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Match 19426 Jinx vs. Lotus Blossom

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In the gymnasium of the G.I. Joe base, the Rawhides were hard at work.  Jinx swung on the parallel bars and Law jogged on a treadmill with his dog Order lying next to it on the floor.  Chuckles grunted as he lifted weights and glanced over to the half court where Big Lob and Tunnel Rat were playing one on one.  Meanwhile, Lieutenant Falcon sat on the couch with his feet on a coffee table and his eyes glued to the Jem and the Holograms music video playing on the television. 

Big Lob drove into the paint past Tunnel Rat and easily hit a layup.  He punched the air and gave a triumphant cheer.  “Yeah!  With no time left on the clock, Big Lob beats the buzzer and wins it for the U.S. of A!” 

“You don’t have to rub it in, man,” smirked Tunnel Rat. 

“Could you guys keep it down?” said Falcon.  “I’m trying to watch this.” 

Law switched off the treadmill and stepped off it, patting Order’s head.  “You do know Beach Head gave us this time to work out, right, Falcon?” 

“Don’t be too hard on him, Law,” said Jinx, hanging upside down by her knees from the bar with a grin.  “Right now he’s just giving his eyes a workout.” 

“Cute, Jinx,” said Falcon.  “I think I’ve earned a break after all the times I’ve been carrying you guys.” 

Jinx flipped off the bar and landed by one of the weightlifting machines.  She grabbed a pin from the stack of weights and hurled it at the television.  The pin struck the power button on the tv, turning it off.  Falcon shot Jinx a look.  “Hey, if you’d rather I look at you, all you have to do is ask.” 

Jinx folded her arms and shook her head.  “In your dreams, Falcon.” 


The Rawhides scrambled into line and stood at attention as Beach Head stomped into the gym.  Glaring through his balaclava, the G.I. Joe marched up and down the row of recruits.  “Well, well.  Look at you greenhorns.  All of you staying in shape.”  He looked Falcon up and down.  “Lieutenant Falcon!  Do you believe you have the skills to make it as a Joe?” 

“Yes, sir!” 

“And is one of those skills your ability to work out without breaking a sweat?” 

Falcon shrugged.  “I don’t know, sir.  Maybe it’s a genetics thing.” 

“QUIET!” Beach Head barked.  Falcon went back to attention as Beach Head got in his face.  “You want to be a clown, Falcon, join the circus!    And that goes for all of you Rawhides!  G.I. Joe only wants the best!  So you better bring your best!  Is that clear?” 

“Sir, yes sir!” the six shouted. 

“Good,” said Beach Head.  “Then it’s about time to see if you Rawhides can keep up.  Lotus!  Fall in!” 

An attractive Japanese girl in a black gi strode into the gym.  She had a katana in a sheath slung across her back.  Jinx’s eyes narrowed as her male recruits’ eyes widened. 

“Hey!  Get a load of that!” whispered Tunnel Rat. 

“Yeah!  A 10 out of 10!” breathed Big Lob. 

“Friend of yours, Jinx?” asked Law. 

“Yeah,” Jinx snarked.  “I met her at the last ninja convention.” 

“Well, if she looks as good as she fights,” said Falcon.  “She might be better than…”  Falcon’s voice faded with a withering glare from Jinx.  “Don’t finish that thought unless you want me to turn your bunk bed into kindling.” 

“Listen up, Rawhides!” shouted Beach Head as the mystery girl stood at his side.  “This is Lotus Blossom.  She is a former ninja for hire who now has seen the light and wants to sign up with G.I. Joe.  General Hawk wants me to see what she’s made of, and I want to see how your training is paying off.  So who wants to be the first to step up and show Lotus how we do things in G.I. Joe?” 

Falcon raised his hand.  “Sir!  I wouldn’t mind going a few rounds!” 

“Oh brother!” groaned Jinx. 

“I met in sparring match, Jinx.  Don’t know what your dirty mind is thinking.” 

“Real cute, Falcon,” snarled Beach Head.  “But you’ll have to be more than cute if you want to spar with Lotus!” 

“If I may, Sensei Beach Head,” interrupted Lotus.  “I would not mind sparring with Lieutenant Falcon.  I’m sure he would be a… passable first opponent.” 

Falcon bristled as Big Lob and Tunnel Rat snickered.  Beach Head grunted then nodded.  “Very well, Lotus.  Falcon will be your first partner.  Just ditch that oversized pocketknife and let’s get a move on.” 

Lotus gave a confident look as she took off the sheathe and set it on the floor.  “Yes, Sensei Beach Head.  I wouldn’t want this to be too easy.” 

“I’ll show you easy,” Falcon muttered under his breath. 

The two stood on opposite ends of the matted area of the gym.  Falcon raised his fists in a boxer’s stance and Lotus just stood in place.  Beach Head raised his hand, then brought it down fast.  “Begin!” 

