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Jack Frost vs. Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei)
Jack Frost: 0
Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei): 4

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Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers
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Imperial Death Troopers: 1

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Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: 3

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Match 19425 Sabine Wren vs. Serleena


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Chapter 11: Changing Tides
Walking alongside Grand Admiral Thrawn did not ease the uneasiness that Vanto felt deep within his chest. Despite all the years that he had known the Chiss leader, the young Imperial officer still did not quite understand what the Grand Admiral had planned. They sauntered past legions of pearly white stormtroopers that had surrounded the defeated forces of Cobra. From what Vanto had gathered from these hostile Cobra troops, surrender was not something that they were accustomed to. This surprised the young officer greatly. After Thrawn's tactical maneuvering with the Imperial remnants, he was not surprised that his mentor was victorious. What Vanto found even more surprising was that Thrawn accepted the surrender of the Cobra Commander without question. He was more than certain that Thrawn would have coldly wiped them from the planet's surface without the blink of an eye. Vanto knew that his mentor had a purpose for every one of his decisions. Thrawn had a plan in place that was far greater than anyone could imagine. 
Entering into a large room, Vanto glanced to see several Cobra leaders on their knees. Vanto analyzed each one of them while Thrawn circled around the room with his arms crossed behind his back. The Chiss leader looked over the relics from Cobra's home world. His bright red eyes glared over statues and books that the Commander had obtained over the years. The Chiss leader reached down to pick up a data pad off Cobra Commander's desk. The bright red eyes of the Chiss glared over the information that was stored on the data pad. Without a word, the Grand Admiral placed the data pad back on the desk. Thrawn then glanced back at the Cobra Commander. Vanto watched over his mentor's movements as Thrawn stepped closer toward the defeated Cobra Commander. The Grand Admiral gazed down upon the Cobra leader. Despite his face being covered with a helmet, Vanto could sense the humiliation burning within the once feared Cobra Commander. 
"Do not worry, Commander, I will not kill you. You and your army are still of great use to me." Thrawn said with a cold voice while circling around the Cobra Leader. "While your vision is limited, it is not much different than many that have come before you. The Jedi and the Sith had relied heavily on the Force. While I must admit, I do not understand the full potential of the Force, it did limit their idea of true power. The Republic's vision was quite narrow as they relied on the Jedi. Both the Republic and the Jedi failed with the rise of the Empire. The Empire was strong and bold, but the lack of vision became its downfall. They placed their faith in a weapon. A weapon that ultimately failed. Now this New Republic is lacking a true vision for this galaxy which will ultimately lead to their downfall. Your vision has led to failure with you searching for another mighty weapon. A weapon that you hoped would achieve victory. Your search for this power has led to failure and defeat time after time. I stand here today to offer you another chance at victory."
"What do you propose? The weapon is lost and our search for energy stockpiles have been destroyed!" Cobra Commander growled.
"Your vision is still lacking, Commander. True power does not come from a weapon but from knowledge. I will provide you with resources so that your war with these different galaxies may continue." Thrawn responded while glancing down upon the Commander.
"What is in it for you?" Cobra Commander asked bitterly. 
"My return is not yet ready. I am heir to the Empire and once the time is right, you will remember me. This galaxy will remember me. Everyone will know of my return." Thrawn responded.
"What do you want from me?" Cobra Commander hissed before lowering his head. "You have defeated me! You destroyed several of my ships and took out a great deal of my troops!"
"This universe has no shortage of troops, Commander. As I said, I will provide you resources. It is up to you how you want to utilize these resources. In the meantime, there are mining operations on Lothal that are vital to the New Republic. I have already acquired the services of a rather interesting individual that will assist you with your cause. Once this individual has destroyed the mining operations, she will contact you for further instruction." Thrawn replied.
"And what do I tell this individual once she has destroyed the mining operation?" Cobra Commander asked.
"It is your war, Commander." Thrawn smirked while turning to walk out of the room. "Start planning how you want to fight it."
Vanto followed closely behind his mentor while the doors closed behind them. He could hear the rage filled screams of Cobra Commander as they walked through the Cobra base. Vanto shook his head while trying to understand the motivations of the Grand Admiral.
"I don't understand!" Vanto exclaimed. "I thought you wanted to stop Cobra as it might disrupt your plans for your return."
"Quite the contrary, Vanto. I recognize that Cobra poses a threat to the New Republic. In their war against one another, both sides will grow weak and weary by the time the fight is done. Once the war has reached its end, that is when I will return." Thrawn replied.
"What of these other galaxies?" Vanto asked as he stopped in the hallway.
"Another reason why to keep Cobra in the fight. As their war continues with the New Republic, I suspect that other galaxies will come to join the fight. During that time, we will use the opportunity to learn about these other threats to my return." Thrawn responded while he stopped and glared back at Vanto. "Once we have learned about these other worlds, we will learn of their weaknesses."
