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Match 19469 Tommy Oliver vs. AkaRed

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Zombie Power Rangers: Part 37


Previously: The Super Sentai teams, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heros were killed by Serpentera as the zord was being piloted by Billy Cranston. The only one that was left standing was AkaRed. The red warrior had one more trick up his sleeve, as he used a device to bring Daijinryuu onto the battlefield. AkaRed took off running, leaving Serpentera and Daijinryuu to fight each other.


Note: This takes place during the same time as the fight in Part 36.


Serpentera did a kick to Daijinryuu that knocked the living dragon backwards.

“Eat Lightning!” The Zombified Billy yelled.

But before Serpentera could launch the attack, Daijinryuu used his tail to hit against the machine’s neck. The Lightning Breath was fired from Serpentera’s mouth, as the attack was now heading towards the Command Center. The yellow lightning flew over the Command Center, but not without taking a chunk off the roof.

When the Command Center stopped shaking, Zordon, Alpha, Tommy, Circuit, and Finster looked up to see there was a giant hole in the ceiling.

“That’s it! The Earth has become too dangerous! We need to get off this planet while we still have a chance!” Finster yelled.

“We can’t leave! What about the zombie virus?! It’s still a threat to the universe!” Alpha yelled.

“Billy is the last zombie. When the Machine Empire gets here, they will wipe out everything on this planet; including the Blue Ranger. Once he’s gone, the universe will be safe.” Finster said.

“We are not abandoning the Earth, or Billy.” Tommy said.

“Don’t you see? With the Power Rangers dead, the Earth is doomed.” Finster said.

“In case you’ve forgotten, I’m a Power Ranger.” Tommy said.

“You may be the greatest ranger, but not even you can beat a whole army of robots; let alone two Serpenteras.” Finster said.

“If you want to run away, be my guest. But hand over the vaccine, so I can cure Billy.” Tommy said.

“Sure, you can have it.” Finster said as he threw a small bottle to Tommy. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting far away from this planet. But if you all somehow survive this, I might as well tell you something; it turns out that our Moon Spider friend is....” AkaRed dropped down from the ceiling, and landed behind Finster.

AkaRed uses HurricaneRed’s sword to stab into Finster's back, which went right through his heart, and came out of his chest. After AkaRed pulled the sword out, Finster fell to the floor as he was dead.

Zordon, Alpha, Tommy, and Circuit were all shocked by what just happened.

“Nice place you have here. Too bad I have to destroy it.” AkaRed said.

Alpha made a run for the control panel.

“Oh no, you don’t!” AkaRed yelled as he creates a copy of DekaRed's D-Magnum and uses it to fire a laser.

Alpha cries out as the laser creates an explosion in his chest and knocks him onto the floor. There was now a big burning hole in Alpha’s chest. Alpha tried to say something, but the damage was so bad that it caused him to power down.

“Alpha!” Zordon yelled in horror.

"You bastard!" Circuit yelled as he flew towards AkaRed to attack him. However, AkaRed did a kick that sent Circuit slamming against the wall, and falling onto the floor. Circuit went offline as the three impacts did a lot of damage to him.

“Circuit, No!” Tommy yelled.

“That was payback for what your friend did to the Super Hero Taisen Army.” AkaRed said.

“None of this would have happened, if you guys hadn’t picked a fight with us. If we had all worked together in the beginning, we could have stopped this zombie outbreak sooner, and prevented all these deaths.” Tommy said.

“Like us true heroes would have worked with you Super Sentai Impostors. Now then let’s get back to where we left off; you getting killed.” AkaRed said.

“I don’t know what we’ve done to make you people hate us, but I’m going to be the one to end this feud.” Tommy said.

“Oh, what can you do? You don’t have your Zeo Powers anymore.” AkaRed said.

“They may be gone, but I still have this.” Tommy said, as he got out his Morpher.

"Its Morphin Time! White Ranger Power!" Tommy yelled as he morphed into the White Ranger.

“Ah! It doesn’t matter if you’re Kiba Ranger or OhRed. I have all the powers of the Red Sentai Warriors to back me up. Once I’ve taken care of you, that head in the tube is next.” AkaRed said.

“That’s not going to happen!” The White Ranger yelled.

“Be careful, Tommy.” Zordon said.


So, there you have it. I hope everyone enjoyed this new part to my arc.


-Tommy/White Ranger is powered by the White Falcon Power Coin.

-Tommy can use the Metallic Armor.

-I will post videos of the Metallic Armor under the Callisto Post.

Who do you think will win?

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The Metallic Armor 







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Well sixth rangers are supposed to be the most powerful ones and the White Ranger is still one of the most powerful of all. The AkaRed is a Red Ranger and I would wager even the Japanese red rangers as weaker than American made sixth rangers. 

White Tommy wins.

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White Ranger Tommy was not just good, he was a legend. One of my childhood heroes growing up and one that made me want to be a hero as a kid. He’s got the skills, abilities, and experience to win this. 

RIP Jason David Frank. Thank you for being a true hero on and off the screen.

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Things are really starting to come to a head now. :) Good set-up, Venom. Hard to tell where the arc goes from here. 

I think Tommy can win with his full litany of Ranger power-ups, but it likely won't be easy against someone with the powers of every Red Sentai Ranger. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.50 - Pizzaguy2995
4.40 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
8.90 Total Combined Score
8.90 / 2 = 4.45 Final Rating on the match

Tommy Oliver: 5
AkaRed: 1

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