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Match 19515 Billy Cranston vs. Daijinryuu

Venom 2009

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Zombie Power Rangers: Part 38


Previously: Daijinryuu used his tail to hit against Serpentera's neck, causing the robot dragon to fire yellow lightning towards the Command Center. While the attack did miss the building, a chunk of the roof was taken off. Finster wanted to leave the Earth, but before he could go, Tommy made him hand over the vaccine that would stop the zombie virus. AkaRed was able to get inside of the Command Center, thanks to the hole in the roof, and made short work of Finster, Alpha, and Circuit. Zordon could only watch as Tommy became the White Ranger again to fight AkaRed.


Note: This takes place during the same time as the fight in Part 37.


Outside of the Command Center, Serpentera and Daijinryuu where still fighting each other. While the two colossal dragons had gotten good hits to one another, Serpentera was being overpowered by Daijinryuu.

Serpentera let out a digital cry as Daijinryuu’s Lightning Breath was pushing the zord back and creating explosions all over the robot’s body.

The Zombified Billy was inside Serpentera as the cockpit was shaking, with the alarms going off, and sparks flying out of the walls.

“Damn, this guy is tough! It doesn’t help that Serpentera is good at fighting smaller opponents. Good thing I have a Plan B.” Billy said as he started to hit some buttons on the control panel.

Before Daijinryuu could do more attacks on Serpentera, the living dragon heard rumbling, and turned around to see Tor and Titanus were heading towards him. Tor fired his two cannons, while Titanus fired a barrage of orange fireballs from his mouth. Daijinryuu cried in pain as the attacks exploded against his chest.

Daijinryuu was about to fire his Lightning Breath at Tor and Titanus, until missiles and lasers rained down on him. After Daijinryuu recovered, he looked up at the sky to see the Crane Ninjazord and Falconzord were circling around him.

Daijinryuu then noticed he was surrounded by the rest the Ninjazords, as well as the Dragonzord and all five of the Shogunzords.

Billy had hacked into the zords and gave the Dragonzord, Ninjazords, and Shogunzords each a program that allowed the machines to operate without a pilot.

“Ok, big guy, you might have beaten Serpentera one-on-one. But how would you do against me, when I have friends to back me up?” Billy asked Daijinryuu through the speakers of Serpentera.

Daijinryuu responded by letting out a war-cry.


So, there you have it.



Billy and his Zords:
-Tor the Shuttlezord.
-The Ninjazords (Falconzord, Bear Ninjazord, Crane Ninjazord, Wolf Ninjazord, Frog Ninjazord, and Ninjazord Ape).
-The Shogunzords (Red Shogunzord, Black Shogunzord, Blue Shogunzord, Yellow Shogunzord, and White Shogunzord).

Just a reminder, Serpentera is empowered by the Orb of Doom. Which means Serpentera won't run out of power.

I hope everyone enjoyed this new part to my arc.

Who do you think will win?

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Pretty good set-up, Venom. It's kinda short, though. It could've maybe used some recap for the Tommy/AkaRed fight, even if its result's intended to be shown in another match. 

As for the match, I'm thinking the smaller zords would be little more than distraction to Daijinryuu, but that may be all Serpentera needs to land the deciding blows. It still looks like Earth gets thrashed in the process, though. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 - patrickthekid
3.50 - DSkillz
4.50 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
12.00 Total Combined Score
12.00 / 3 = 4.00 Final Rating on the match

Billy Cranston: 3
Daijinryuu: 1

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