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Match 19483 Gon Freecs vs. Steven Universe

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Gon Freecss vs Steven Universe










The fire and ice hero was indeed starting to look rather tired as his attacks kept missing his lightning quick opponent. As Todoroki attempted to catch his catch his breath, Killua quickly took advantage and drove a closed fist into his foe’s stomach. Shoto Todoroki gasped as the air was knocked out of his stomach before a roundhouse kick caught him in the chin and sent him flying backwards, landing in a heap on the ground, unmoving.


“C’mon don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got pretty boy,” Killua arrogantly smirked as he strode towards his downed adversary. “And to think I was hoping for a real- what the-?”


Killua’s voice nearly cracked as he felt his feet freeze into place and upon looking down he realized in shock that his feet were in fact frozen in place! Shoto Todoroki had subtly released a trail of ice across the ground and had insnared Killua while the boy was grandstanding his supposed win!


“Apologies. But I promised my friend that I would not lose this match,” Shoto Todoroki slowly got to his feet, his left side burning hot as he prepared his final attack. “And thank you, for being strong enough to push me to my best!”






The flames were so large and hot, the people in the stands felt like they were in an oven for a brief moment! When it finally subsided, they saw the figure of Shoto Todoroki wiping some sweat from his brow as he scanned the area for what remains of his competitor.




A bolt of lighting hit Todoroki hard, zapping him so badly that it was all the stunned teen could do not to fall to his knees in pain. The Icy-Hot hero barely had a few seconds to wonder how the heck Killua had managed to escape his attack when a heavy chop to the back of his head quickly caused him to black out.


“Not bad scarface. You almost had me there,” Killua Zoldyck stood over the unconscious My Hero Acadamia student, half his shirt was burned off and his eyebrows were singed but he was still standing in clear victory.






Just as before Izuku Midoriya appeared on the scene to scoop up his fallen friend, his eyes gushing with tears once more.


“Yeah sorry about your friend. I couldn’t exactly hold back ya know?” Killua offered as sincere an apology as he could.


“No it’s alright. I understand that you wanted to win also. Thank you for being a great opponent to my friend. Best of luck to you in the tournament,” Midoriya bowed his head at Killua before he carried his friend out of the arena.


“ALRIGHT! Killua you did it! Great job!” Gon Freecss cheered enthusiastically as he all but tackled his partner in joy!


“Ouch! Hey take it easy Gon! Fry face left me with burns all over my body!” The now medium rare Killua winced at the rough treatment.


“Oh no! Hang in there buddy! I got some ointment and bandages ready just in case!” Gon quickly yet gently ushered his comrade over towards the benches.




“There we go. Are you feeling any better Killua?” Gon eyes showed worry as he looked over his pale albino companion.


“Yeah, yeah quit fussing over me already. I told you I was fine before,” Killua waved off Gon’s concern the best he could considering how tightly wrapped in bandages he was. “You should be more worried about yourself you know? Your match is next right?”


“I know and I can’t wait for it! I hope whoever I’m fighting is very strong! I wouldn’t want to hurt him by accident!” Gon Freecss spoke excitedly, shadow boxing the air for emphasis.


“Whoever he is just don’t hold back this time alright? I ain’t gonna be able to save your butt this time around,” Killua said with a slight edge.


“Don’t worry about me Killua, I’ll be fine,” Gon winked at Killua, missing the slight blush it drew from the lightning assassin. “Oh and hey! I think that’s my opponent over on the other side of the arena!”


“Which one? And why do they all look like alien rock women? Well all of them except for that chubby kid with the diamond in his belly button?” Killua eyes narrowed in confusion as he observed the other side.




“You know everyone- (nervous laugh) when you told me Steven signed up for some fighting tournament, I thought it was something like karate or whatever game humans consider “combat”. You neglected to mention that there would be humans that explode, shoot fireballs, lightning bolts, and-“


“Oh geez, Pearl’s having a freak out again,” Amethyst sighed.


“OH COURSE I’M FREAKING OUT! You didn’t tell me there was a chance my baby could get hurt!” Pearl shouted in distress.


