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Match 19467 Ioz vs. Kusaragedo

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Megastory 21.9


Previously: With Octopon destroyed the crew of the Legacy set out to gather the Thirteen Treasures of Rule.


Knowing the location of all Thirteen Treasures of Rule was one thing. Getting them was another story. Ages ago, Octopon had dispersed the treasures around the world since all of them together created too concentrated a power center. And it was well known that power corrupts.

The then king of Octopon gave one to Atlantis before it sank. That is where Kida took Tula and Moana. It would be an easy grab. There was another more difficult place where a treasure had been taken.

This was done to at least stumble any power hungry tyrants who would seek out the treasures.

Captain Amelia had Cracker Jack lead the Legacy’s fighting men, Ioz, Cole Young, Danny the Dog and Spike.

Cracker Jack was totally against going as his job was to protect Captain Amelia but he obeyed her orders.

After all this time, no one around who even knew that the treasure was there.

They found the entrance to a cave that no one would notice.

“This place doesn’t feel right.” Cole complained.

“Yeah,” Spike agreed. “Got a bad vibe in here. I spent some time in the undergrounds with the Morlocks in New York. Never felt a vibe like this there.”

“This thing is supposed to be treasure of good.” Said Cracker Jack. “Not adding up in my book.”

“I think it’s just a powerful magic crystal.” Cole replied. “Something else is wrong.”

They got to a larger opening and hurriedly rushed for cover. Someone was already down here.

“What is this?”

The men were up to something and Cracker Jack’s team interrupted them.

“You messed up or ritual!” One protested.

Guns showing, Cracker Jack boasted. “Whatever you guys are doing. It’s over. We ain’t here for you but you ain’t wanted here. Git.”

He jerked his head to the exit to be sure they understood this country slang.

“Okay so now what?” asked Spike looking around. It was a gruesome area. Splattered blood and body parts were littering the floor. There wasn’t a lot but definitely more than a couple of people had died here. Adult and children.

Then what the men were doing down here started to become clear. They were sacrificing to a demon. And without that sacrifice, the demon was pissed.

It was a massive thing, humanly deformed and smelled of old blood. He was hunched over like in the story of Notre Dame but much worse literally crawling on all fours.

“Chongo Longo!” Ioz exclaimed. “What in the world is wrong with him?”

“Call me crazy but I think he’s been eating people!” Cracker Jack snarled.

Ioz’s muscled bulged. “I many not be a saint but this is not alright in any way.” Ioz roared forgetting his gun and letting his sword cut.



Fight Parameters:


Ioz, enraged by Kusaragedo’s nature, seeks to kill him. Kusaragedo, hungry as ever, wants to kill Ioz and eat him.


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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.30 - Pizzaguy2995
4.20 - JohnnyChany
5.00 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.50 Total Combined Score
13.50 / 3 = 4.50 Final Rating on the match

Ioz: 2
Kusaragedo: 4

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