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What If Showa Godzilla Gained Spider Powers?

Venom 2009

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Welcome everyone. In this story, we’re going to see a scenario where the Godzilla of the Showa Series gains the powers of Spider-Man. While I will be following the canon of the Showa Series, I will add this one thing to help out with this fanfic. Now the story won’t have much detail, but the way I will be doing it will make things go faster. I hope you all will enjoy this. So then, let's begin.

Our story begins in Son of Godzilla (1967), where Godzilla and Minilla are fighting Kumonga. While the gigantic black spider is down on his back, Kumonga fires a stinger that strikes Godzilla in the eye. Unknown to the monsters, while the venom was making Godzilla sluggish, it was also slowly mutating the King of the Monsters from within. Now the rest of the movie would play out the same with Godzilla and Minilla defeating Kumonga, and the father and son duo going into hibernation.

After a few months, Godzilla and Minilla would wake up from their hibernation. The two monsters were going to leave Sollgel Island to find a new home. But before the two dinosaurs could go out to sea, Godzilla was getting a weird feeling in his head like something was trying to warn him. Godzilla grabbed Minilla and jumped away before a green blur could hit them. But not only that, but the jump was so powerful that Godzilla soared through the air like he was flying. Once Godzilla landed on his feet, he was at a far distance from where he had been before. Godzilla as well as Minilla couldn’t believe the distance he had jumped.

The father and son were shocked once again as they saw hovering up in the sky is Kamacuras. Unlike the first three Kamacuras’, this one was completely different in looks as well as most of its body being green.

This Kamacuras is like the one from Godzilla Final Wars (2004).

Like the three mantises before it, the bug was also mutated by the radioactive storm. The insect had just woke-up from the aftermath of the snowstorm, and was looking for something to eat. Godzilla roared to Minilla, telling him to hide somewhere. The small kaiju did as he was told and ran into the jungle. Kamacuras flew down towards Godzilla as he saw the Monster King as food that would keep him well fed. While this Kamacuras was much faster than the others, Godzilla was able to dodge the attacks as the weird feeling in his head allowed him to read the bug’s moves.

It was thanks to Godzilla’s new Spider-Sense, which was alerting him of the attacks, as well as his improved speed and agility that was helping him to dodge Kamacuras.

But Godzilla and Kamacuras were at a standstill as either one couldn’t get a good hit on the other. The King of the Monsters tried to use his Atomic Ray a number of times to knock Kamacuras out of the sky, but the mantis was too quick. After Kamacuras flew past Godzilla, without realizing it, the dinosaur had accidently shot out two web-lines from both his wrists. The webbing had hit Kamacuras in the back, and stopped him from flying any further.

Yes, I’m giving Godzilla the organic webbing that Spider-Man has in the Sam Raimi films.

After Godzilla gets over his shock of the webbing, he uses the lines to slam Kamacuras to the ground a number of times. Godzilla then uses the Atomic Ray to finish off Kamacuras. Minilla rejoins with Godzilla, and is happy that his father won the fight. Godzilla himself was surprised by these new powers. The saurus didn’t know how this was possible. But the only thing Godzilla could think of was his fight with Kumonga being responsible for these new powers.

We now move onto the events of Godzilla vs Hedorah (1971). Godzilla comes to Sagami Bay to have his first fight with Hedorah. The Smog Monster leaps off a building intending to land right on top of the saurian. However, Godzilla’s Spider-Sense warns him not to let Hedorah touch him. Godzilla would jump back and Hedorah would slam onto the ground instead. The Monster King fires an Atomic Ray, only to find out it is useless against Hedorah. The Smog Monster leaps again, and this time pins Godzilla to the ground. Godzilla could see why his Spider-Sense had warned him as he was getting burned by Hedorah’s acidic body. Godzilla would knock Hedorah off him and swing the kaiju around like he did in the movie. Hedorah would slam himself a third time against Godzilla, but the dino would dodge and hit the space monster in the back. After Hedorah hits the ground, Godzilla uses his webbing to cover up the toxic kaiju, and makes him stick to the floor. However, Hedorah's acidic body would eat away at the webbing. Eventually Hedorah retreats and escapes into the sea.

The rest of the movie would play out the same, up to where Godzilla battles Hedorah in his Flying Form. Godzilla slams Hedorah to the ground and throws a punch against the Smog Monster. Godzilla’s Spider-Sense would alert him to get away from Hedorah. After Godzilla jumps back,  Hedorah goes back into the air, releasing a sulfuric acid mist. But still Godzilla isn’t safe as Hedorah flies around him, and the dino falls as he chokes on the acid.

