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Match 19513 Giganta vs. Jolly Green Giant

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The sun rose in the sky above the valley of the Jolly Green Giant.  It’s rays found the sleeping form of Giganta, passed out in a pile of cast aside leaves.  She was her ‘normal’ height and wearing a torn prison uniform.  She groaned and squinted from the sunlight.  It had felt like she had been running for days.  It would have been easier for her to grow to her giant size and travel miles in minutes, but that would only have drawn the attention of the A.R.G.U.S. agents pursuing her.  And Giganta would never be taken back to prison. 

She glanced at the fields that surrounded her.  In her mad rush through the forest up a mountainside she hadn’t paid any attention to the scenery.  The last thing she could remember was passing out from exhaustion.  Giganta rose to her feet and brushed some cabbage leaves off her shoulder.  “Terrific,” she muttered.  “Ran right onto some hick’s farm.  Well, maybe they’ll have something decent to eat around here.” 

Giganta made her way down a row of corn until she came to a tarp with some freshly picked vegetables sitting on it.  Beans, peas, carrots, and more were all sitting in baskets, and looking ready to be eaten.  Giganta looked unimpressed with the harvest, but her grumbling stomach urged her on to the vegetables.  She picked up a carrot and bit into it.  “Hmm.  Not bad.  Not as good as cheeseburger, but this crud will do.” 

“Who are you?” 

Giganta turned to see a little green boy looking up at her.  She waved the boy away.  “Leave me alone, kid.  Don’t you know you shouldn’t interrupt a lady when she’s eating?” 

“But those vegetables don’t belong to you!  We’re supposed to take those to the village!” 

Giganta tossed aside the carrot and grabbed the boy by the wrist.  “And I say they’re staying right here with me!  And if you don’t shut up, you little twerp, I’ll…!” 

A man in suspenders and a straw hat came running down the cornrow, followed by a group of similar dressed men carrying shovels, rakes, and other farm equipment. 

“Sprout!  What’s going on?!” 

“This lady was stealing our vegetables!” Sprout shouted, struggling to free himself from Giganta’s grip. 

“I told you to shut up!” Giganta hissed. 

“Listen, lady!” the farmer said, voice shaking.  “We don’t want any trouble!  If you wanted some vegetables you could’ve just asked!  But right now, I’m gonna need you to let Sprout go!” 

Giganta smirked at the farmers then tossed Sprout loose.  The boy scrambled to the lead farmer as Giganta cracked her neck.  “Oh, but I just gotta have some vegetables!” she said in a mocking tone.  “You see, I’m a growing girl!” 

The farmers all began shouting in panic as Giganta activated her powers and began to grow taller and taller.  She laughed as she watched them run for the shelter of a barn.  “And another thing!  All of you better start getting me some real food!  Or there’s gonna be some real trouble!” 

“Ho ho ho!” 

The deep, rumbling laugh shook the valley.  The ground began to shake under Giganta’s feet, but it wasn’t her steps that was causing it.  Stepping over the ridge, the Jolly Green Giant entered the valley.  Giganta’s eyes widened, but she didn’t lose any confidence.  She had fought people who could grow as big as her before.  She could handle some green freak. 

“So, you’re in charge here?” she said.  The Giant just looked back with a confident smile. 

“Quiet type, huh?  No problem!  I’ll wreck you, then I’ll take care of your little friends!” 

Giganta charged forward and swung a hammerfist blow to the Giant’s head.  He staggered back, his giant feet crushing huge stretches of vegetation.  But the Giant slowly rose back up, and though he was still smiling, his fists were now clenched and ready to defend his valley. 



Both Giganta and the Giant are 50 feet tall. 

Last giant standing, wins. 

Game On! 

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Pretty good set-up, broadway. 

I can't get a great read on the Jolly Green Giant's abilities, other than that he can make crops grow faster and is, well, a giant. Something tells me that Giganta's combat experience gives her the edge in this one. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.50 - DSkillz
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.00 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.50 Total Combined Score
13.50 / 3 = 4.50 Final Rating on the match

Giganta: 2
Jolly Green Giant: 1

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The farmers and Sprout could only peer through the barndoors and watch in amazement as the Giant lunged towards Giganta.  He slammed the super villainess’ back first against a silo.  Giganta responded with multiple blows to the back of his head.   

“Hands off, you green geek!” she snarled. 

Giganta managed to get a leg up and kicked the Giant off of her.  He stumbled across the valley and came crashing down to earth, flattening several acres of farmland in the process.    

“Get up, Giant!” yelled Sprout.  “Please get up!” 

“Don’t worry, Sprout,” said the head farmer.  “The Giant knows what he is doing!” 

