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Jack Frost vs. Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei)
Jack Frost: 0
Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei): 4

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Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers
Commando Droids: 5
Imperial Death Troopers: 1

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Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
Raditz: 0
Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: 3

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Corvo Attano vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
Corvo Attano: 2
The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers): 3

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Rumble 19497 Sweet vs. Sam (Trick 'r Treat) vs. Medusa (Marvel)

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Battlesphere 2 Part 8

Currently in the Ring:                                     Eliminated:

                                                Chloe Bourgeois                                                John Spartan (Strength/skill/pistol)

                                                                                                                                John Wick (Strength/skill/pistol)

                                                Kylo Ren                                                               Michael Jordan (Strength/skill)

                                                Chucky                                                                 Kitana (Powers/weapons)

                                                Bride of Frankenstein                                      Miss America (Powers)

                                                Bella Swan                                                          Miss America (Powers)

Carmen Sandiego                                             None

                                                Gooey Gus                                                          None

                                                Lola Bunny                                                          None

                                                Phantom Lady                                                   None

                                                Xena                                                                      None

                                                Sweet                                                                    None

                                                Moonwalker                                                       None

                                                Speedy Gonzales                                              None

                                                Fox McCloud                                                      None


Andel Sanap: Almost half of the field of 30 is still in the Battlesphere!  Sweet is leaning in the corner dazed following the strike who took from Moonwalker! 

Al Rossi: Which explains why none of our combatants are breaking out into any dance numbers at the moment.  Moonwalker has finished his upgrade and he looks like he’s been transformed into a cartoon version of himself! 

Andel Sanap: He sees Xena getting overpowered by Miss Bourgeois and leaps in to lend a hand! 

Al Rossi: A giant Toon sized hand!  He throws a punch that sends Chloe colliding into Gus!  They both fly over the top rope!  Chloe is holding for dear life as Gus’ body adheres to the ring apron! 

Crowd: 3!  2!  1! 


P.A.: Trick ‘r Treat!  Trick ‘r Treat!  Give us something good to eat! 

Al Rossi: Hope you checked your candy, folks!  The spirt of Halloween, Sam, enters at #21! 

Andel Sanap: He seems unbothered by the chaos around him as he joins Sweet in the corner. 

Al Rossi: Some kind of demonic alliance?  Sheesh!  Get a load of all the monsters in this fight!  Chucky is using Kitana’s powers to pursue the Bride into the air!  Gus is roaring in Chloe’s face for running into him! 

Andel Sanap: Miss Swan has Speedy cornered again!  But the mouse leaps up and over the vampire!  He’s got her by the cape!  Speedy is dragging the teenager around the ring! 

Al Rossi: And we got Fox trading shots with Kylo!  Something’s got to give, Andel!  Not even the Battlesphere could possibly contain this much action! 

Andel Sanap: And Sweet and Sam are watching it all!  They may be waiting for the right moment to strike! 

Al Rossi: Carmen’s fighting to get Lola over the rope, and Chloe yanks Carmen off of her!  But here comes Gus again, getting in Chloe’s face!  If she gets slimed, it’s game over for the Parisian hero! 

Crowd: 5!  4!  3!  2!  1! 



Andel Sanap: The Queen of the Inhumans, and the first Battlesphere’s number one entrant! 

Al Rossi: Medusa surveys the chaos but there’s Sam!  A quick slash of his lollipop knife and Medusa shouts in pain! 

Andel Sanap: Sweet charges in to pick the bones but Sam leaps onto to him, swinging his blade wildly! 

Al Rossi: Well, guess this is one alliance that was short lived!  Medusa gets to her feet, and she looks ready for a war! 



Sweet (half strength after his last battle) vs Sam vs Medusa (both at full strength)

Also currently in the ring:

Chloe Boureois (John Wick and John Spartan’s abilities and weapons), Kylo Ren (Michael Jordan’s strength/skill), Chucky (Kitana’s powers/weapons), Bride (Miss America’s powers), Bella Swan (Miss America’s powers), Carmen Sandiego, Gooey Gus, Lola Bunny, Phantom Lady, Xena, Moonwalker, Speedy Gonzales, and Fox McCloud. 

The combatant with the most votes gets the powers/abilities/weapons of the combatant with the least votes.  Ties for most votes means the two combatants share the bonus powers.  Ties for least votes means both combatants are eliminated, and all their powers go to the winner.  A combatant who finishes 2nd in the voting takes damage, but stays in the Battlesphere. 

Check out the other Rumbles to see how the rest of the match is going. 

Any questions feel free to ask them. 

Game On! 

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Sam (Trick 'r Treat)
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Medusa (Marvel)
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Official Site: Marvel Entertainment Links: Wikipedia Marvel.com Toonopedia

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I think Medusa's in trouble here with Sam's and Sweet's powers. She could try tossing them out of the ring with her hair, but they could also just 'port back in place before they go over or simply compel her to do their bidding or mess with her mind. The fact that Sweet and Sam are also fighting each other may complicate things, though. 

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