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Match 19427 Zuko vs. Adam Taraus

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Megastory 3.23

Masters of Evil



Previously: a cabal of men instigated the ressurection for Emperor Han- The Dragon Emperor. A conquerer by nature The Dragon Emperor killed Fire Lord Ozai and took over the Fire Nation. He issued death contracts on Ozai’s children Azula and Zuko, Azula being a easy target, while Zuko being more of a challenge given his affiliation with the Masters of Evil.

When he learned of his father and sisters death Zuko was assigned the mission of getting the dragon dagger, the one weapon that could kill Han.



Some present, some virtual, The Cabal stared at each other patiently.

The immortal- Gideon- opened with a question that set the purpose of the meeting. “How is our emperor doing?”

“He’s doing exactly what we wanted him to do.” Sebastian Shaw answered. “His old world conquest tactics are drawing everyone’s attention.”

“How soon do you suspect they will make moves against him?”

“At the rate of success he is enjoying, Russia should be hitting him any day now.”

The sorcerer- Jafar- added. “The Americans have a team in China that tried to stop his resurrection. They are still in play as far as I know.”

“So then we don’t have to put any of our contingencies in place?” asked Gideon.

“There’s an issue with that.” Arthur Petrelli reported. “The prince of the Fire Nation has stolen the Dragon Dagger. There is a team in pursuit but no apprehension yet.”

“No doubt on a mission to avenge his family.” Jafar commented.

Sebastian Shaw proposed another question. “How bad do we want the dagger back? This young man could do our bidding of his own accord.”

“Only if he did it at a moment convenient to us.” Gideon replied.

“Can he do it through?” Shaw pressed.

“Probably not. But he’s thoroughly motivated. The young man could surprise us.”

“Then I suggest keep the pressure on him. Should he survive Arthur’s thugs, he will be primed to kill the Dragon Emperor.”



Even though he was successful in getting the dragon dagger, Zuko found himself in more trouble than he expected. This Cabal sent agents after him as soon as he escaped Murderworld. Had it been mere street thugs, he would not have worried but these were metahumans that were tailing him.

The prince debated if he should call Baron Zemo for help, pride overpowering common sense. Even though he was a core member of the Masters of Evil, he could tell that the others didn’t look at him as an equal. Successfully completing a solo mission would show them his value.

He didn’t know who his pursuers were a smart thing to do would be to try and find out. Stop running and fight back sounded pretty good too.

Most of his traps failed but he did take out one unlucky pursuer. Turned out to be some cultish group called the White Fang. Faunus’ which were different from mutants somehow.

There were still three more pursuers. When he found two of them downed, Zuko was confused. Had Zemo sent him backup?

“You’re pretty good.” a man called out.

Zuko looked and beheld an oni masked man with a sword on his hip. The other men carried guns but this guy was all about style.

“You’re the last man standing.” Zuko boasted.

“Give me the dagger and we can both walk away.”

“You’re going to have to walk away without it.”

“I’m not walking away without that dagger.”

Zuko ignited his hands. “Then you’re going to get swept up into an ashtray.”


Fight Parameters:


Battle over the Dragon Dagger.


Zuko has it on his person and Adam intends to take it away from him by any mean.



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Another good Megastory chapter, leroy. 

As for the match, Zuko's a damn good firebender and fighter, but it looks Adam may have him outmatched in speed and possibly power. 

Zuko may not get his revenge on the Emperor after all. :( 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
5.00 - Venom 2009
3.90 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.90 Total Combined Score
13.90 / 3 = 4.63 Final Rating on the match

Zuko: 2
Adam Taurus: 3

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