Giganta advanced on the Giant, grinning confidently as he rose to a knee.  “Face it, big boy.  I’ve fought a ton of people stronger than you!  And I’ve flattened them all!” 

The Giant glanced up to the sun in the sky, then back to Giganta.  His eyes flashed with anger and his face was no longer jolly. 

“Ho.  Ho.  Ho.” 

The Giant raised his hand towards the sun, his enormous fingers almost looking like they could reach it.  But to Giganta’s surprise the sun seemed to turn to point itself at her, as if the Giant was adjusting a lamp.  The sunlight suddenly brightened and Giganta raised her hands to her face to shield her eyes. 

The Giant sprang up and rushed Giganta, tackling her back to earth.  The entire valley shook with the sounds of the two enormous figures landing blow after blow as they rolled over fields of vegetables. 

“Oh dear!” moaned one of the farmers.  “The whole crop will be ruined!” 

“Never mind the crop!” blurted out Sprout.  “The Giant’s in trouble!  The bad woman is gonna hurt him!” 

At last the terrified farmers could see Giganta’s head rising up into view.  She was holding up the Giant by his green tunic in her clutched right fist.  With her left hand she rained down shots to his face, causing red blood to mingle with his green skin. 

“Giant!” Sprout wailed.  He ran out the door, but the head farmer clutched his wrist to stop him. 

“Sprout!  Stay inside where it’s safe!” 

“But we gotta save the Giant!  We gotta!” 

Grunted with exertion, Giganta lifted her battered opponent over her shoulder.  She glared at the barn and frozen in terror farmers. 

“You dumb hicks want your friend back?  You can have him!” 

Giganta gave a thunderous yell and hoisted the unconscious Giant over her head.  With a roar she hurled the Giant toward the barn. 

“EVERYBODY!  RUN FOR IT!” the head farmer yelled. 

The farmers of the valley ran out of way, just barely getting clear as the Jolly Green Giant crashed into the barn.  Giganta slowly walked towards the Giant as he lay in a pile of shattered wood and smashed vegetables, groaning in pain. 

“Guess this valley will be needing a new giant,” she smirked, raising up a high-heeled shoe clad foot.  “Ho, ho…” 

But before Giganta could land the killing blow, she felt something wrap around her left wrist.  With it came a familiar sensation.   And an all too familiar voice. 

“That’s enough, Giganta!” 

Holding the Lasso of Truth tight, Wonder Woman hovered in the air behind Giganta.  With a sharp yank on the lasso, Giganta lost her balance and went tumbling backwards into a cornfield. 

“Wow!  Who’s that?!” gasped Sprout, as Wonder Woman flew in to deliver a punch to Giganta’s face. 

“I… I don’t know, Sprout,” said the head farmer.  “But I’d say it’s a good bet she’s on our side!” 

Giganta swung wildly to try to swat Wonder Woman out of the sky, but she flew out of range her strikes, only to swoop in deliver a final blow Giganta’s jaw.  The giant super villain collapsed in a heap, her body slowly starting to shrink back to it’s normal size.  Wonder Woman wrapped the lasso around Giganta as the farmers and Sprout ran over to watch. 

“It’s alright, everyone!” Wonder Woman said.  “Giganta has been contained.  I’m only sorry that I was unable to get here before she destroyed your crops.” 

“Oh that’s alright,” said Sprout.  “The Giant will help us get this place all fixed up good as new!  Look!” 

Sprout pointed as the Giant, battered but standing tall as ever, surveyed the acres of damage to his valley.  He stretched out his hands to the sky and new, healthy vegetation started to grow. Wonder Woman nodded and smiled.  “Yes, I see what you mean.  Now if you would excuse me, I must deliver Giganta back to the authorities.” 

“Oh sure!” said the head farmer.  “Thank you for all your help!  Come back anytime you want!  Come on, fellas!  The Giant’s gonna need our help to clean up the valley!  Let’s get a move on!” 

“Bye, nice lady!” called Sprout, waving to Wonder Woman as he ran off after the farmers.  “Thanks for saving the Giant!” 

“Rotten, little kid,” Giganta muttered.  She grunted as Wonder Woman tightened the lasso’s grip before taking off into the air, letting Giganta hang down below her. 

“Come along, Giganta.  Let’s get you back to Blackgate.  If I hurry, you’ll be just in time for dinner.  I understand that cook is preparing some fresh… vegetables.” 

“Ho, ho, freakin’ ho.” 

And so Sprout and the farmers went back to work in the fields as Wonder Woman flew Giganta out of the valley of the Jolly…

“Ho, ho ho.” 

Green Giant. 

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