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Match 19455 Lothar vs. The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures)

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Megastory 26.2


Previously: The Defenders of the Earth learn that the Dark Hand has found and is selling one of the 13 Treasures of Rule. Mandrake the Magician goes undercover to try and buy it.



Mandrake lost the bid for the treasure of rule but it wasn’t over yet.

Valmont held his place as the deal was finished off. “I know you are all disappointed in the outcome but as I said. There are other items for sale.” Weapons and hideouts sold heartly.

When it was all over. Mandrake headed back to his pretend hotel but another of the sellers stopped him.

“Nothing of interest to you?”

Mandrake stayed in character. “I came for one thing and one thing only.”

“Really missed out. The hideout will be a great asset for an operation.”

“Who was that who bought the treasure.” Mandrake took command of the conversation, gaining useful information.

“You don’t know? That was Rasputin, mystic console for Russia.”

Mandrake had heard of this man and Russia’s mystic division. Every country had a mystic division but no one ever talked about it.

“Does he still work for Russia?”

The man shrugged. “I guess so. Otherwise I don’t know where he got the money to buy the treasure.”

This was good to know. But he didn’t want to push it and create suspicion by asking too many questions.

Lothar posed as Mandrake’s driver and the two discussed the matter.

“Looks like Russia is in on this. Not sure we’re equipped to fight an entire government.”

“We may not have to worry about the Russians.” Lothar replied. “We’re being followed. I’ll take you to the hotel and deal with these men.”



When the sale was over, Valmont couldn’t get over the suspicious newcomer. He called three of his enforcers and told them to follow him.

Finn, Ratso and Chow were told not to work the guy over but if he made trouble, they could do what they needed to do.

Mandrake went to his room pretending not to know that he was being watched.

The Dark Hand enforcers entered the hotel and found a large African man waiting for them.

“What do you want?” he demanded.

“Back off pal.” Chow barked. “We got questions for you boss.”

“You want to get to him. You’ve got to get through me.”

“Good man.” the biggest one- Ratso- stepped forward. “When we get done with your boss we’ll tell him to give you a raise.”



Fight Parameters:


Lothar is going to fight off the Dark Hand thugs.


They don’t really want to kill him but they’re thugs so they’ll have no problem doing it.


Lothar would like to make them retreat but if somebody has to die so be it.

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Pretty good set-up, leroy. I seem to vaguely remember a Defenders of the Earth show back in the day, but I don't think I ever watched it. 

I can't find anything specific about Lothar's abilities except that he's apparently superhumanly strong and a good fighter. If that's the case, then he might have a chance to ward the Enforcers off if he's also a little cunning. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
5.00 - StormChaser
3.80 - DSkillz
4.00 - patrickthekid

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
17.80 Total Combined Score
17.80 / 4 = 4.45 Final Rating on the match

Lothar: 4
The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures): 0

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