We then move on to the battle at Mount Fuji where Hedorah is in his Final Form. Hedorah starts off by firing shots of sludge, but with Spider-Sense and agility, Godzilla would dodge the attacks. However, Hedorah would get a lucky shot that hits Godzilla in the eye. Now normally Godzilla’s regeneration would be weak against Hedorah’s toxins. But the Spider Powers come with a healing factor that would improve Godzilla’s healing ability. So, Godzilla’s eye would heal up in seconds.

Hedorah transforms into his Flying Form and flies towards Godzilla. Godzilla's Spider-Sense goes off, and he dodges Hedorah’s Crimson Energy Beam. When Hedorah goes past him, Godzilla fires web-lines at Hedorah’s back. Godzilla uses the web-lines to swing Hedorah around, before slamming him onto the ground. The King of the Monsters fires off more webbing to coverup Hedorah. But Hedorah would break free by transforming into his Final Form. Hedorah jumps over Godzilla, trying to hit him with sludge, only for the dinosaur to dodge it. After Hedorah lands, Godzilla tricks the alien by using his tail to hit a rock, to make the Smog Monster look away. Godzilla then uses his hand to take out one of Hedorah's eyes. The two giants would get in a wrestling match that ends with Godzilla knocking Hedorah down. When Hedorah rises up, he fires Crimson Energy Beams, only for Godzilla to evade them. However, when the beams hit the ground, they create clouds of toxic smoke that Godzilla chokes on, and causes him to fall down. Hedorah gets on top of Godzilla, transforms into his Flying Form, and carries the Monster King away.

Now I should point out that in the movie, Hedorah killed a bunch of teenagers. But since Godzilla kept on fighting Hedorah, the teenagers would get to live.

After Hedorah drops Godzilla into a pit, he lands and goes back into his Final Form. Hedorah was going to give the King of the Monsters a sludge bath. But thanks to four years of having the Spider Powers, Godzilla is able to climb up the inner walls of the pit to avoid the pooling of waste.

The rest of the fight would be the same, up to where Godzilla uses the two electrodes to dry out Hedorah. The smaller Hedorah would try to escape, only for Godzilla to catch the kaiju with web-lines and yank the alien back to the electrodes. Godzilla would use the electrodes again to finish off the second Hedorah.

The downside is we wouldn’t get to see Godzilla use his Atomic Ray to fly.

We now go into Godzilla vs Gigan (1972). Godzilla and Anguirus arrives at an oil refinery, where they face off with Gigan and King Ghidorah. Things go the same with Godzilla knocking King Ghidorah down, and using his Atomic Ray to shoot Gigan out of the sky. While Godzilla marches towards the downed Gigan, his Spider-Sense alerts him of Ghidorah’s Gravity Beams. After dodging the attacks, Godzilla uses his webbing to cover up Ghidorah's right and left heads. Gigan tries to attack Godzilla, but the Spider-Sense goes off. Godzilla fires web-lines at Gigan and swings him right at King Ghidorah.

While the space monsters are fighting Godzilla and Anguirus, they will be luring the dinosaurs to World Children's Land. King Ghidorah, with his two heads free of the webbing, attacks Godzilla with Gravity Beams, and pushes him down on a bridge. After Anguirus gets beaten up by Gigan, Godzilla teams up with him against the cyborg. Gigan kicks a boulder at Anguirus, who knocks the rock to Godzilla, who sends it right back and hits Gigan’s face. Godzilla’s Spider-Sense goes off, and he grabs Anguirus for them to avoid Ghidorah's Gravity Beams. Godzilla gets an idea as he uses two web-lines to connect to Anguirus. The spiked carapace behemoth curls himself into a ball and Godzilla uses him like a wrecking ball to hit both Gigan and King Ghidorah.

When the monsters get close to World Children's Land, Ghidorah uses his wings to make hurricane winds against Godzilla. While the King of the Monsters is distracted, Gigan takes to the sky to attack him. But Godzilla dodges Gigan’s strikes thanks to his agility and Spider-Sense. Godzilla fires a shot of webbing that hits Gigan in the eye, and makes the cyborg crash to the ground.

Godzilla notices Godzilla Tower and marches towards the base of the Nebulan Space Hunter M Aliens. Triple-Beams are fired from the tower, but Godzilla is able to dodge the lasers. In rage, King Ghidorah joins the tower by firing Gravity Beams. However, Godzilla keeps on avoiding the attacks. Godzilla fires a ball of webbing that clogs up the mouth of the tower, causing the Godzilla Tower to explode. Godzilla and Anguirus continue their battle with Gigan and King Ghidorah. The rest of the fight ends the same way as it did in canon with King Ghidorah and Gigan retreating into space.

