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T. Hawk vs. Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
T. Hawk: 1
Thunderbird (John Proudstar): 8

Omni-Man vs. Raditz
Omni-Man: 7
Raditz: 4

Zack Fair vs. Kagura Mutsuki
Zack Fair: 5
Kagura Mutsuki: 2

The Great Gonzo vs. T-800 (The Terminator)
The Great Gonzo: 1
T-800 (The Terminator): 4

13:1 - Broken Tusk Predator vs. The Big Bad Wolf
Broken Tusk Predator: 14
The Big Bad Wolf: 4

13:1 - Cthulhu vs. Wintergreen
Cthulhu: 4
Wintergreen: 11

13:1 - Mad Max V8 Interceptor vs. Blurr
Mad Max V8 Interceptor: 8
Blurr: 7

13:1 - 199 Heroes (Super Sentai) vs. The Infected
199 Heroes (Super Sentai): 16
The Infected: 2

13:1 - Dig 'em Frog vs. Barbie
Dig 'em Frog: 8
Barbie: 9

13:1 - Benny The Cab vs. Aston Martin DB5 (007 Car)
Benny The Cab: 6
Aston Martin DB5 (007 Car): 9

13:1 - Kobolds vs. Zombies (World War Z)
Kobolds: 12
Zombies (World War Z): 4

13:1 - Baba Yaga vs. Buddy the Elf
Baba Yaga: 4
Buddy the Elf: 12

13:1 - Chester Cheetah vs. Kool-Aid Man
Chester Cheetah: 5
Kool-Aid Man: 7

13:1 - Captain America vs. Adonis Creed
Captain America: 6
Adonis Creed: 11

13:1 - Gaston  vs. Mickey Mouse
Gaston : 3
Mickey Mouse: 16

13:1 - Ivan Drago vs. John Wick
Ivan Drago: 14
John Wick: 5

13:1 - Master Mold vs. Rommie (Andromeda)
Master Mold: 2
Rommie (Andromeda): 15

13:1 - Cybermen vs. The Hand
Cybermen: 11
The Hand: 3

13:1 - Captain Crunch vs. The Hamburglar
Cap'n Crunch: 14
The Hamburglar: 2

13:1 - Kintaro vs. Samus Aran
Kintaro: 3
Samus Aran: 14

I am aware of the slider issue for season matches, it will be resolve with the conclusion of round 3 of the season draft.

Match 19668 Nagi the Spurious vs. Skarlet


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(Mortal Kombat/Killer Instinct/BlazBlue/Darkstalkers/Guilty Gear/Bloody Roar/Red Earth/Eternal Champions/
Mace: The Dark Age)


May of the Jellyfish Pirates looked on with much concern in her eyes as her captain fought Johnny Cage. Captain Johnny swung his sword at Johnny Cage’s feet. He then swung again at chest level to keep Johnny Cage at bay. The captain of the Jellyfish Pirates was desperate, he had severely underestimated his opponent, Hollywood legend, Johnny Cage, and he was losing the fight. He went for a huge lunge with his sword that left himself vulnerable. Johnny Cage quickly hit the splits and stuck Johnny with his Nut Cracker punch. Captain Johnny winced in pain and dropped his sword. Johnny Cage capitalized on this momentum and put Johnny down with a pair of Shadow Kicks.

MAY: Hey! What kind of technique was that? That was a low blow! 

JOHNNY CAGE: It’s a tried and true technique that has served me well over the years, babe. Remember the name of the game is to win the fight. 

MAY: Don’t call me babe!

Johnny Cage put his sunglasses back on.

JOHNNY CAGE: Take my advice, sweetie, let go of your pursuit of the Amulet of Shinnok. It only brings about problems. And to get to it you would have to get through Earthrealm’s premier defender, yours truly.

MAY: What’s the Amulet of Shinnok?

Johnny Cage lowered his sunglasses.

JOHNNY CAGE: Is that not the amulet you are looking for?

MAY: No. I mean I don’t think so. I don’t think the Ruby Heart woman told us the name. She just said it could help us go home.

The blue haired half-gear, Dizzy, descended from the May Ship II. She displayed her tail and her dark right wing and left white wing.

