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Rumble 19512 Superboy (Kon-el) vs. Gohan


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Originally posted by: Warcry80


We now take a break from the Marvel / DBZ crossover to bring you this DC/DBZ story.


Gohan rushed out the door without eating breakfast due to his excitement. Chi Chi calls to him son don't forget your lunch! Gohan returns to kiss her on the cheek and tells her sorry mom; I'm just excited about transferring to a new high school. Especially one that has the science studies that I really want to take!  Chi Chi thinks to herself my son the Scholar: Who could destroy planets with ease!  Gohan takes to the sky at mach levels heading off not to be late for school being that he only has 4 minutes to get to class on time.




Conner Kent was having a disagreement with Wonder Girl. The two even took separate routes to school after Wonder Girl walked away. Conner was very upset wondering why she's so upset! He can't help it that being a Superhero by night and a high school football player is very time consuming. Ole well he says to himself, she'll get over it by last period. Gohan lands on the roof of the school and marveled at the beauty of the campus. Gohan slips into a door to go into the school as he runs into Wonder Girl nearly knocking her down the stairs. Gohan catches her quickly and apologizes sympathetically.


I'm so sorry says Gohan! Cassie tells him no problem I wasn't watching where I was going; as she looks up and see a very handsome young man staring into her eyes! She loses breath a bit but then composes herself quickly, thinking to herself I'd hurt him with a huge if I'm not careful! I'm Gohan, Cassie smiles jokingly as she wonders where he gets suck a weird name, as she introduces herself. Gohan says to her he's new here and asks if she would show him to his class? Fortunately they have the same class at that time. Strangely enough Gohan and Cassie had classes together all day.


Lunch period


Conner walks over to a table where Cassie was sitting, and as he sits down Cassie spots Gohan and walks over to his table, and takes a seat there. Cassie sat a little to close to Gohan who was kind of freaked out that he seemed to have taken up an interest him. Gohan begins one of his biggest problems; Tapping his heels, with nervousness. Once again like at his old school the ground begins to shake, as the announcer over the schools inter come system, that they were experiencing an earthquake, and to take the necessary safety measures.  While everyone else in the school ran for cover Conner looked up to see Cassie in amazement as she's starring at Gohan thinking to herself noway he caused that or simply sat through it so calmly and unknowingly.


Conner was burning a whole through Gohan gazing into him with Anger. Gohan who quickly stops to look at the devastation he caused from his nervousness quickly says not again and runs out the lunchroom to go to his last class.


After school Gohan was about to leave as he was stopped by Cassie who asks Gohan to join her at the local burger joint to help her with some very tough math equations. Gohan agrees! As the two sit and enjoy their burger and fries discussing homework like planned Conner walks up to Gohan and slams his hands on Gohans shoulders, to the point where Gohan actually felt it! Gohan knew just as he did when he ran into Cassie hard enough to walk through a brick wall earlier in the day: That Conner was a very strong being. Conner displayed his attitude and anger with Gohan who quickly tries to disperse the situation; but got upset when Conner called Cassie out for being just another blonde!

Gohan quickly walks away to go to the restroom to compose himself. Just as Gohan washed his hands a large explosion goes off inside the burger hut, as Gohan walks out to find Cassie on the floor knocked out. A huge piece of cement was laying on top of her.


Conner who walked outside turns to see Gohan standing within the flames unharmed and sees Cassie on the ground. Both young men caught eyes with one another and quickly assumed the other was to blame for the situation Conner quickly rushes Gohan with a speed blitz knocking him through the wall and outside into the street. Niether of the boys knew that the blast was from a bomb that happened to be under Cassie's seat. The bomb was placed there by an ex disgruntle employee who wanted to take his revenge on the manager by destroying the Burger Hut.


Gohan looks through the hole and sees Conner holding the large block of cement over his head! Gohan though in Conner's jealousy that he was about to crush Cassie with the large block! Gohan quickly reacts, and rocks Conner with a hard right hand. The force of Gohans punch guided by anger was enough to blow the debris and flames away from what was left of the Burger Hut including Conner who crash landed several blocks away into the street, crumbling several cars in the process. Gohan places Cassie away from the danger as Conner rushes Gohan and they both speed off going through several buildings.


Conner slams Gohan into the ground causing a massive crater. Gohan quickly counters a punch thrown by Conner with a faster punch of his own sending Conner through the ground creating a line parting the streets until Conner lands into the boiler room of a building. A large blast occurs causing the building to crumble to the ground.  From the flames of the building a powerful blast of heat vision hits Gohan in the chest who counters with a Manseko blast destroying more buildings. Thankfully the buildings were abandoned! Gohan thinks to himself I have to get him away from these people as he speeds off while Conner gives chase thinking Gohan is running away. Conner catches Gohan in an Ice wasteland. Conner attacks Gohan again using his super speed but is easily dodged by Gohan who counters with a hard round house kick to Conner's chest sending him through a large glacier and into the icy waters below. Conner flies through the ice in anger and tackles Gohan and begins punching him repeatedly through a glacier wall as the two angry teens speed off while fighting in midair viciously.


Who wins this fight between two raging teenagers as they Holy crap they just crashed through a mountain in Africa wow these two are going at it big time; circling the globe!!! But anyway you guys be the judge, it's the battle f the teenaged heart throbs no boy band stuff here just blood!



Sorry I had to take a break from my Dr. Doom /Cell/Super 17 Arc, but I was just wondering how a crossover with Gohan go in DC. Enjoy! Sorry for it being so long!

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