyles back through the portal. First Angela went though, and then Broadway, and then Bronx. The last one ready to go through the portal was Hudson, who woke up suddenly and knocked back the two skeletons carrying him. Balur prepared an attack but then noticed out of the corner of his eye that the remaining three members of the Manhattan Clan were quickly approaching. He also saw a white portal starting to form nearby.

“Leave him!” he commanded.

Balur and the other monsters quickly retreated through the green portal. Through the white portal stumbled out a gravely injured wizard with long blonde hair. He got out just as the green portal closed.



“Oh no, I’m too late!”

Goliath, Brooklyn, and Lexington landed close to him.

“What is this? What has happened?” Goliath shouted.

Hudson winced in pain. “We were attacked. They took the others.”

“Who took them?!?”

“I can answer that,” said the Wizard.

Goliath grabbed the Wizard by the front of his cape and lifted him into the air. “And who are you?”

“I am a friend I assure you,” the Wizard stated.

“Let’s hear him out, Goliath,” suggested Brooklyn.

Goliath released his grip on the Wizard and Lexington cautiously approached him.

“Those wounds look really nasty. You are going to need some help.”

“Your concern is appreciated, but I have already accepted my fate. I used the last bit of my magic and strength to reach all of you, so that I could ask for your help and try to warn you.” 

“Why us?” Brooklyn inquired.

“It is a little difficult to explain, so I should start from the beginning. I will try to be concise. I am a wizard, I was part of a team of heroes along with a barbarian, an elf, and a dwarf. Together we battled against the evil sorcerer, Zargon.”

“Was that him just now with the skeleton face and the strange helmet?” asked Hudson.

“No. That would be Balur, his secondary general. Zargon is human, or at least was at one time,” answered the Wizard.

“Why has he attacked us?” asked Golitath.

”Because…. Me and my party members….we failed.” The Wizard grabbed his side wound in pain and slumped against the stone wall. “We had defeated him and his army countless times before. But this time his battle strategy was too strong and we could not overcome it. All of my companions have perished and I will soon join them, but Zargon still needs to be stopped. This is where you and your clan come in, Goliath.” With a flick of the wrist from the Wizard, an image of Avalon appeared. “My companions and I first heard about you during a trip to Avalon. We heard of your determination, bravery, and guile, and how you defeated not only a powerful archmage, but stalemated Oberon himself. I had hoped one day to meet you under different circumstances. When the last of my companions, the Barbarian, was dying in my arms you were the first one I thought of to carry on our mission. To defeat Zargon and stop him from spreading his wickedness in this world.” The Wizard then changed the illusion he was casting from Avalon to Zargon and Balur. “Unfortunately, Balur used his mind powers to read my thoughts and relayed them to his master. Immediately, they left us to die and began their pursuit of you. I wanted to get here first, but I was slow to gather the necessary energy due to my injuries.”

“There is still some things that don’t add up. Why would he send his minions to come kidnap some of our clan? We still weren’t even aware he existed,” Brooklyn pointed out. “Why would we assume we would fight him?”

“That’s the thing, he wants you to fight him, fight his army. After his first few defeats, Zargon started to change up his tactics. He became obsessed with battle strategy and would purposely lure us to him by either kidnapping ones that we loved or attacking innocent people.so that he could test his strategies against us. He would always use different monster formations, monster group alignments, booby traps all in an effort to find the perfect stratagem to defeat any would-be heroes from standing in his way.” The Wizard grabbed his side in pain again. “He finally found one that we could not overcome so now he wants to test it against you. He kidnapped members of your clan to ensure that you would take up the challenge.”

“Why us? Just because you were thinking about asking us for help?” Brooklyn inquired.

“I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that one of the reasons is that you are a heroic clan of gargoyles.” The Wizard waved his hand again and the images of Zargon and Balur disappeared and were replaced by the image of a large snarling gargoyle with a whip in one hand and a sword in the other. “Zargon’s grand general is also a gargoyle. I would guess that Zargon wants to test his strength against yours, Goliath.”

“He looks meaner than Thailog,” Lexington observed.

The Wizard slid down the wall and was now sitting down. “I don’t have much time and there are two things I must give to you before you begin your quest.” The Wizard pulled out a piece of parchment and several cards. “First is the location of the castle where your friends are being held, the same castle where my companions met their end. Second, there is the information put together by the Elf. Zargon’s army includes orcs, goblins, mummies, zombies, skeletons, femirs, and chaos warriors. They all present different challenges and the Elf took the time to analyze their different traits, like their speed, strength, and stamina. Having this information is vital to putting together a solid attack strategy. I wish you good luck, Goliath, all of you. Defeat Zargon, save the world, and save your friends.”

The Wizard took in his last breath and then his head dropped.

“Jalepena,” Brooklyn whispered.


Hudson gathered up the cards and looked them over. “None of this makes much sense to me. All of these things look like those papers Broadway was looking at earlier in that Dungeons and Doorknobs game.”

“Dungeons and Dragons,” corrected Lexington. Then the small gargoyle’s eyes widened. “Oh my god, you’re right! There was a wizard, an elf, a dwarf, and a barbarian. We are about to embark on a campaign to fight monsters and save our friends. This is like Dungeons and Dragons! How cool!”

“Bronx and Broadway have been captured! Angela has been captured! We have no idea if they are even safe right now,” Goliath scolded. “None of this is cool.”

“Right, sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.”

“We must leave to rescue them now,” Goliath decided.

Hudson and Brooklyn both nodded.

“I wonder if we are meant to fall in the classes of the pre-established heroes or if we are free to choose our own,” Lexington pondered.

“Hey Lexington?” Brooklyn called out


“Shut up.”

“Right, sorry again.”

“Let’s go rescue our clan!” Goliath declared.

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Great seeing the Gargoyles used. This would be a great movie. And a great battle.

This seems like a long campaign of steal as well as fighting. I never did Dungeons and Dragons but this seems just like sword and sorcery video games and I remember getting overwhelemed by monsters eventually. 

I want to be a jerk and go against the Gargoyles here but they are actually way stronger than humans who do this and skilled fighters on top of that. So I guess the good guys win for me.

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