DIZZY: Heroic defender there is no need to fight. We mean no one any harm, we only seek a way to get back to our world, and me to my family.

JOHNNY CAGE: Whoa. Well get a load of you. That is quite the look you have going on there. I bet it would do wonders on a movie poster. Really bring in the audience.


JOHNNY CAGE: A topic for later.

DIZZY: Will you help us?

JOHNNY CAGE: I’m going to be straight with you, I don’t have a clue about what’s going on or why you ended up in my world. It’s best to talk to Sonya about things like this. I’ll take you guys to her. You’ll have to leave the ship here though.

DIZZY: That is an acceptable condition, there are several of the Jellyfish pirates still on board that can guard the ship.

May helped her captain up off the ground.

JOHNNY CAGE: Just know that I still have my eye on you so don’t try any funny business.

DIZZY: Captain Johnny is not in the business of making jokes.



Unsure of where her master Shao Kahn had gone and disappeared, Skarlet searched throughout Outworld and Edenia and found nothing. Before venturing into the Netherrealm, Skarlet stopped by Earthrealm. Shao Kahn had developed a fascination with the new Zoanthrope species that had emerged in Earthrealm and Skarlet figured engaging with them would be a good start. Skarlet attacked and tortured any Zoanthrope she had come in contact with for possible information about Shao Kahn, but she had found nothing. 

Discouraged, Skarlet was about to give up and follow another lead. Skarlet found a panther zoanthrope behind the alleyway of a club. He swore that he had never heard of Shao Kahn. Skarlet drained him of his blood before cutting him down with her blood daggers. She sighed with disappointment. Out of the corner of her eye, Skarlet saw a young brunette woman staring at her. She gave chase and followed the girl up a fire escape to a nearby rooftop. She reformed her blood daggers.

SKARLET: There is nowhere left to run.

The mysterious girl looked to her left and then her right and then stopped moving. Skarlet stepped closer to the girl and her eyes lit up. She could smell zoanthrope blood in the girl.

SKARLET: You are one of them! You are a zoanthrope.

NAGI: Yes, I am. Why are you hunting us down?

SKARLET: I am looking for information about Shao Kahn. He has been looking to recruit your kind for years. I can’t see why, I haven’t been impressed with any fighting skills I’ve seen thus far. Still, I figured one of you might know something.

NAGI: So you work for Shao Kahn? The Shao Kahn? Former emperor of Outworld.

SKARLET: Former and future, and yes I am one of his bodyguards. 

A small smile appeared on Nagi’s face.

NAGI: I was hoping you would say that.

SKARLET: Do you know him? Do you know where he is?

NAGI: Only by reputation. I was hoping to find an audience with him.

Nagi transformed into her beast form as a red exoskeleton covered her face, arms, and legs and a large blood red blade extended from her right hand.

SKARLET: What is this? You are not an animal I have ever seen.

NAGI: It is my Spurious form. It is a result of the Unborn.

SKARLET: What does that even mean? What is the Unborn?

NAGI: A demonic spirit that had been trapped in an alternate dimension.

Nagi’s eyes glowed crimson.

NAGI: But now it is back and has taken control of me once more. It seeks a partnership with Shao Kahn.

Skarlet scoffed dismissively.

SKARLET: What benefit would there be for the almighty Shao Kahn to align himself with the likes of you?

NAGI: We want to prove our mettle to Shao Kahn by bringing him the head of one his inner circle. That is where you come in. That is why we wanted you to follow us up here to this rooftop.

The reality of the situation dawned upon Skarlet, however she remained undaunted and held up her blood daggers.

SKARLET: I have fought and killed many types of beasts and monsters with my blood magic, you do not intimidate me, demonic freak.

NAGI: We shall see.

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Skarlet should win this. Nagi might have the advantage in speed and agility and a bestial form to surprise Skarlet in the heat of battle, but Skarlet is more versatile and due to her ability to heal using blood, more enduring as well. I think Skarlet has this.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
5.00 - Macklemore
4.80 - Boratz
4.60 - DSkillz
4.40 - Pizzaguy2995

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
23.80 Total Combined Score
23.80 / 5 = 4.76 Final Rating on the match

Nagi the Spurious: 0
Skarlet: 6

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