“Would you get over yourself already? Let the little guy have some fun for a change!” Amethyst argued.


“This isn’t fun Amethyst, it’s barbaric! Steven can take up safer hobbies such as gardening, poetry, or knitting,” Pearl offered.


“Boring! C’mon Pearl the overprotective mom thing is getting annoying!” Amethyst glared at her fellow Gem. “Why don’t you just-“


“Amethyst. Pearl. Shut up,” Garnet firmly ordered. Seeing the other two comply, she turned to the Gems youngest member. “Are you certain this is what you want Steven? It’s not like you to go looking for fights.”


“It’s not so much that I’m looking for a fight Garnet, as much as I want to know whether I could handle one on my own,” Steven Universe looked down at his pink shield, the one that used to belong to his mother, and smiled fondly down at it. “No offense meant guys, I appreciate all the times you all looked out for me. But I just see this as a chance for me to step out on my own and maybe prove to myself that I’ve grown from that naive Beach City kid. You understand right?”


“Of course we do Steven. And no matter if you win or lose today, we’ll still be proud of how far you’ve come,” Garnet smiled proudly.


“What are you talking about Garnet, of course our not-so-little guy is gonna win! Get out there and win Stevasaurus!” Amethyst cheered and nudged Steven jokingly.


“Just try no to get hurt too badly. I just don’t know how much my heart can take,” Pearl offered her own sort of encouragement.


“Don’t worry Pearl, I’ll be fine okay?” Steven assured her.


“Alright ladies and gents time to start our third match of the day! In this corner; another Rookie Hunter hailing from Whale Island, don’t let his baby face fool you folks, this kid is built different! He passed the Hunter’s exam at 12 years old, the youngest in the organization’s history! Welcome to the arena, Gon Freecss!”


“And in this corner, fighting out of Beach City, Delmarva, this young hero is a Gem-human hybrid born from an alien revolutionary leader and a former musician, now car wash owner. He’s saved his home town from an alien invasion, toppled a galactic empire, and proved that guys can rock a dress, let’s give a warm welcome to Steven Universe!”


“Woah your name is Steven Universe? That’s super awesome! I bet you’re a powerful person! I’m honored to fight you!” Gon Freecss excitedly said.


“Oh, uh, thank you I guess. Wow you’re really nice, I kinda feel bad that we have to fight,” Steven sheepishly replied.


“Nah don’t feel bad! It’s the only way for us to get stronger ya know? So please don’t hold back on my account. Let’s both give it our all, alright?” Gon offered with a smile.


“Well alright then, best of luck to you then Gon. Let’s do this,” Steven Universe nodded as he readied himself.





Alright this time it’s Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter) vs Steven Universe (Steven Universe). They’re fighting in a standard fighting arena with the only rule being the first one to get knocked out or incapacitated loses. Who wins this match? 

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17 hours ago, IKA said:

@Pizzaguy2995 I'm going to be listening to this tomorrow at work, but I wanted to let you know this would qualify of the writer's challenge ;)

Well the thing is I kinda don’t really see this one as worthy of being in a Writer’s Challenge, I kinda wrote it in a hurry to add to my current match arc and I just feel like I could have done better.

Sorry had I known that it could qualify I would have put more effort into it, but trust me I’m currently working on my entry to the Challenge right now and it’ll be much better then this one.

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I thought it was really good, I think Gon takes this. Though I don't really know Steven Universe so it may be an unfair vote,

I just see Gon's speed and power being too much to overcome. He can keep up with Killua who was fast enough to rip a man's heart out and hand it to him. 


I would maybe add a link before the story next time that goes to the past part to form a bigger story thiugh.

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I liked the story pretty well. It was a bit short but good. I think Steven has a good shot here. Steven's shields are no joke and  can be used offensively too. He's not as fast but he can make up for that with his natural durability and his defensive powers

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.50 - Boratz
5.00 - patrickthekid

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.50 Total Combined Score
9.50 / 2 = 4.75 Final Rating on the match

Gon Freecs: 1
Steven Universe: 2

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