"Why are you having this Cobra guy attack Lothal? Wasn't that where you were defeated by the rebels?" Vanto asked. 
"It was an unfortunate setback, but one that I have learned a great deal from. Lothal once held a strong rebel cell that united the people in that system. I simply want to see if the rebel cause is still as strong as it once was." Thrawn replied while stopping to look back at Vanto. "It will also be the necessary distraction that we need."
"Distraction? Distraction for what, sir?" Vanto asked curiously.
"The greatest weapon that any force can possess is knowledge, Vanto. There is an artifact that possesses a knowledge that will help us defeat any enemy that comes before us." Thrawn replied.
"What is that, sir?" Vanto asked.
"You will learn of it when the time is right, Vanto. For now, we must allow Cobra fight their war with the New Republic. We stay hidden and when the time is right, we will reveal ourselves." Thrawn replied.
Walking through the capital of Lothal, Sabine looked over the residents of the world. From vendors to street performers, the Mandalorian could not believe how much had changed since the fall of the Empire. Despite the promises of the New Republic bringing in a new sense of security, Sabine could see that there were great threats within the streets of this city. She had seen fragments of criminal organizations trying to infiltrate the once prosperous planet. With the promise that she had made to her dear friend, Ezra, Sabine had fought to keep this planet safe. While the New Republic struggled to maintain order and find its way in the galaxy, Sabine did what she had to do. The Mandalorian waved her hands over the lightsaber that once belonged to Ezra. A quick reflection of the times that she had trained with Kanan and Ezra in lightsaber techniques flowed through her mind while walking through the streets. 
A crashing sound broke her focus while her eyes shifted toward the sound of the commotion. The Mandalorian saw a large alien creature with an insect like face and several cybernetic enhancements grabbing a food vendor by the collar. The large creature growled at the trembling vendor while demanding credits. Sabine's eyes narrowed as she turned her attention toward them. The former rebel reached down and her fingers gripped the lightsaber tightly. With one swift movement, Sabine drew the lightsaber and ignited the fiery emerald blade. The sound of the legendary weapon caused a chill to run down the spine of the cybernetic alien. Releasing the food vendor from his grasp, the large alien steadily turned his head back to face the Mandalorian. The alien creature raised his hands up and stumbled back. Looking over the female Mandalorian, the alien creature tried to create some distance between them. For a moment, he thought about reaching down for his blaster to take down the female Mandalorian. With the look in his eyes, Sabine could sense that this creature had ill intentions.
"I would not try it!" Sabine shouted while pointing the fiery green blade at the creature. 
"You have no business here, Jedi!" The creature roared.
"I am no Jedi! I am a Mandalorian!" Sabine hissed. "You have no business on Lothal! Leave now and never come back!" 
"This world has been up for grabs ever since the Empire fell! I am bringing my business here!" The creature growled.
"Not as long as I am here! Not as long as the New Republic is here!" Sabine exclaimed.
"Huh... Pathetic girl... You are foolish if you think the New Republic will protect this system. They are too busy fightin' some other useless war. Leavin' folks like me to have to find a way to get by." The cybernetic alien chuckled while walking away. While glancing back at Sabine, the creature warned, "Watch your back, girly, I don't tend to forget things like this."
Watching the creature disappear into the city, Sabine let out a sigh. While shaking her head, the former rebel turned off the fiery emerald blade. She latched the lightsaber back on her side and glanced down at the elderly vendor. His wrinkled eyes were wide open as his gaze was fixed on the Mandalorian. His arms and legs were still shaking while he tried to make sense about what had transpired. Sabine knelt down and gently reached out to the elderly vendor. 
"Everything is okay." Sabine reassured him with a soft tone. "That nerf herder is gone now."
"He was right." The older vendor said while struggling to get to his feet. "There is always someone causing trouble else since the New Republic took over. You can only do so much, my dear." 
"I will do what I must to keep you and everyone on this planet safe!" Sabine responded.
"You are only one person... I fear one day that this new war will find its way here. It will not matter if it is you or one of those criminals, the war will be too much for Lothal. It will be too much for the New Republic." The vendor replied with his head down.
"I won't let that happen." Sabine assured him. 
The older vendor nodded his head and pushed his cart of fruit along the streets. There was a bit of skepticism and relucantance within the old vendor. He had seen lifetime of empty promises and had seen the failures of the Republic. While watching him disappear from view, Sabine had hoped that she could inspire hope just as Ezra had done all those years ago, but she was well aware of the limitations of the New Republic. The former rebel took off her brightly colored Mandalorian helmet and gazed over the streets. She watched as a loth-cat ran along the rooftops of the nearby markets, and looked over the many citizens passing her by. A small moment of reflection came upon her once again as she remembered her first encounter with Ezra. She along with the Ghost crew were in the middle of a job when Ezra found himself in the middle of everything. Sabine found herself smiling after remembering the trouble Ezra found himself in time after time. She hopped on the back of her speeder and sped through Lothal.
