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Match 19494 Normandy Crew vs. The Starjammers

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Megastory 24.3



Previously: Following the kidnapping of River Tam and the murder of the rest of the Serenity crew, Commander Sheppard and the crew of the Normandy pursued the perpetrator. They found the USS Vengeance and the Normandy was destroyed. Khan Nooniene Singh assigned Tyr Anasazi to kill the surviving crew.



The Nietzschean had underestimated his foe. Not only was a hunting a Citadel spector, but he didn’t even know that they had brought Marcus Cole- a Mimbari trained ranger.

Because they didn’t know he was coming, he got a few of the Normandy crew but the survivors quickly regrouped and Tyr Anasazi paid the price.

Now they took some R&R as they waited for a pick up. Little did they know that they would be drawn into another conflict soon.


Raza watched and waited. Corsair said not to move until the signal. What the signal would be was up to the circumstances. As The Normandy Crew fought it out with with Tyr Anasazi and his two back up men, Raza thought it was the signal and moved.

They were supposed to capture a man and bring him in for questioning.

By the time Raza was on the scene, Corsair and Chod were in a fire fight with some locals.

“Where be Hepzibah?” the cyborg asked his Shakespearean speech pattern ever present.

“About to spring our surprise.” Corsair answered him.

On the other side of the fight Ashely Williams and Tali tired to signal Wrex that their enemies had more back up.

The Starjammers still hadn’t found their man.

“I’m beginning to think we jumped into something that’s not our business.” Corsair admitted.

Marcus Cole fit in well with the Commander Sheppard’s crew. He probably wasn’t a long term companion but as far as team ups went, they couldn’t have asked for better.

The Mimbari trained Ranger held off two opponents freeing the others up to advance. But them some kind of stasis field was activated. It was an obvious trap considering the location- next to the entrance of a building. He was conscious and unhurt but Marcus was not going anywhere.

Thinking they had gotten their man, Hepzibah used the tracktor beam to move her prisoner. It would be a long haul, but the Starjammer’s transport beams were under repair.

Commander Sheppard saw the incident and called out to the others.

“They got Marcus! I’m going after him!”

“Not alone your aren’t!” Liara tagged herself along.

Before they could get a good sprint, Raza, Corsair and Chod gave Hepzibah some cover fire.

In retaliation, Tali, Ashely and Wrex opened fire on the rival trio.


Fight Parameters:


With Marcus Cole’s capture at steak, The Normandy Crew battle it out with the Starjammers.

The Starjammers will retreat as long as it’s convenient, because they have a prisoner.

The Normandy Crew will be satisfied if they can rescue Marcus Cole and won’t chase the Starjammers down as long as they retrieve their friend.


Normandy Crew consists of-


Commander Sheppard


Ashley Williams


Urdnot Wrex






The Starjammers consist of-










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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.20 - DSkillz
5.00 - Boratz
5.00 - StormChaser

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
14.20 Total Combined Score
14.20 / 3 = 4.73 Final Rating on the match

Normandy Crew: 0
The Starjammers: 2

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