Next up is Godzilla vs Megalon (1973). Now there isn’t that many changes. When Megalon and Gigan are down on the ground, Godzilla checks on the cyborg to see if he’s alive. The Spider-Sense would allow Godzilla to avoid a hit from Gigan. Megalon fires a Napalm Bomb from his mouth, only for Godzilla to dodge and catch the red ball with a web-line. Godzilla swings the line, and the Napalm Bomb explodes against Megalon. Gigan goes into the air to attack Godzilla, but the saurus dodges the alien’s attacks, and uses his Atomic Ray to knock the cyborg out of the sky. When Megalon and Gigan tries a sneak attack, Godzilla’s Spider-Sense alerts him, and he gets Jet Jaguar and himself out of harms way. The rest of the movie plays out the same.

Now while the Zone Fighter TV Series is canon, I won’t be covering it. Godzilla only appears in five episodes. To make it simple, the show will play out the same. The only difference is Godzilla having extra powers and it would probably give him an easier time against the Terror-Beasts.

Moving on to Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1974). After Mechagodzilla burned away his disguise, he fires Space Finger Missiles, but Godzilla dodges them with his agility. Mechagodzilla shoots his Space Beams, only for Godzilla to dodge the lasers as well. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla get into a beam-lock, only for there to be an explosion that knocks both competitors back. Godzilla falls into the bay, while Mechagodzilla suffers major damage to his head-control unit. This forces the Black Hole Aliens to withdraw and recall Mechagodzilla back to their Okinawa base.

Things play out the same, until Godzilla shows up to stop Mechagodzilla from destroying King Caesar. Godzilla fires an Atomic Ray, only for Mechagodzilla to fly up, and makes the attack hit King Caesar instead. Mechagodzilla flies towards Godzilla and fires the Space Beams, only for the dino to jump up to avoid the attack. Godzilla jumps so high that he meets Mechagodzilla in the air, and performs a powerful punch that sends the robot crashing to the ground. After Godzilla lands, he beats-down on Mechagodzilla, only for the machine to use his boosters to get a far-away distance from the saurus.

Godzilla and King Caesar surround Mechagodzilla at both sides. Mechagodzilla hits King Caesar with Space Beams, and fires Space Finger Missiles at Godzilla, but the Monster King dodges them. Godzilla keeps on dodging Mechagodzilla’s missiles, but one does hit him in the leg that causes him to fall down. But as soon as Godzilla hits the ground, he fires an Atomic Ray that hits Mechagodzilla.

Mechagodzilla rotates his head to generate the Defense Neo Barrier. Godzilla fires his Atomic Ray, however, the barrier repels the beam. Godzilla was going to attack Mechagodzilla with his hands, but his Spider-Sense warns him against touching the barrier. So, Godzilla does the next best thing as he fires webbing. The Defense Neo Barrier is unable to withstand physical threats, and breaks, allowing the webbing to cover up Mechagodzilla's upper body. Godzilla has two web-lines connected to Mechagodzilla, and uses them to swing the robot around. Godzilla throws Mechagodzilla at King Caesar, who performs a powerful kick that sends the machine skipping on the ground.

Mechagodzilla breaks free from the webbing, and unleashes an all-out assault of lasers and missiles. Unfortunately, Godzilla can’t dodge all of them. While Godzilla and King Caesar are getting bombed, Godzilla’s regeneration is healing him faster than the attacks can do damage. However, the regeneration can’t help Godzilla to stop the pain he’s feeling from the lasers and missiles. Mechagodzilla takes off into the sky, and fires Space Beams, only for Godzilla to dodge the lasers. The flying machine keeps on firing Space Beams, but can’t get a hit on Godzilla. Mechagodzilla tries to ram into Godzilla, however the living dinosaur avoids him. Godzilla fires web-lines that connected to Mechagodzilla’s legs, stopping the robot from flying any further. The Monster King uses the lines to reel in Mechagodzilla. But Mechagodzilla uses his Space Beams to break free of the webbing. Godzilla thinks of another way to bring Mechagodzilla down. He turns himself into a magnetic force to draw the metal monster towards him. Once Godzilla has gotten a hold on Mechagodzilla, the robot tries to escape, only for the saurus to hold him down. King Caesar slams into the robot many times before Godzilla uses his brute strength to twist and rips off Mechagodzilla's head. The Spider-Sense alerted Godzilla, and he gets himself away before Mechagodzilla explodes into many pieces of shrapnel.