A small Kyloth ship tore through the upper atmosphere of Lothal. As the ship descended down upon the planet's surface, the Queen of Kyloth looked over the planet with disgust. She had little interest in helping the remnants of the former Galactic Empire or even helping the Cobra organization in their causes, but Grand Admiral Thrawn was able to convince the Kyloth to help Cobra. In return for her services, Thrawn promised Serleena that she could have the Light of Zartha. After landing on Lothal, Serleena's ship opened and the Queen of Kyloth scoffed while stepping foot on the planet's surface. Her pale eyes slowly analyzed her surroundings while she sauntered through the capital of Lothal. While walking through the streets, she thought about the mission that was sent to her. She was supposed to destroy the mining operations here. The Queen of Kyloth felt it was beneath her, and the attack would do little in regards to the New Republic. Serleena also realized that while she was doing this mission for Cobra, Thrawn had a much greater plan in motion. The dangerous Kyloth could not help but be curious about Thrawn's ultimate goal. 
Despite her curiosity, she did not want to waste too much of her time on Thrawn's deeper motivations. She wanted to see this mission through and leave this filthy planet behind. While sauntering through the streets, she caught the attention of many questionable characters. The Queen of Kyloth was not fazed by the countless Lothal citizens that surrounded her. She proceeded toward the mining operations. Serleena approached the headquarters for the mining operations and scowled while rubbing her fingers across the drilling equipment. She looked over her surroundings once again. Most of the miners were too distracted to even notice the pale female walking around the equipment. Before the Queen of Kyloth could make her move, she heard a clicking sound from behind. Serleena tilted her head back and saw the same cybernetic alien that had encountered Sabine earlier. The cybernetic creature circled around Serleena with his claws pointed at the arrogant queen. 
"This is no place for someone like you!" The alien creature hissed.
"Trust me, there are not many like me!" Serleena smirked while lifting her arms.
Suddenly, tentacles formed out of her hands and wrapped themselves around the creature. Serleena laughed while devouring the creature. The Queen of Kyloth then rigged some of the equipment to blow. Serleena chuckled while walking through the rubble. She did not think that she would have this much fun destroying a mining operation for Cobra, but she found herself amused by the ensuing chaos. She knew that there was still much to do before she could collect her reward.
In the distance,
Sabine heard the explosion shake through the capital. While on her speeder, she jerked to the right and spun around. A cloud of dust followed behind her as she raced toward the black smoke rising over the flames. After coming to a stop, Sabine drew her blasters and started making her way through the chaos. To her horror, the Mandalorian saw the charred body of the elderly vendor that she had rescued earlier. Sabine holstered her blasters while running to his side. She slowly knelt down next to his body and dropped her head.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Sabine muttered. 
The Mandalorian reached out her hand to pat the chest of charred body of the elderly vendor. Before she could show her respect to the fallen elder, she felt a sinister presence behind her. With quick reflexes, Sabine drew both of her blasters and spun around. The former rebel aimed her blasters at the sinister presence that caused this horror. Sabine could see a tall, slender woman with pale skin. This woman had long dark puffy hair and a skin tight outfit that was black as night. With light blue eyes and blood-stained lips, the pale woman rested her hands against her hips. A wicked smile spread across the blood-stained lips while her light blue eyes gazed upon the Mandalorian. This malevolent being rolled her light blue eyes with disgust while slowly circling the former rebel. Sabine's blood start to boil with rage while she aimed her blasters at this pale woman. From a lifetime of training with being a Mandalorian and her time spent with the Ghost crew, Sabine could sense that there was more to this sinister woman than what her eyes would allow to see.
"Well, well, well... A Mandalorian..." Serleena scoffed. "I would say, my condolences for your loss but I don't really care for such meaningless lifeforms."
"What are you? Why are you here?" Sabine growled.
"Doing a favor for a friend." Serleena sighed. "By the way, Cobra sends their regards."
"I won't let Cobra bring their war to Lothal!" Sabine shouted.
"I'm afraid you have already failed, my dear!" Serleena chuckled. "I brought the war here, and I will take as much pleasure as I can in killing you!"
"I will do as I must." Sabine declared.
Sabine Wren - is armed with her Beskar Mandalorian armor with flame thrower, fibercord whip, and wrist rockets. She also has two blasters, a thermal grenade and Ezra's green lightsaber.
Serleena has the abilities that she had in Men in Black 2.
Can Sabine stop Serleena from destroying the rest of the mining operations on Lothal? Or will Serleena defeat Sabine and complete her mission?
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I love how people on this website have the seemingly impossible ability to look past the obvious matchups and come up with some bangers. Sabine Wren and Serleena, a matchup I would never come up with in a billion years. I think Serleena has what it takes to destroy a mining operation on her own, but we know for a fact she doesn't do well with things like lightsabers and flamethrowers (she dies in her own movie by being burned to death.) Any amount of slicing and dicing, as well as burning, should be enough to put Serleena out of commission cause she has no way to recoup herself.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - StormChaser
5.00 - Venom 2009
5.00 - Macklemore
4.30 - Pizzaguy2995

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
19.30 Total Combined Score
19.30 / 4 = 4.83 Final Rating on the match

Sabine Wren: 6
Serleena: 0

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