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Jack Frost vs. Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei)
Jack Frost: 0
Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei): 4

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Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers
Commando Droids: 5
Imperial Death Troopers: 1

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Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
Raditz: 0
Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: 3

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Corvo Attano vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
Corvo Attano: 2
The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers): 3

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Rumble 19496 Kylo Ren and Chucky (2019 Remake) vs. The Bride (Frankenstein) and Bella Swan vs. Speedy Gonzales and Fox McCloud

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Battlesphere 2 Part 7

Currently in the Ring:                                     Eliminated:

                                                Chloe Bourgeois                                                John Spartan (Strength/skill/pistol)

                                                                                                                                John Wick (Strength/skill/pistol)

                                                Kylo Ren                                                               Michael Jordan (Strength/skill)

                                                Chucky                                                                 Kitana (Powers/weapons)

                                                Bride of Frankenstein                                      Miss America (Powers)

                                                Bella Swan                                                          Miss America (Powers)

Carmen Sandiego                                             None

                                                Gooey Gus                                                          None

                                                Lola Bunny                                                          None

                                                Phantom Lady                                                   None

                                                Xena                                                                      None

                                                Sweet                                                                    None

                                                Moonwalker                                                       None

                                                Michigan J. Frog                                                None


Andel Sanap: A blast of fire shoots from Sweet’s fingertips and Moonwalker anti-gravity leans out of the way! 

Al Rossi: Jumps into a kick that catches Sweet right in the face!  Lola and Carmen are going at it in the corner, Phantom Lady gives another projector blast to an even madder Gus, and Look out!  Chloe’s trying to get Xena over the ropes! 

Andel Sanap: But it seems that Kylo and Chucky have caught the eyes of our monstrous brides!  Bella and the Bride have been using Miss America’s flight to hover above the ring, but here they come! 

Crowd: 6!  5!  4!  3!  2!  1! 


P.A.: Arriba!  Andale!  Eppa eppa YEEHA! 

Al Rossi: The fastest mouse in all of Mexico!  Speedy Gonzales is here!  He tears around the ring, hopping onto the ring ropes! 

Andel Sanap: He breezes past Mr. Frog, who looks annoyed that his dance routine on the middle rope was interrupted.  He goes back into his routine, but look out for Moonwalker! 

Al Rossi: Goes into a spin that kicks the legs out from Sweet and sends Moonwalker flying towards the ropes!  Spinning backfist clobbers Michigan and that frog is history! 

Andel Sanap: Already the Battlesphere is starting to give Moonwalker his earned upgrades.  Toon power mixed with the considerable magics that Moonwalker possesses?  A dangerous combination! 

Al Rossi: Speaking of dangerous combos, look at Bella and the Bride!  They cornered Speedy at the turnbuckle!  Looks like there’s a disagreement over who should eliminate the Toon and get his powers! 

Andel Sanap: But Kylo and Chucky are right there, as well!  Chucky brandishes his Kitana fans and you can see the look of determination on the face of the Knight of Ren! 

Crowd: 5!  4!  3!  2!  1! 


P.A.: Let’s rock and roll! 

Al Rossi: And another new combatant!  At #20 it’s Fox McCloud!  He sees Speedy surrounded by some unpleasant company!  Whips out his blaster and fires! 

Andel Sanap: Kylo blocks with his lightsaber, Chucky leaps for Speedy who darts away!  Chucky slams into the Bride and Bella lunges for Kylo! 

Al Rossi: Two thirds of the way through the field of 30, and this battle royal has no signs of slowing down! 



Kylo Ren (Michael Jordan’s strength/skill) and Chucky (Kitana’s weapons/powers) vs The Bride (Miss America’s powers) and Bella Swan (Miss America’s powers) vs Speedy Gonzales and Fox McCloud

All are at full strength and also possess their normal weapons and powers. 

Also currently in the ring:

Chloe Boureois (John Wick and John Spartan’s abilities and weapons), Carmen Sandiego, Gooey Gus, Lola Bunny, Phantom Lady, Xena, Sweet, and Moonwalker. 

The combatant with the most votes gets the powers/abilities/weapons of the combatant with the least votes.  Ties for most votes means the two teams share the bonus powers.  Ties for least votes means both teams are eliminated, and all their powers go to the winners.  A team who finishes 2nd in the voting takes damage, but stays in the Battlesphere. 

Check out the other Rumbles to see how the rest of the match is going. 

Any questions feel free to ask them. 

Game On! 

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Man, Bella as a sparkly vampire and with Miss America's powers? Man, she's gonna be a handful in this Battlesphere arc, especially as she gains more abilities from others. 

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15 hours ago, DSkillz said:

Man, Bella as a sparkly vampire and with Miss America's powers? Man, she's gonna be a handful in this Battlesphere arc, especially as she gains more abilities from others. 

I don't know if there are other people in this thing but looking at this roaster, Bella is going to be pretty formidable. The Bride too.

Still Kylo Ren can win this. Chucky is and even deadlier killing machine with Kitanas powers.

Speedy Gonzalas is my favorite WB character but him and Fox McCloud are going to be outmatched. Kylo's force abilities will give him a better way to track and predicte the mouse and maybe drive him to his partner Chucky to do the deed. McCloud will put up a fight but like I said, he's just outclassed.

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