Falcon charged forward, swinging a right hand, only for Lotus to expertly trap his wrist and judo throw him off the mats.  The only thing to stop his momentum was the padded wall. 

“Ooo!  That’ll leave a mark!” laughed Tunnel Rat. 

“Yeah!” chuckled Big Lob.  “Down goes Falcon!  Down goes Falcon!” 

“Cut the commentary, Lob!” snapped Beach Head.  “Are you gonna stand there talking nonsense, or are you gonna give Lotus more of a fight than Falcon?” 

Big Lob glanced at the groaning Falcon then cracked his neck.  “I hear you!  Put me in, coach!” 

“Hey!  I wanted a shot at her next!” whined Tunnel Rat. 

“It’s alright, gentlemen,” Lotus said coldly.  “I am more than ready for both of you.” 

After a look of agreement between them, Big Lob and Tunnel Rat moved into position on either side of Lotus.  “This lady is a little crazy!” said Law to Jinx.  “2 on 1?  Against guys she’s never seen before?” 

“She’s trained ninjitsu like me, Law,” Jinx said.  “We’re trained to be ready for anything.” 

Big Lob swung a kick at Lotus, who jumped up to avoid it and an oncoming Tunnel Rat.  Landing back first onto Tunnel Rat’s back, the ninja spun into a kick of her own that caught Big Lob.  Sending the big man staggering backward, Lotus flipped off the bewildered Tunnel Rat then monkey flipped him into Big Lob.  Law laughed nervously and looked at Chuckles.  “Any chance you want her next?”  Chuckles shrugged and walked back to the weights. 

Lotus bowed to each of the downed Rawhides, then to Beach Head.  “I trust you find my work satisfactory, Sensei Beach Head?  Since I have defeated all of my opponents?” 

“Not all, sweetheart!” 

Lotus turned to see Jinx marching onto the mat, unwrapping the red ribbon from her waist and tying it over her eyes.  “You want on this squad, you’re going to have go through me!” 

“Ah, you have been trained by the blind masters.  I have always wanted to test my skills against one with your talents.” 

Jinx raised her arms to defend herself.  “Then take your best shot.” 

Beach Head shot a look at Law, who shrugged.  Beach Head groaned and raised his hand.  “Alright.  Keep this clean and in the gym.  Let’s get it on!” 



Jinx and Lotus start with just hand to hand, then move on to using traditional ninja weaponry (katana, throwing stars, etc).  Last ninja standing wins. 

Game On! 

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Another good set-up, broadway, and great match-up. Funny thing is, Nicktoons is now airing reruns of the '87 TMNT show (to help promote the new TMNT film, no doubt). They haven't gotten past Season 2 on Nicktoons yet, so I kind of needed that link to the ep with Lotus to refresh myself on what she can do. 

As for the match, I gotta think on it for a bit as both Jinx and Lotus are very skilled. 

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Good match. I give the match a 5.0.

On 8/16/2023 at 2:38 AM, DSkillz said:

Another good set-up, broadway, and great match-up. Funny thing is, Nicktoons is now airing reruns of the '87 TMNT show (to help promote the new TMNT film, no doubt). They haven't gotten past Season 2 on Nicktoons yet, so I kind of needed that link to the ep with Lotus to refresh myself on what she can do. 

As for the match, I gotta think on it for a bit as both Jinx and Lotus are very skilled. 

For me, I got the 87 TMNT show on a DVD set with all 10 seasons. I was on Season 4 before I stopped watching it. One of these days I well need to get back watching it again.

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Okay, I think I've made up my mind here. It will a close fight, but I'm thinking Lotus would eventually win, based mainly on her in-universe rep and experience. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - StormChaser
4.60 - DSkillz
4.00 - Boratz
4.30 - Pizzaguy2995
5.00 - Venom 2009

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
22.90 Total Combined Score
22.90 / 5 = 4.58 Final Rating on the match

Jinx: 1
Lotus Blossom: 5

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The other Rawhides watched as Jinx and Lotus circled the padded floor in fighting stances.  Lotus’ eyes were fixed on Jinx, taking in her every step.  Suddenly, Jinx gave out a yell and charged forward with a strike.  Lotus leaned backwards to dodge but failed to avoid Jinx sweeping her legs out from under her in the same movement. 

“We got ourselves a fight here, folks!” Big Lob whispered excitedly.  “A brawl between the belles of battlin’!  The numero unos of ninjitsu!  The…” 

“Ah shut it, Lob!” hissed Tunnel Rat.  “You want to throw off Jinx’s concentration?” 

“Yeah, Lob, keep it down,” said Falcon.  Big Lob gave a knowing smirk.  “Aw, didn’t know you cared, lover boy.”  Falcon blustered and turned away.  “Just shut up.” 

