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King Kong vs. Rhedosaurus
King Kong: 6
Rhedosaurus: 4

Dick Dastardly vs. Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale
Dick Dastardly: 4
Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale: 1

Justice League (DCAU) vs. The Thing (John Carpenter)
Justice League (DCAU): 5
The Thing (John Carpenter): 1

Abigail Whistler vs. Gretel
Abigail Whistler: 7
Gretel: 2

Eiji Kisaragi vs. Yuffie Kisaragi
Eiji Kisaragi: 2
Yuffie Kisaragi: 4

Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch) vs. Master Xandred
Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch): 5
Master Xandred: 3

King Kong vs. Kumonga
King Kong: 8
Kumonga: 1

Ace (Class Zero) vs. Yugi Mutou
Ace (Class Zero): 4
Yugi Mutou: 2

Kim Possible vs. Max Guevara
Kim Possible: 3
Max Guevara: 4

Pokemon vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Pokemon: 1
Justice League (DCAU): 5

Mai Valentine vs. Faye Valentine
Mai Valentine: 2
Faye Valentine: 1

Mercy Graves vs. Kato
Mercy Graves: 2
Kato: 7

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Geese Howard
Leonardo (Mirage): 4
Geese Howard: 3

King Kong vs. Ebirah
King Kong: 6
Ebirah: 2

Gamora vs. Drako
Gamora: 3
Drako: 2

Audrey 2 vs. Jolly Green Giant
Audrey 2: 1
Jolly Green Giant: 6

Power Girl vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Power Girl: 3
Justice League (DCAU): 6

Zuo Ci vs. Oswald (King of Fighters)
Zuo Ci: 4
Oswald (King of Fighters): 1

Maui vs. Snowbird
Maui (Moana): 3
Snowbird: 4

Roger (Tekken) vs. Roo (Streets Of Rage)
Roger (Tekken): 3
Roo (Streets Of Rage): 2

Match 20324 Momiji vs. Mizuki Rashojin

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On this pleasant evening, Momiji entered the peaceful streets of Hayabusa village at the foot of Mt. Fuji, her thoughts dwelling on the countless adventures she had shared with Ryu Hayabusa. They faced demons, gods, and ancient evils together, from the treacherous paths of the Vigoor Empire to the cursed realm of the Archfiends. She remembered the intensity of their battles, the trust they built, and the sacrifices they had made for the greater good. As she strolled, cherry blossoms swayed around casting a serene aura in the village. The memories flooded her mind, and she couldn't help but smile at the camaraderie she had forged with her mentor. 

"Master Ryu, we've been through so much," she whispered to herself.

Ryu was now aiding the Mugen Tenshin Clan in battling a revived Raidou. Momjij felt some concern for Ryu, but was confident that he along with Kasumi, Hayate, and Ayane could take down the heartless monster and put a stop to the shady organization, MIST. Thinking about how MIST had successfully brought Raidou back to life made Momiji think about her deceased sister, Kureha. Kureha was killed trying to prevent the theft of the Dragon Dragon blade by Doku. Even as a spirit, Kureha still looked after the village. Momiji had accepted her older sister’s death, but she did wonder.   

Lost in her reminiscence, a panicked villager snapped Momiji back to reality. "Momiji! Come to the shrine! The priestess’s mistake has unleashed a terrible evil!"

“What has happened?”

“She was looking for a way to protect the village. She thought she was summoning a Guardian. But what she has unearthed is…”

“I understand.”

Racing to the shrine, Momiji's heart pounded with urgency. The shrine, once a symbol of tranquility, now overflowed with dark malevolence. Possessing the young priestess's body was a wicked spirit named Mizuki Rashoujin. Mizuki was centuries old and was once an infant thrown into the sea by her family as a sacrifice to halt a famine before being washed ashore to another family. She made a pact with the dark god of the Makai, Ambrosia, with hatred in her heart. Ambrosia gifted her immense power and life as an undead.  She created disasters around the world for centuries. only stopping when she needed a break or a new host body. She was eventually sealed in the world of the Makai by brave heroes, but now she was free once again.  Currently she stood in Hayabusa Village, her long black hair and tattered robe flowed in the wind. Mizuki wreaked havoc around the shrine, striking down villagers with each ominous swipe of her long claws. All the while with her disdain for humanity etched across her face. 


“Foolish humans,” she taunted. “Your feeble attempts to control magic that you can’t possibly understand always leads to chaos. I am the harbinger of your inevitable end.”

“Stop!” shouted Momiji. “I will not allow you to harm anyone else. The people in this village have suffered enough and deserve peace.”

Mizuki turned to Momiji, a wicked grin on her face. "Ah, the Dragon Shrine Maiden has returned. The people of this village, the Hayabusa clan, and all humanity itself is entirely populated with fools and cowards. They pretend to aspire to decency until desperation sinks in. Do you also cling to the illusion of salvation, little mortal, or do you embrace the overwhelming darkness?"

Momiji, her naginata gleaming in the moonlight, stood firm. "I've seen the darkness and persevered, and I'll fight to protect this village."

Mizuki scoffed. “The darkness can’t be tamed. Now come to me so that I may devour your soul.”

Momiji's eyes narrowed, fueled by the confidence that she had gained under Ryu Hayabusa’s tutelage and secure in the knowledge that the spirit of her sister still watched over her. "I won't let your darkness consume everything. I fight for the light that remains."

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