Now into Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975). Titanosaurus uses his tail to make hurricane winds against Godzilla. While the King of the Monsters is fighting his way through the winds, his Spider-Sense alerts him about Mechagodzilla. But there is nothing Godzilla can do about it as the winds are making it problematic for him to move. Godzilla is hit by Space Beams that cause him to fall down, and roll away by the force of the hurricane winds. Titanosaurus does a powerful kick that sends Godzilla flying, and crashing to the ground. By the time Godzilla gets up, Titanosaurus slams into him, and the two dinosaurs fall on a building. Godzilla and Titanosaurus get up and the two of them exchange physical blows. The Monster King gains the upper hand and knocks Titanosaurus into a building. After Godzilla picks up Titanosaurus, the Spider-Sense warns him about Mechagodzilla. Godzilla turns around and uses Titanosaurus as a shield to block the Space Beams from hitting him. Godzilla throws Titanosaurus at Mechagodzilla which knocks the Robotic Doppelganger to the ground. 

When Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla get up, a bunch of jets show up and attacks all three monsters. Godzilla fires web-lines and traps the jets inside a ball of webbing. The Monster King swings the lines around, and throws the web-ball which explodes against Mechagodzilla. Titanosaurus runs towards Godzilla to attack him, but the Monster King fires webbing that makes Titanosaurus’ arms stick to his upper body. While Titanosaurus is trying to break himself free, Mechagodzilla recovers, and unleashes an all-out assault of lasers and missiles at Godzilla. The King of the Monsters fights his way through the attacks to get to Mechagodzilla. Once Godzilla reaches Mechagodzilla, he starts to punch away at the robot. Godzilla even gets behind Mechagodzilla to grab his tail to spin the metal dinosaur around.

Titanosaurus breaks free from the webbing, and was going to help Mechagodzilla fight Godzilla, until he is attacked by the supersonic wave oscillator from a helicopter. Godzilla is able to remove Mechagodzilla’s head again, only to reveal the robot’s bionic brain. Godzilla was going to attack Mechagodzilla, but his Spider-Sense warned him in time to avoid a Laser Firing Apparatus. Mechagodzilla keeps on firing lasers, only for Godzilla to dodge them. Godzilla uses his webbing to cover up the bionic brain. Not taking a chance to use the Laser Firing Apparatus, the blind Mechagodzilla fires the Cross Attack Beam and missiles. Godzilla just goes around Mechagodzilla without the attacks hitting him.

Godzilla gets an idea as he sees Titanosaurus being attacked by the supersonic wave oscillator, and lets out a roar to Mechagodzilla. The metal saurus turns around and fires more missiles and the Cross Attack Beam. Godzilla just jumps out of the way, and Titanosaurus is the one to get hit by the attacks. Once Mechagodzilla hears Titanosaurus in pain, he stops with the beam and missiles. Before Titanosaurus could hit the ground, Godzilla grabs him by his long neck. With one swing, Godzilla uses Titanosaurus as a weapon to shatter Mechagodzilla's bionic brain, knocking the robot offline. After Godzilla throws Titanosaurus away, he tossed Mechagodzilla several miles away, and having him fall into a crevice. Godzilla fires a powerful atomic ray that destroys Mechagodzilla once and for all.

Oh, yea, since Mechagodzilla was defeated earlier, Katsura Mafune would get to live. The rest of the battle would end the same way with Godzilla destroying the Black Hole UFOs, and Titanosaurus falling off a cliff to go back to his watery home.

Now we go into 1999 with the events of Destroy All Monsters (1968). Not much would change here. The only thing that would happen is Godzilla joining with Mothra and Kumonga in webbing up King Ghidorah, but that wouldn’t do much to him. However, King Ghidorah would be shocked to see that Godzilla can use webbing, as this is the first time, he fought the Monster King since the 60's. Yea, according to some sources, there were two King Ghidorahs in the Showa Series. One in the 60's and 1999, and the other one in the 70's. Overall, things would end the same way with King Ghidorah and the Kilaakian defeated with Godzilla and Earth’s monsters living in peace on Monster Land.

If you have made it this far, thank you very much for reading this fanfic.

Now to get some things out. I know that Godzilla getting the powers of Spider-Man from Kumonga is silly. This is mostly a joke what if to be not taking seriously, which is why I posted it on April Fools’ Day. But you can see how Godzilla having extra powers has helped him out in his fights. Now some of you may not like the idea of having the Final Wars Kamacuras in Showa Series. But I needed a way for Godzilla to discover the Spider Powers. There is a four-year time gap between SOG and GVH with DAM happening in the future and All Monsters Attack (1969) not canon. So, I thought why not throw another version of Kamacuras in this fanfic. Plus, the Final Wars Kamacuras didn’t really have an effect in the events in the Showa Series. I might do more Godzilla What Ifs in the future, and I will try to make them more realistic than this one. If you think Showa Godzilla with Spider-Man’s powers would have gone differently than what was in this scenario, let me know in the replies.

Anyway, that’s all. I hope you all enjoyed the fanfic. Goodbye.

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Awhile back I made this for Deviantart on April Fools’ Day. So, I might as well post it here too.

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