Jinx pressed her advantage.  Despite her eyes being covered, she was able to detect the footfalls and breathing of Lotus.  She threw strike after strike and forced the ninja closer and closer to the padded wall.  Jinx threw one more jab, but Lotus was ready for her this time.  She caught Jinx by the wrist and held on.  She then sprang off the padded wall over Jinx’s head, yanking on the arm with all her strength. 

Jinx cried out in pain as her momentum slammed her into the mat.  Lotus dropped onto the mat next to Jinx and locked in an armbar.  She pulled back harder on the arm until Jinx rolled through it.  Jinx scrambled across the mat and struggled to regain her bearings as Lotus kipped up to her feet. 

“You have fought well, Jinx,” said Lotus.  “There would be no dishonor if you were to surrender.” 

Jinx crawled toward the edge the mat until her fingers made contact with Lotus’ discarded sheathe.  Gripping a hold on the katana’s handle, she grinned dangerously.  “First thing you need to learn about G.I. Joe: we never surrender!” 

Jinx pulled out the katana and swung it at Lotus.  Lotus flipped backwards to avoid the blade as Jinx held it at the ready. 

“Jinx!” barked Beach Head.  “What are you doing?!  This is a sparring session, not a Bruce Lee movie!  Stand down!” 

“Forgive me, Sensei Beach Head,” said Lotus, reaching into her gi.  “But I accepted this challenge.  And I will be the one who determines it’s end!’ 

Pulling out a handful of throwing stars, Lotus hurled them at Jinx.  Jinx could her the familiar whistle as the deadly projectiles spun towards her.  She raised the katana to block three of the stars then dropped down to avoid the rest.  She rose back up to her feet, her every sense straining to detect where Lotus was.  She slowly stepped around the mat with her acquired weapon at the ready.  Falcon opened his mouth to speak, but remained silent from a glare from Beach Head. 

Jinx could hear no breathing or footfalls anywhere around her.  But something else didn’t sound right.  The fans were still turned on in the gym, cycling air throughout the room.  But the sound had changed.  Almost as if something was in the way of the breeze.  Something above her… 

Before Jinx could realize what had happened, Lotus dropped out of the rafters in the ceiling.  While Jinx had been distracted by the throwing stars, Lotus had leaped into the rafters overlooking the mat.  Now she came crashing on top of her staggered opponent.  Lotus delivered a quick jab to Jinx injured arm, forcing her to let go of the katana.  She snatched the sword from Jinx’s grip, then hip tossed Jinx to the mat.  Jinx could only raise her arms defensively as Lotus gave a warlike yell and swung the katana at her head. 


At Beach Head’s order the katana blade stopped inches from Jinx’s nose.  The Rawhides stood in silent appreciation as Jinx groaned and ripped her blindfold off her eyes.  “Okay, you are pretty good.” 

Lotus lowered the katana and offered her hand to Jinx.  “You are as well, Jinx.  It is clear that the ways of the blind ninja masters are in worthy hands.”  Lotus gave a bow of respect.  Jinx looked annoyed for a second, then sighed and returned the bow. 

“Perhaps you could teach me this fighting style,” continued Lotus.  “I would enjoy the opportunity to learn such an intriguing form of ninjitsu.”  Jinx thought for a moment.  “Weeeell, I don’t know.”  She grinned and winked at Lotus.  “Maybe if you want to go best 2 out of 3?”  Lotus returned the smile.  “It would be an honor.” 

“And it would be an honor to watch it, right, guys?” said Falcon to the Rawhides. 

“Yeah!” cheered Big Lob.  “Let’s get this rematch started!” 

“Oh, they’ll be having a rematch,” interrupted Beach Head.  “But you Rawhides will be getting back to work!  You’ve had a nice rest watching the two ladies fight.  Now you’re all ready for another workout!  SO GET OUT THERE AND GIVE ME 20 LAPS AROUND THE COMPOUND!  MOVE IT!” 

Jinx shook her head in amusement as Falcon and the rest of the Rawhides groaned and jogged out of the gym.  “They are certainly… unusual, aren’t they?” asked Lotus. 

“Meh, you get used to them after awhile,” said Jinx. 

“They do remind me of another group of boys I met once.  In New York, a long time ago.  But that is a tale for another day.  Shall we begin?” 

The two ninjas bowed to each other and went into fighting position. 

“And if I win, you can help me how to use that katana?” 

“And when I beat you again, you teach me how to fight blindfolded.” 

“Ooo, look at little Miss Overconfident!” 

“Confidence is necessary to all ninjas.  Especially when it comes from already secured victory.” 

“You just got lucky!  This time no going up in the ceiling!” 

“Are you going to make excuses or fight?” 

“Oh, you are going to fit right in here!  Bring it on!” 



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