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T. Hawk vs. Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
T. Hawk: 1
Thunderbird (John Proudstar): 8

Omni-Man vs. Raditz
Omni-Man: 7
Raditz: 4

Zack Fair vs. Kagura Mutsuki
Zack Fair: 5
Kagura Mutsuki: 2

The Great Gonzo vs. T-800 (The Terminator)
The Great Gonzo: 1
T-800 (The Terminator): 4

13:1 - Broken Tusk Predator vs. The Big Bad Wolf
Broken Tusk Predator: 14
The Big Bad Wolf: 4

13:1 - Cthulhu vs. Wintergreen
Cthulhu: 4
Wintergreen: 11

13:1 - Mad Max V8 Interceptor vs. Blurr
Mad Max V8 Interceptor: 8
Blurr: 7

13:1 - 199 Heroes (Super Sentai) vs. The Infected
199 Heroes (Super Sentai): 16
The Infected: 2

13:1 - Dig 'em Frog vs. Barbie
Dig 'em Frog: 8
Barbie: 9

13:1 - Benny The Cab vs. Aston Martin DB5 (007 Car)
Benny The Cab: 6
Aston Martin DB5 (007 Car): 9

13:1 - Kobolds vs. Zombies (World War Z)
Kobolds: 12
Zombies (World War Z): 4

13:1 - Baba Yaga vs. Buddy the Elf
Baba Yaga: 4
Buddy the Elf: 12

13:1 - Chester Cheetah vs. Kool-Aid Man
Chester Cheetah: 5
Kool-Aid Man: 7

13:1 - Captain America vs. Adonis Creed
Captain America: 6
Adonis Creed: 11

13:1 - Gaston  vs. Mickey Mouse
Gaston : 3
Mickey Mouse: 16

13:1 - Ivan Drago vs. John Wick
Ivan Drago: 14
John Wick: 5

13:1 - Master Mold vs. Rommie (Andromeda)
Master Mold: 2
Rommie (Andromeda): 15

13:1 - Cybermen vs. The Hand
Cybermen: 11
The Hand: 3

13:1 - Captain Crunch vs. The Hamburglar
Cap'n Crunch: 14
The Hamburglar: 2

13:1 - Kintaro vs. Samus Aran
Kintaro: 3
Samus Aran: 14

I am aware of the slider issue for season matches, it will be resolve with the conclusion of round 3 of the season draft.

Match 19667 Lloth vs. Ebenezer Scrooge


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The Underdark was a labyrinth of twisted tunnels and ominous caverns, where the faint phosphorescence of fungi barely held back the oppressive darkness. A chill far colder than any London winter filled the air, settling into Scrooge's bones as he stumbled through the unsettling landscape. Sounds of dripping water and the distant echoes of creatures unknown to him amplified his disorientation and fear.

As Scrooge wandered, half in fear, half in curiosity, an abyssal wind carried whispers through the unseen halls—a name that curdled the very air it rode upon: Lolth. Unbeknownst to Scrooge, he had crossed into the domain of the Queen of Spiders, the malevolent drow goddess of chaos and darkness.

Presently, a majestic and terrifying figure emerged from the shadows: Lolth, in her half-drow, half-arachnid form, surveyed Scrooge with her multitude of unblinking eyes. "Ebenezer Scrooge," she hissed, her voice a symphony of nightmares. "What brings such a paltry creature into my realm?"

Scrooge, with a sudden courage that surprised even himself, managed to utter, "I am here by no design of my own, but I demand to be returned to my world at once!"

Lolth's laughter was like the skittering of a thousand legs across stone. "You, who stand in the heart of the eternal web, dare to command its weaver? Why should I do anything but let you remain here as a plaything for my children?"

In that moment, Scrooge's journey through the Christmas spirits flooded back to him. He recognized that the way out of this nightmare was through change, the same change he had gone through a year ago. He straightened his back and spoke with sincerity he had not known he possessed.

"Because I am changed, twisted though it may be by your realm's cruel fate. I see now the web of life I ignored—the connections between us all. If you have any interest in the Above-World dark mistress, know that I will be an agent of change, generosity, and kindness. My influence will spread, and perhaps in sparing me, you sow a seed that disrupts the order you so dislike."

Lolth paused—a calculating creature, she sensed the purity in his resolve, the transformation that was less about self-preservation and more about the recognition of his greater place within the tapestry of life. His words were unexpected, and in them, there was power.

"A curious thought," she mused. "To introduce a thread of light into the dark tapestry of the world above. But know this: the threads of fate are not easily pulled, and should you not return to your miserly ways, there are fates far worse than death within my web."

"What is it that you desire? What could I do that would make you send me back to my world? I wish to bring joy and happiness to the kids of my town. Please," pleaded Scrooge with the gigantic arachnid which laid bare in front of him.

"Change to your old, miserly ways," said the spider with a sinister tone.

A short one, could a D&D entity force our favourite penny pincher to his previous ways through subterfuge, threats and maybe even demonic spider torture or will he persevere?

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Quite the mashup you got going on here. Considering the prospect of dying alone, ridiculed and forgotten, was a major factor in his initial attitude change, I see no reason why the threats of torture and misery would not be effective in making him turn back at least until he thought he was safe.

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"and Ebeneezer Scrooge was better than his word. He became as good a friend, as good a master, as good a man as the old city knew, and it was always said of him, that he kept Christmas well if any man alive possessed the knowledge."


Lollth with the advent of 4th and 5th editions is having trouble keeping all the Drow under her banner. I give it to Ebeneezer.

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Scroogey is a stubborn old codger, it took 3 spirits and his old business partner’s tormented ghost to finally convince him to change his ways. 

Admittedly I know next to nothing about D&D and even less about the weird spider lady thing. But the other two comments don’t seem to have much faith in her persuasive skills so that doesn’t inspire much confidence in me.

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Good set-up, Macklemore, though I wish it were a little longer. 

It seems this Lloth has Scrooge in a pretty tough dilemma. Considering that Ebenezer has already changed for the better, though, I doubt he'd change back to the miser he was, especially at his age. I'd say he'll either willingly stay in the Underdark rather than let his people down, or find another way (through a bargain, etc.) to make it back home. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.00 - broadwaybeyonder
4.00 - JohnnyChany
4.50 - DSkillz
4.20 - Pizzaguy2995
4.60 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
6 Total Votes cast
26.30 Total Combined Score
26.30 / 6 = 4.38 Final Rating on the match

Lloth: 2
Ebenezer Scrooge: 5

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